Poder personal




We use a certain type of energy absolutely in all areas of life.

It is called by different names – human energy, soul energy, bio-energy, spiritual, mental, internal energy, or life power. But no matter what it is called, the main point is to have enough of it!

Because the more we have of it, the stronger our immune systems and health are, the more money and luck we have and the more frequently our desires are fulfilled.

This is what prevents it.

The first problem is that after 30 years in the mainstream of people little by little UPPER AND LOWER SUPER CHAKRAS are overlapping. And the energy channels through which energy gets into all areas of the aura became very narrow due to the accumulated energy wastes for years – strong negative emotions and magical effects.

The importance of the super chakras is that they receive the basic energy of the Universe – the energy of Yin and Yang from which firstly are formed the four elements (Water, Air, Earth, Fire), and then during a long time the Elements are transformed into what we call the PERSONAL POWER.

Just because of these reasons the aura gets very little energy.

But there is a second problem: about 80% of the energy entering the aura daily goes to energy parasites that are literally sitting on the chakras of a human being and sucking our vitality through our negative programs.

This gradually leads to the destruction of the chakras – they simply do not have enough energy to function properly.

And so what this leads to:

• First suffers immunity: the body can not produce interferon in a sufficient amount resulting in frequent diseases and accelerated aging.

• Chakras manage the endocrine glands and glands manage all of the organs and systems of the body. Therefore, when the chakras are destroyed, the body is destroyed as well.

• With low energy protection the person becomes very vulnerable to any energy attacks: evil eyes, damnations, love spells, energy vampires, zombies by media, NLP, etc.

• Intuition does not work that is why people often act and make their wrong choices. A person can not receive information directly from the Universe and are forced to listen to all those who allegedly own the information.

• Dormant abilities which absolutely everyone has but can not wake up at all.

• Wishes do not come true at all or are implemented in a distorted form or only the worst expectations and fears are performed.

• Lack of material energy and therefore there are problems with money.

• The inability to manage even in a small degree of your "life scenario" – your Destiny.

But there is good news:

In most cases the super chakras can be opened, the channels can be cleaned and the daily losses of power can be quickly and easily stopped FOREVER – you need just to do some exercises.

Now I am speaking about not the physiological energy that we quickly receive with the help of food, air and sleep. I am referring to those SPECIFIC TYPES OF EMOTIONAL AND MENTAL ENERGY – the vital energy generating very slowly and in very small doses by our chakras and about its MINIMUM QUANTITY we should have guaranteed for a FULL LIFE.

For what do we need personal power?

• firstly for the energy protection from negative influences;
• for the treatment of diseases and maintaining good health;
• for attracting the energy of money;
• for the preservation of youth;
• for clear thinking, feeling happiness, fullness of life, joy and freedom;
• for the evolution of the soul and spiritual development;
• and for GODS to hear us – for our wishes to come true, and unwillingness not to come true.

When a person has some problems with the amount of energy or with their aura that sooner or later it leads to some of these conditions:

• only 3 of the 7 chakras work;
• lack of material energy provides health problems and money problems;
• a weak immune system and frequent disease;
• quick mental or physical fatigue, chronic fatigue;
• bad mood, stresses, and depression;
• irritability, nervousness, excessive emotionality;
• restlessness, distraction, inattention;
• inability to perceive information, dementia;
• spells, the evil eyes which manages the state, behavior and health of a person and as a result leads to failures, diseases, poverty, accidents, or death;
• desired wishes are not realized, and those which we strongly do not want to or are afraid of are being implemented quickly;
• restless sleep, continuous internal dialogue;
• problems with potency and sexual desire;
• development of fears, obsessions and phobias;
• perversions and mental illnesses;
• exposure to external psychological manipulation and zombies;
• psychological or physiological dependences: binding to the people or situations, for their future or the past;
• over-dependence on your desires, on food, sex, gambling, drugs, tobacco, alcohol, etc.

Do not be lazy – check for yourself now your negative status to know what you need to work on.

All my work – books, training, lectures, consultations is not about how to solve a few problems from the category of the most typical, namely: "recently my husband left me", "something is ill", "business is being destroyed", "there is no money", "no work", "personal life is not going well", etc.

Of course, I have a solution for these problems, but I want to give you even more.

It is foolish to talk about how to step by step eliminate only the CONSEQUENCES. I want to share with you the experience – how to ensure the negative consequences do not occur.

That is, how to get your life cleaned once and for ever from the NEGATIVE REASONS that lead to the same negative consequences and then create a "life scenario" with a clean slate.