Let's generally observe what aura consists of and what its security depends on.

Our physical shell, like in an onion, is covered by a few energetic layers (subtle bodies), that together form the thing which we call energetic body or aura.

Each energetic layer has its individual functions, but all of them are connected between themselves and with the physical body. The size, density and level of security of energetic body DIRECTLY depend on the amount of energy that a person KNOWS how to STORE inside.

To store means:

• To gain the energy of Yin and Yang and four Elements as much as possible;
• To save it for your goals and not to spend on energetic parasites

If a person is in a critical state that is close to death, the size of his aura is not more than 1 meter in diameter. Under these conditions, the aura camera shows approximately this picture: a small field, colorful dark aura with black splashes, and of course – blurred, shapeless, ill chakras:


Not far away from this sorrowful state are the individuals who have an extremely low level of energy. The diameter of their auras is about 3-4 meters, and the LAYER of AURA, that is responsible for the protection from energetic attacks, is almost destroyed and doesn’t implement its functions.

The reasons that lead to this state:

• A person is effected by energetic and magical attacks (evil eye, corruption, curse);
• The lasting presence of energetic parasites in the aura that take life energy;
• Blocked upper and lower superchakras, that give the route for the main energies of the Universe.
• Narrow and contaminated energetic channels;
• Significant gaps in the aura.

With the mid-range level of energy in winter aura is up to 6 meters in diameter with the height of 4 meters. In summer the size grows to 17 meters with the height of about 5-6 meters. And during the period of the full moon aura becomes bigger a bit.

aura of the person
In this case the level of energy can’t be considered as normal because of the fact that at this level of energy the balance is very fragile.

Even if a person is affected by an energetic and magical attack (even if it is not so strong), his protective layer of aura can fail to endure and let a magical program get into the center of the field. After that, with the weeks or months, the condition of aura can fall into the low level or into the one close to death (it depends on the attacker’s level of the power).

For people that take care of their energy – do the energetic or other exercises, healing, or lead the RIGHT spiritual way of life – the situation when the diameter of the aura is higher than 20 meters, is absolutely normal. Meanwhile their aura looks like this:

Aura and Chakras

The first subtle body (by the closeness to the physical body) – is the smallest and the densest. It marches out the frontiers of the physical body on 1-2 millimeters. And all the next – the more remotely they are, the less density and the bigger size they have.

All inanimate (non-living) subjects have only one energetic layer that marches out of the frontiers of the solid body on 1-2 millimeters. This layer is an energetic matrix or ethereal copy that "keeps" the form (or structure) of the material body. But when an inanimate subject is given some program, information or emotion, anyway – just an energetic-informational program, the second energetic body appears in this subject that has the stuff that was given to him.

As you know, all of our personal items are full of our energy, this mechanism is present even in the creation of the "living" icons, saint water and meal, amulets, talismans, statues and any other items of the Power. "Living" subjects are created the same way, with the help of which all the negative programs can be transported – evil eye, corruption, curses etc.

The man’s aura looks like a colorful shining ball of an egg-shaped cocoon. This ball, both on the surface and inside, is permeated with numerous energetic threads – so called emanations of the Creator.

In addition to this, "deformed" people are met occasionally – their cocoon has a form close to rectangular or other complex forms. Colorfulness of the energetic body exists due to the fact that the continuous cycle of energies of different qualities takes place and consequently various vibrational frequencies take place too, and have certain luminosity.

The cocoon of man is separated into the two vertical hemispheres with the divisions in the middle (on the spine). However, some people have their cocoons separated into three or four parts. These people have a rare configuration of energetic body and, outstanding of others, they have unordinary capacities or higher energetic resources.

There is a small ball in the center of the chest, that has an intensive golden luminosity – brighter that on other space of cocoon. This is a man’s soul that forms one of the subtle bodies – the body of the soul.

Moreover, the hundreds of differently-sized points of intensive luminosity are located on the whole energetic body, and are connected with numerous energetic channels. They are the main and additive chakras that are projected on the whole physical body, except for 2: the upper is projected above the head (10-15 centimeters), lower below the feet (30-70 centimeters).

The main chakras are situated on the line of the spinal column (from the feet to the crown) – on the line of 3 vertical energetic channels. The general amount of working chakras can be completely different for different people – this directly depends on their level of spiritual and energetic development.

Besides the energetic centers, we have one tiny but bright point – it is called the point of gathering. The first person to use this term and any related terminology in his books was Carlos Castaneda.

Gathering point – is a gathering of our conscious, the regulator of our perception of external world or the system of understanding the world. We build up and, at the same time, percept the external world the way we see it with our eyes with the help of this system.

Gathering point is also a regulator of all the physical and mental feelings, states, moods, and what is more the shape and sex of our physical body, perception of other worlds and endless amount of other "miracles".

It is situated on the external part of the cocoon on its front upper side, but other sources tell that on its back between the shoulder blades. It shines with the ember color and highlights some of the neighboring bundles of emanations of the Creator, that cross so-called “man’s part” of perception. On this area the gathering point is constantly moving, following the changes of our mental and physical states.

Except for the physical body, summation of subtle bodies, the gathering point and energetic centers, a man has a main structure being formed since his childhood – his ego.

But the ego is not a shining point. It is impossible to perceive by the sight. It forms for some time after our birth and grows with us, conquering our mind little by little (the body of thoughts). Ego, if it is possible to say so, is a guide for will of the energetic parasites and the storage for all of our destructive programs that we use in our life regularly.

However, our mind is the guide for our soul, conscience and the will of Creator, and the storage for the positive programs.

Mind and ego – are two of absolutely different programs inside us, we percept the world with their help.

We compare all of their items, we evaluate them (at the mental and emotional level). And the strongest system is the one to "color" our perception.

In addition, usually the energetic field of the people is full of various external objects and bound-channels, both hostile and friendly for us.

They can be: the people who are energetic vampires, the souls of perished people or animals, demons, devils, guardian angels, gods, demigods, Teachers, Saints, Totems, egregors, generic and gained programs, acquired magical programs (evil eye, corruption, curses, as well as programs for luck, wealth, health etc.).