At first pass test, then go to the Account (click on the human figure at the top right).

After passing test, you will receive the list of chakras, that are in the potential danger, and the endocrine glands, organs and illnesses that are bound to them.


• regular reflection of harmful programs and negative quality hamper the chakras’ work;

• each chakra run the work of its endocrine glands;
• each gland run its organs and body’s systems.

Breach in chakra ⇒ breach in glands’ work ⇒ disease.

That’s why the REAL reason of the illness or other life nuisance can be your harmful problems or negative quality of character that need to be found and REPROGRAMMED.

How to clear and modify your psychoenergetics fast; to required life events; to protect from magical attacks; to improve immunity and strengthen your health; to get rid of chronicle fatigue, stresses, fears, depression and other negative states – everything is described in my charged and free materials.

More details in my mailings.

And now make all the steps and match honestly WHAT negative quality of character, habits or destructive states you have this or that way at this point of life. Then press.