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Exercises for the development of intuition and clairvoyance

This is one of the practices that I have in my course of studying. It is very easy, but effective in helping to store the abilities ATTENTION in Ajna-chakra – the third eye. With its help you can activate hypothesis and epiphysis (Pineal gland).

Hypothesis and epiphysis are two main mystic organs in our body. When they are awoken, you reach an absolutely new level of conscious and being:

- this is a "knowledge without information"
- these are the wisdom, harmony, and balance
- these are the perfect intuition and clairvoyance
- this is the conscious, expended to the endlessness
- this is the permanent state of awareness
- this are the gates between the human and Divine mind

What are the superpowers?

Superpowers (siddhi – Sanskrit) – are the supernatural powers or the abilities to work a miracle. They are opened with a man’s development of chakra system (in this life or past one), and has a wide range of possibilities that are dependent on the fantasies of the practicing person.

In classical yoga, all the Siddhis are separated to groups. You can find their classification in the book "Kundalini Yoga" Sri Swami Shivananda Saraswati:

Great siddhis

1. Anima: yogi can become as little as he wants.

2. Mahima:
is opposite to Anima. He can become as big as he wants. He can make his body really huge. He can fill up the universe.

3. Laghima:
he can make his body as light as wool or feather. The yogi can make his body lose its weigh, by making big sips of the air. The yoga can travel on the heaven with the help of siddha’s. He can pass thousands of miles per minute.

4. Garima: is opposite to Laghima. The yogi is capable of enlarging his weight. He can make his body as hard as a mountain by sipping the air.

5. Prapti: yogi can reach the high things, standing on the ground. He can touch the Sun, Moon or heaven. With the siddha’s help, he can get the needed objects or supernatural powers. He can get the power of prediction, hearing, telepathy, read the thoughts etc. He can understand the language of animals or birds. He can understand unknown languages. He can treat illnesses.

6. Prakamya: he can dive in water and appear from it if he wants. This is the process that gives the opportunity to become invisible. Some authors describe this like an ability to get to other person’s body. This is also the power that makes it possible to have the youth’s appearance for a needed period of time.

7. Vashitvam: this is the power to tame wild animals and control them. This is the power of hypnotizing people and making him oblige to some desires and orders. This is the curb of passion and emotion. This is the power that obliges men, women and the Elements.

8. Ishitvam: it’s the achievement of divine power. The yogi who has this power can resuscitate the dead.
Small siddhis

1. Freedom from thirst and famine.
2. Freedom from the influence of heat and cold.
3. Freedom from Raga-Dvesha (Raga – affection, sympathy; Dvesha – disaffection, antipathy).
4. Dura Darchana: clairvoyance.
5. Dura Shravan: clear hearing.
6. Mano Jaya: control of the mind.
7. Kama Rupa: the yogi can have the shape he wants.
8. Parakaya Pravesha: the yogi can enter a body, resuscitate the dead and enter it, transporting his soul.
9. Iccha Mrtyu: the death of one’s will.
10. Devanam Saha Krida and Darshana: the game with Devas after seeing them.
11. Yatha Sankalpa: the ability to get everything you want.
12. Trikala Jnana: knowledge about the past, present and future.
13. Advandva: is situated outside the pair of opposites.
14. Vak siddhi: all the yogi’s prediction come true.
15. The yogi can turn each metal into gold.
16. Kaya Vyuha: to have as many bodies as he wants in order to exhaust all their karmas in one life.
17. Darduri siddhi: jumping power of the frog.
18. Patalya siddhi: the yogi can be the Master of desires, annihilate the grief or illnesses.
19. He gets the knowledge of his past lives.
20. He gets the knowledge from the constellations and planets.
21. He gets the power of comprehension of siddhas.
22. He masters the elements (Bhuta Jaya) and Prana (Prana Jaya).
23. Kamachari: he can be moved to any place where he wishes.
24. He becomes omnipotent and omniscient.
25. Vayu siddhi: the yogi gets off the ground and lifts into the air.
26. He can point the place, where the treasures are hidden.

Most people think that superpowers – this is only possible "third eye".

But this is not true.

In yoga, each chakra is considered to run some superpowers. But it doesn’t mean that you have develop only a few chakras for ages (the chakra that runs precise powers) in order to develop some of the superpowers.

You have to work with the whole chakra system including the energy channels in order to have the development harmonious. But need to give much more attention to the chakras that you have chosen, using a variety of techniques.


1. The ability to spring like a frog without any physical power.
2. Perfect knowledge of past, present and future events and their reasons.
3. The ability to satisfy the desires.
4. The ability to see the deities of the higher worlds.


1. To attract the opposite sex.
2. To be permanently young and live a long life.
3. Clairvoyance and clearhearing of a low level.


1. To achieve everything you want.
2. To live "cheating" the gods of death.
3. To enter other bodies.
4. To find the treasures that are hidden in the ground with the help of clairvoyance.
5. To create precious metals.
6. To see people’s figures of the past, that reached the Liberty.


1. To read the thoughts of others with the help of clairvoyance.
2. To control other minds.
3. To levitate.
4. To move on the air.
5. To see the distant objects and to hear the distant sounds.


1. To be permanently young.
2. To run the world by your desires.
3. To feel ecstasy in the whole body.
4. To mummify your physical body after the death and keep it without any signs of decomposition for ages in this world.
5. To talk with the animals and herbs.


1. To see the guardian gods inside yourself and around.
2. To see the smallest parts (atoms etc.).
3. To develop the gained superpowers.


1. The knowledge of the sound (open clearhearing).
2. The knowledge of the touch (open cleartouching).
3. The knowledge of the visible forms (open clairvoyance).
4. The knowledge of the olfactory (open clearolfactory).
5. The knowledge of taste (open cleartasting).
6. The ability of dream, trans – shutdown of all abilities.
7. Awareness and control of the astral body.


1. The ability to move the present incarnation. In three dimensions – present, past and future time, at the same time.


1. To reduce/increase body size.
2. To reduce/increase body weight.
3. To go everywhere you want.
4. To create everything you want.
5. To control everything you want.

What are the "features" of this question

Sometimes it happens that people that we consider to be aggressive are soulless, and quite distant from spirituality or yoga, but they master some magical or supernatural abilities.

As you can see, these abilities appeared to them not while developing spiritually in this incarnation, but like the consequences of the "achievements" of their past lives, the core of which is closed to them. In the past lives they worked a bit in order to reach such results, but in this life it is not clear to them how to "get it from themselves".

At the moment, they don’t have the profound understanding of the processes: how this Power is worked with, how to use it correctly and what the potential danger it has. It seems to them that they are unique superhumans, and others are subhumans – the possibilities to achieve their goals. That’s how they think.

Nowadays, this phenomena is very common among magicians, sorcerers, shamans, etc. – everyone who is involved in the esoteric somehow. And that’s really dangerous as for the surrounding people, as for themselves.

Can you imagine the situation, when the man who is fulfilled with cruelty and pride, selfishness and greed or something like that, gets the "weapon" – the real Power of superpossibilities, magical initiation, ritual, spell, Power’s object or an evil spirit-helper.

If somebody has this volatile package of personal qualities in your arsenal, he will use each Power only for his egoistic purposes, paying no attention to any obstacles.

It’s good, that our Universe has its "filter" for protection from such kinds of people. Usually, their abilities are enough only for attracting some subtle substances with the help of magic. And the substances they attracted are negative – even helping them, they claim a very high reward for it instead. Usually, such people become black magicians.

The speed of understanding these superpowers depends on the combinations of such factors:

• the soul’s works in your past lives;
• the family or gained programs, that determine all the initial "pluses" and "minuses" of our energy matrix in this incarnation;
• the works of this incarnation.

However, if the "achievements" of the man’s past lives are considerable, it doesn’t mean that the superpowers are opened with the man’s birth automatically – it is only the initial bonus, that should be used in this incarnation correctly.

If the superpowers try to get outside, the healing power, a perfect intuition can appear to the man; also his desires suddenly come true or "someone" protects and leads him in extreme situation. Or, for example, some superpower displays spontaneously: time slows down or speeds up, the speed of reactions rises, the pictures from past or future "comes" etc.

The problem is that these "breakthroughs" happen without the participation of the man’s conscious – he doesn’t understand what he does or how he does it in a particular situation. His subtle bodies make the decisions and implement it in some seconds, and this experience is absolutely useless – he can’t use it every day.

There is one more important moment that influences on the display of superpowers – there is such a phenomenon as the capacity of chakra.

Because of this fact, each chakra, having its maximum limits of energy’s throughput abilities, the intensity of chakras’ emission is absolutely different in different people. Without the help of the visible, it is almost impossible to determine this limit, but there is a possibility to evaluate by some indirect displays.

Most people have a tiny capacity of chakras, but rarely we can meet people with unique energy – they have only one of a few chakras (commonly Manipur, Anahata, Vishuddha or Ajna) are capable of getting and emitting the huge amount of energy – ten times bigger amount than others can. In addition to this, they can be unconscious of their abilities.

This unique opportunity can appear both with the birth (like a result of works of past lives) and like a result of intensified self-work of this life.

These peculiar abilities can display in a typical life this way: when a man, making no special efforts, make people with weak energy do something, they obey quickly; when he craves for something, – it comes true quickly; when the man is angry with somebody and desires him something bad under the effect of the emotion – this program comes true.

But he does it without making special efforts – only by the extraordinary abilities of his chakras.

Imagine the life of this man, when he "distribute" his desires and curses in one or other way, how most people do this, and is unconscious of his powers. At this time "gained" spiritual Gurus, magicians, yogis etc. can work with their desires for ages, spend a number of complex ceremonies and rites at the most powerful places of Power, with the most powerful object, and their results will be quite moderate.

The point is inly in the capacity of chakras, the development and harmony of the energy system and the skills of using all the "instruments" of energy body.

But if the people with such a unique energy system is unconscious of it or can’t use his power – it is a grief of that man. It will be good, if he meets a "correct" Spiritual Tutor, who guided them. Or when he guesses "whose work it is" by the "consequences" of his desires, and after that realizes it and become intent to learn how to control this power.

And if he doesn’t guess?

It means that all of his curses and personal fears will materialize regularly, and he will be unconscious of the case. Or vice versa – guesses and becomes happy and pride of how it is easy for him to make people frightened etc.

Then this is the black magician, who is dependent on his negative programs, being intellectually and spiritually limited, because of the fact that he is an easy and "huge" swag of a number of energy parasites.



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