Hoodoo, Evil Eye, Strong Spell, Vampirism, Black Magic - signs




If you have some of the problems mentioned:

• the presence of energy parasites on your chakras, that consume up to 80% of your life energy
• upper and lower chakras are clocked, and you can’t receive the main energies of the Universe
• narrow and dirty energy channels
• the lack of one type of energy – Ying, Yang, Element of Fire, Air, Water or Earth
• aura’s deformation or rupture,

...at this case you become disclosed for any energy attacks (strong spell, evil eye, hoodoo, energy vampire, master of NPL etc.)

On the aura camera your aura will look approximately like a small, colorful, dark field with black points and, of course, – blurred, unformed, ill chakras.

And if your aura is in a good condition – you have the healthy and filled up chakras, that are not surrounded by energy parasite. It looks approximately like a big, smooth and fair field, and the chakras are round, whole and filled with energy.

There are some reasons why the energy system gets weaker:

1. Conscious or unconscious energy attacks – strong spell, evil eye, hoodoo, etc. that are generally reflected on the people with the weak energy systems.

On the point of the seethes’ view, most people are hit by them, but the intensity is different. People live with the evil eye and curse for many years, having a lot of problems and fails in their life or health, and they even can’t imagine why it happens.

But this is another theme for discussion. The approaches of the strengthening of the psychoenergetics are described in my trainings in details.

2. The second reason appears as a result of energy parasites’ work – subtle material essence, that is connected to chakras, and literally absorb all its life energy.

We get down to this theme.

Each time when this or that negative energy-informational program works, we generate some emotions and thoughts. By doing this, we emit some LIFE POWER.

And they work, because the energy parasites are capable of provoking us to perform some negative emotions, taking advantage from the quality of character.

The main harm is in the negative programs that teach the chakras to work in one of two destructive regimes SYSTEMATICALLY:

– in the first variant there are the PROLONGED EXCESSIVE EMITTIONS OF ENERGY. That’s how the OPPRESSION OF CHAKRAS happens with the time.
– in the second variant everything happens vice versa – the PROLONGED EXCESSIVE INFLOW OF ENERGY happens. That’s how the chakras get overexcited.

In such cases the healers say that the chakra is closed or has a gap.

If one of the chakras works this say, it DEGRADES ON THE ENERGY LEVEL, and it destroys it with the time.

When the negative programs dominate for a long time, the man takes no notice and acts insecure concerning them. Some of the chakras get to the stable oppressed condition, and some of them get overexcited.

With the time this becomes an absolutely "normal" everyday condition for the man (according to his own evaluation, and he simply forgets – HOW IT FEELS when all the chakras work in the normal regime: the normal state of mood, perception of world, speed of thinking and getting old, immunity, health, emotional and physical state, frequency of the desires’ realization etc. in other words – THE QUALITY OF LIFE.

This is how it happens with the chakras too – when they are working in the 1st or 2nd regime for a long period of time, these interferences become "normal" for them according to the movement of energy.

They get used to generating and distributing of energy this way – wrong one. Chakra as well as the man "forgets" how to be healthy, how to generate and emit the energy CORRECTLY.

It gradually leads to the errors of the chakra system’s work: the upper and lower super chakras are clocked, the general flow of energy is destroyed, the energy channels are deformed and there are the gaps in the field.

What is more, most people have only 3 of 7 chakras work (according to the classical system) because of the problems with energy. Read about the NON-CLASSICAL system of chakras in details here.

In other words, most people have the roots of their problems exactly in the energy system.

That’s why we should care about it as well as about our physical body – it should be protected, cleared and strengthened by any possible approaches.

Chakras run the work of endocrine glands, and the glands run the work of all the body’s systems and organs. The problems of chakras are immediately reflected on the glands’ work, and glands’ problems lead to the errors in physiology – chronicle illnesses, oncology and other hardships.

With the prolonged oppressed or overexcited state, chakras change their position a bit – the overexcited one moves forward and the oppressed one – behind.

Because of the fact that all of the main chakras are located on the 3 of most important energy channels, that repeat the line of the spine, all the errors are reflected on the spines state. That’s why you can determine your overexcited or oppressed chakras, by examining all the curves of your spine – where it is bent forward or behind, which chakra you hide and which show off.

You can easily notice it on yourself or on others. For example, when man is emotionally oppressed (heart chakra), he starts to slouch at the area of his breast. Or, for example, when he is overexcited at the place of solar plexus (Manipur) – he constantly presses people, putting this place forward a bit, etc.


1. The man thoughtlessly handed out the energy of this or that chakra and, consequently, he was overexcited for a long period of time. Some time passed and his chakras got exhausted and became oppressed.

2. The outflow of energy takes place in numerous of channels-bounds, what exhausts the chakra with the time and, consequently, it gets to the constant oppressed state.

There are a few variants:

• the channels were formed as a result of the negative programs’ work: the energy parasites absorb the charka’s energy with their help.
• the channels were formed by the man himself, but in an unconscious way – at the level of his thoughts or emotions he "stuck" to one situation, object process, idea or desire, to numerous destructive egregors or to the person from his past, present or even his future.
• the channels were created by the surrounding people (consciously or unconsciously) – relatives, colleges, enemies, magicians, in other words – energy vampires.


1. As I have already mentioned before, the man thoughtlessly handed out the energy through his chakras, keeping them in the overexcited state constantly.

2. The man has the chakras with the brightly distinguished "taking" (parasitical) abilities, that appeared in his past lives or where developed in this one – that’s how the energy vampirism reflects.

In this case, the chakra of the taker fills with the stranger’s energy. And if it knows how to digest and adopt it, or make it act right, for example, make REALIZE THE DESIRES, there is no distinguished problem with the health, but sometimes there are some karmic errors concerning the "larcenies" of energy.

But when the capacity of chakras or the abilities of the taker hamper the adoption or transportation of the stranger’s energy, there is an overexcitement of chakras – they have the exorbitant energy.

3. The man consciously or unconsciously bounded the big amount of people to his ideas, thoughts, actions, beauty of physical body etc.

People direct him the energy of their own, thinking about him and feeling something at this time. That’s how the diverse objects of worship, "stars", the "leaders", "idols", etc.

But why are they not blown up with the excessive amount of energy?

The case is that the bigger part of energy that is directed on the man by the people is received by the egregors, that are created around the objects of worship and the rest (material privilege) is received by the "idol" himself.

I have listed only some of the reasons of the chakras’ illnesses. But for the more precise diagnostic everything should be taken in general – the way of living, quality of character, the presence of these or that "bounds", karmic or family courses and other magical influence.

How to determine the state of this or that chakra – the oppression, norm or overexcitement?

The easiest and the most correct approach is to attend a good visor sometimes, what is the problem, because they usually don’t understand people at all. And the "visors", who promise a lot, are mostly the charlatans.


If we are talking in general – without separating according to the chakras, you can determine the misses of mental, emotional or physiological energy, by paying attention to some of these states:

• inability to think in the normal regime;
• heaviness and weakness in the body;
• drowsiness;
• detachment;
• numbness;
• blunting the physiological reactions and reflexes;
• emptiness;
• involuntary state of "thought-stop";
• chills or feeling cold;
• fainting;
• emotional excitability;
• irritability;
• short bursts of aggression.

These are the states that most people on the Earth have.

It happens because of the people, like new-year-trees, are decorated with a "garland" from had to toes which is made from the negative magical programs and energy parasites.


The excessiveness of energy is reflected, in general, like the feeling of hardship or fulfillment in this or that chakra. Due to this, the man has one of these states dominate:

• chaotic thoughts;
• seething feelings;
• uncontrollable desire to act;
• sexual inoperable;
• numbness;
• nervousness;
• absent-mindedness;
• irritability;
• aggressiveness.