Maha Shiva Ratri (la Gran Noche de Shiva/Veles)

This year, another natural Day of Power – Mahashivaratri (the great night of Shiva, in the Slavic tradition - the great Night of Veles) comes on the night of February 21th to 22th, this is a changing date, which depends on the position of both the Sun and the Moon. In Hinduism at this time people worship the supreme god of the Shaivites – Shiva, Slavs honour Veles.
Махашиваратри: – обряды на исполнение желаний

Shiva is the one who creates, maintains and destroys the Universe. He is the defender of saintdom, the conqueror of demons, the creator of all blessings and the ruler of all creations, to which all other gods obey. The creator of the sound “Om”, yoga and Sanskrit, the higher consciousness of a man, the cosmic male principle, and the power that destroys our delusions in the process of spiritual perfection.

The holiday begins after sunset and lasts a day, but in antiquity it was celebrated for 23 days. Due to the fact that the Sun and the Moon at this time are in a special – strong position for the Earth’s energy, it is believed that any meditations, mantras and rituals for fulfilling desires will be 100 times stronger at this time.

How is it celebrated?

During these days, Shaivites try to keep fasting – do not sleep, do not eat, do not drink, do not smoke, do not have intimate relationships. Many spend this night in Shiva temples. They believe that sincere observance of the rituals frees them from sins and gives the mercy of Shiva in the form of liberation from the cycle of rebirth.

In the evening, after ritual bathing, they put on new clothes and go to the nearest Shiva temple to offer him traditional milk, water, bilva leaves, fruits, flowers, incense, oil lamps as an offering and participate in all the rites. People sit around the temple, sing mantras, do pujas (ceremonial offerings to Shiva), ring the bells, many lamps and garlands are lit in the temples. Throughout the night, in one form or another, they continuously perform actions that are aimed at worshiping and honoring Lord Siva.

The main task is to free your mind from worldly thoughts and worries at least during the holiday and forget about bodily needs – about sleep, food and drink, and leave only the name of Shiva, repeating the matras. They try to completely immerse themselves in the highest spiritual experience, because the energy of this night greatly affects each participant and, if properly tuned, gives very good results.

Is it possible to participate this holiday if you are from a different religion?

It is possible and necessary. The unique natural moments when the Earth, the Sun, the Moon and the nearest stars are arranged in a certain way, makes the energy of the Earth for this short time special and strong. This, like gravity, electricity or sunlight – they are common, free and no-cost for all life on Earth. That is why a person from any religion or a complete atheist can and should use all the natural strong days of the year (there are about 12). And no matter what form you choose for this - traditional, as they do in one religion or another or some kind of simplified version, the main thing is that you preserve the essence and connect with the necessary energy flow.

What can be done in our conditions, if we take to the maximum?

1. After sunset on February 21th and until the morning of February 23th (about 36-38 hours), to keep the full fast. You need to turn off everything: do not eat, do not drink water and alcohol, do not smoke, do not have sex, do not watch TV and the Internet, do not allow any negative emotions. If it is difficult without water, you can leave only clean water.
2. Do not sleep for a day (from sunset on February 21th to sunset on 22th).
3. Read all night until morning mantras, meditate, make wishes, to get rid of all imperfections, to become stronger, more successful, healthier, richer, etc.

If this is difficult, what can be done in simplified mode?

1. After sunset on February 21th and until the morning of February 23th, to keep a partial fast: remove at least alcohol, cigarettes, do not have sex, do not watch TV and the Internet, do not allow any negative emotions.
2. Do not sleep (from sunset on February 21th at least until 1-3 a.m. on February 22th).
3. To read any one or several mantras in the evening, make wishes.

This is the minimum that can be done.
If you take a break from all these things, you will already be of great benefit.

Here are the mantras that can be read that night.

1. Mantra, cleansing all the elements:
Om Namah Shivaya (Glory to Shiva).

2. The Maha Mrityunjaya mantra is considered one of the oldest and most powerful mantras of the Vedic era. It is called great and magical: it protects against diseases, heals the soul and body, gives energy, power, stability and strength. It is able to prevent accidents, protect from incurable diseases and misfortunes, and grant peace, wealth and prosperity. Repeated reading of the mantra activates the “third eye”, bindu and vishuddha, which triggers intuition, stops the aging process, restores immunity and metabolic processes, and also purifies and rejuvenates the physical body.

Abridged version:
Om, Triyambakam Yajamaha
Sugandim Pustivardhanam
Urvarukamiva Bandhanan
Mrityor Muksiya Mamritat.

(Om, Three-Eyed Lord Shiva, praise to you!
You fragrant with wisdom and feed all life in the Universe.
We are all enslaved before death.
Free me from death for immortality).

3. The mantra that bestows liberation and divine consciousness.
Shivo Ham (I am Shiva).

4. The mantra, which clarifies consciousness, endows wisdom, gives compassion and harmony, helps to overcome obstacles during development way.
Jaya Jaya Shiva Shambhoo, Mahadeva Shambhoo! (Glory to the Almighty, we praise the one who brings happiness and joy that lives in the hearts of all!)

Of course, there are many Shiva mantras, if you want, search in the Internet, but even these are enough for you.

5. And there is such mantra in the Slavic tradition:
Om Vele Veledar
(Father and Mother, the foundation of the world, Great, bless me with your gifts).

Mantras need to be repeated 3, 9, 27 or 108 times in one session.

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