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In this article we are going to talk about the man’s energy system, and about the dangerous consequences that appear when something is wrong with it.

All our problems – the state of the mental system and body, and also the forming of our Destiny, mostly occur because of 3 reasons:

1. Harmful programs, that live in our energy body.
2. Weak energy system that receives energy in times less that we need.
3. Energy attacks – evil eye, hoodoo, that the weak energy system passes through.

Most of our problems – lack of money, stresses, depression, chronic exhaustion, sleepiness and laziness, irritability, nervousness, evil eye and hoodoo, weak immunity and body sicknesses – everything appears from the problems with energy system.

We have the lack of energy because of having our upper and lower chakras BLOCKED, so they can’t receive energy of Yin and Yang, and our energy channels are very narrow because of the energy dust that is being stored for many years.

That’s why the man’s aura receives such a little amount of energy.

But it is not the end…

Up to 80% of what we have, we give to energy parasites, that "sit" on the man’s chakras.

This leads to the fails of chakras work – they feel the lack of energy. And after that – to the "bouquet" of problems: initially in aura, and after that in mental system and physiology, or/and in life’s situations – the man make wrong decisions concerning important questions again and again, he has some hardships in relations with people, problems with money etc.


• Only three of our seven chakras work, what ruins our energy system gradually, and after it - physical system
• The lack of material energy of Yin lead to the difficulties with wealth and money
• The lack of spiritual energy of Yang provokes unhealthy mental state.
• Misbalance in Element of the Water, the Fire, the Air and the Earth makes our immunity weaker, that’s why we get ill a lot
• Such a dangerous stuff! – the needed desires DON’T COME TRUE, and our fears and anxieties COME TRUE very fast
• Insecurity from the evil eyes, spells or curses, NLP, manipulations and making a zombie
• Chronicle exhaustion, stresses and depressions
• Problems with luck
• Physiological dependence: tight "bounds" to people and situations, to man’s past and future
• Physiological dependence on the food, sex, gambling, drugs, tobacco and alcohol
• Chronicle bad mood, irritability and nervousness
• Bad memory, absent-mindedness and restless dream
• Inability to perceive the information and learn something
• Problems with potency and sexual desire
• Development of fears, manias and phobias.

And more unpleasant stuff…

Don’t be lazy – highlight and list your states now.

I want to share with you some simple but very powerful exercises in order to make you START fixing the problem with energy.

These are only two of many of my technics that are applicable. They are the simplified version of what are the secret ritual and ceremony that were conducted by ancient shamans, yogis, magicians, fighting masters for FAST STENTHENING OF ENERGY SYSTEM before some complicated rituals, healings or a fight.

Except for the filling with energy, these meditations strengthen the immunity, clear and widen the energy channels, help to disclose 3 super chakras, and "teach" the heart super chakra how to GENARATE THE ENERGY OF LOVE, that leads a man to the upper level of spiritual and energy development.


► You will see some video-practices below. But you have to read the full detailed descriptions that you will have sent on your email in order to have the MAXIMUM RESULT.

► MAKE YOURSELF exercise for only 1-2 weeks, however, half-strength, the way you want. The main thing is to START. 

► In a few days of the exercises, you will see, how your state changes: how you feel better, how you become calmer etc. and after that, write your impressions in the section Reviews.

I am concerned that it’ll take you a week to feel more energy and to feel better in many times.

And if you have some questions concerning the technic of practices, material of the course or some personal questions, you can always communicate with me – get a consultation, write on my email or on social networks.

Filling with the Power of Heaven (Yang) and Earth (Ying)

Filling with the Elements of the Fire, Air, Water and Earth




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I'm a new one in these practices, but have already the positive results. When I was doing the first lesson, the feelings are great, extraordinary! The desire to do more and more comes!
It is a pity that temporary difficulties are at the moment the financial sector, but in plans to buy more material to work with.
Thanks Odin for simple and effective things!)



Hello Odin!
I want to thank you very much for all the practices and advice that you share! It has already a month as I am watching my positive results. Now I decided to take the opportunity and check out my aura by photo that has sent to your box.
Thanks for the help!
I just passed the first lesson – did 15 reps, there was a strong vibration in the legs and in the crown, took the pain in the neck and spine, and become easy gait. I'm so glad that you found, let God give you health for such priceless gifts to people!
Harness the second lesson.
Thank you for your help!!!




Dear Odin, thank you for your lessons!
They affected my life when I really needed it. After reading your life story, I found out my self-confidence and self-belief.
I had a time, when I realized – that something needs to be changed. I have the problems in all spheres of life. I have the only hope for my personal life – my sons.
The Universe gave me the possibility to realize that I had to change everything in my mind entirely, change my life. Surfing the Internet, I encountered the Tibet exercises – eye of resuscitation.
I started to learn and apply them in order to improve my health – I listened to mantras, got to know what meditation is, started to meditate. That’s how I started to proliferate gradually.
The next step was getting acquainted with Reiki with Katrin Force. I passed her courses, got the initiation of 1 level of Reiki. I have the only goal – to heal my soul and body. My health became better. And now your technics are up to me.
Thanks a lot for your lessons! 
Hello, Odin! You even can’t imagine how you were in time to make me acquainted with your amazing life story. It inspired me with the confidence and hope, the knowledge that I can influence on everything and positively change it on my own! Thank you very much fir your precious and well-selected information! I can read it day and night! (I think that this feeling is present not only in me) It is really pleasant to have all the material accessible – what I am thankful for!!! I am eager to start the beginning (to bigger energy supplies). As I have understood, it is the thing to start with (I’m an absolute fresher). Thank you for this presents! I will learn and change positively. Best wishes and be lucky in everything!




Hello, Odin!
I have a question: after testing my chakras, I saw that I have only 1 lower chakra almost alive (I’m sorry for being lost in the terms). That means that I am almost deprived of the connection with Upper powers…
Will it be reflected on the lives of my sons? What should I do in this situation? I precisely follow your mailings, because I haven’t usually met such wise descriptions of the life situations. Each of your words is really wise.
Nothing makes me irritated, everything is clear and is perceived like fresh air. It sounds grandiloquently)) but the words are candid, that’s why they are not just compliments, but a truthful dialogue with you.
Thank you!
Good afternoon!
I liked your lessons very much. Everything is clear and very simple.
Recently I have worked on this lesson, but I am planning to buy your lessons and even pass your course. But now I have some temporary hardships. I am thankful for the simplicity of your approach.
And as Baron Munchausen said "there is no deadlock in the life: there is always an exit" and that is true)).




Thank you for the precious lessons!
They appeared really in time. If you let me, I will write you later. I have a lot of questions to ask, but at this time I want to apply what I have got in these lessons.
I will continue to study with pleasure)
I have printed two practices concerning the storing of energy and carry them with me :) the problem that is the most obvious to me is sleeplessness. Sometimes, usually when the weather is cloudy, I can’t open my eyes from the very morning. And my brains get asleep too. The today’s situation is the same – I did my utmost to make myself do the practice. I did it with hardships: just after closing my eyes in order to make it easier to visualize, – just switched me off, but did it. And a miracle worked!
I think that you will take me right, I want to hug you and thank the God for sending us such Avatars:))
Hug and thank you!!!




Hello, Odin, I want to express my gratitude for your free materials, they are really precious +) :) =) with their help my energy stabilized. After working on these three chakras, I worked on 7 main chakras according to the Ho-che system. Everything got better. After testing everything confirmed: aura and chakras became to work better than before +) :) =)
Hello, Odin, I want to thank you for appearing in my life in time. I was absolutely exhausted, had no power, consequently I was left without my job and money. I found you by chance. Was it by chance or not? This is the regularity.
The first exercise made me conscious. In the evening, I went to the sea-side and slept calmly. The next day was the same. My mood was better. The people around me became interested in it. I invited them. They heard, saw and applied.
Thank you very much for your existence! I have the opportunity to get acquainted with me and become myself due to your assistance.
Good bye. Your Alexandra.