Chakra (Sanskrit "wheel", "circle", "disk", "mandala") in spiritual practices of the Hinduism – are the centers of power and conscience, located in subtle (energy) body of the man.

Most people know only about the seven chakras: the first is considered to be Muladhara, the next are Swadhisthan (Swadhistan), Manipura, Anahata, Vishuddha, Ajna and Sahasrara.

Human chakras, seven chakras: Muladhara, Svadhisthana, Manipura
However, it is wrong.

Even in India, some schools claim the existence of more chakras, and the first is thought to take the material energy of the Earth. It is not the Muladhara, it is the Pitrie chakra, that is located between the feet. It is also called the lower SUPER CHAKRA.

Concept that examines the man like a shining energy creature, can be found almost in all of the ancient world traditions. The first information about the energy system was gained by the man in XVIII century by the European travelers and researchers of East and Asia.

In India, Tibet, China, Vietnam, and Laos the followers of different schools and trends had been precisely examining and describing the state of man’s energy for many years.

All their knowledge they implanted in their practices, testing it on themselves. They used it for fighting and medical purposes as well as for the development and performance of super abilities.

I want to make you acquainted with the descriptions, taken from a couple of world traditions – Hindu, shaman and ancient Slavic – in order to supply you with comprehensive knowledge.

Sometimes the location, amount and characteristics of all the main components of different traditions can be the same in some way. On the other hand, they can be totally different from each other, which lead to the misunderstandings and disputes among their followers.

The subject is "the rightness of the understanding of the point". However, we will examine them in detail not only for remembering and involving in some of that tradition, but for searching for some common aspects, despite the differences.

After studying the second level of our course, you will be able to combine the separated information into the Universe, and get the best of each tradition, understanding the general principles and mechanisms – "how does our system of chakras work".

World various traditions show the different amount of major chakras in their systems. The amount changes from four to ten. There are also some additive chakras – they can reach the amount of hundreds. The followers of some traditions pay more attention to additive chakras. And others seem even not to recall them.

In traditional Indian yoga, there are only seven major chakras. Sometimes the eighth chakra can be met. However, in Western India, the nine chakras are being operated as well as in Slaviс traditions. In Tibetan tantric tradition five chakras are studied, and in Slavic – nine, ten, or twelve.

In shaman tradition there are ten major energy centers. In Buddhist tantra, for example, only four major chakras are described and they are situated on the area of the navel, heart, throat, and head.

Besides, if we are talking about the amount and location of the chakras, there are a lot of differences in various ancient texts and that lead to misunderstandings and contradictions among all of the people examining this point.

However, in the work of Mexican shamans, that is described in the Carlos Castaneda’s books, chakras are not recalled at all the way they appear in other traditions. The thing that is highlighted the most is the manipulations with the gathering point, the location which is the main aspect of perception and state of the man.

During the studies, I show one of the most fulfilled systems of chakras that I have built, examining some of world traditions. There are some commonly-unknown chakras of Indian closed schools, that so not appear in classic sevenfold system.

What is more, I include a great deal of chakras, widely-known from ancient Slavic and shaman traditions.

Detailed description of twenty-first chakra (Hinduism, shamanism and Slavic tradition):

The location, color and odor of healthy chakra, Bija-mantra, superpowers, negative and positive traits of character, endocrine glands, organs of the body and disease, cleaning methods and the development of the chakras, energy channels and subtle bodies, can be read in course "Why the gods do not hear us, or How to make our desires come true 2.0".

Why the gods do not hear us, or How to make our desires come true 2.0

Chakras can be called as stages that out state, upper "I" or soul pass, while evolving. The state of chakras is the measurement of our development at the moment – the intellectual, spiritual and energy development.

In some way, they are responsible for all the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states of a man, making our gathering point move on the specific "image".

Chakras, as they do, operate the work of all the subtle bodies automatically, switching on the physical body. Besides, it will be fair to claim that the movement of gathering point will directly affect the work of chakras, energy channels and the state of subtle bodies and physical body.

Generally, the main functions of chakras are the next:

1. Chakras are responsible for interaction of a man and the environment at all the spheres of life. They run all the mental aspects of man conduct in his habitat and everyday actions.

2. Chakras run the endocrine glands as well as inner organs, systems, and all of the physiological processes of the body.

3. Chakras supply the subtle bodies with the energy and run them somehow. Because of the interdependence of chakras, subtle bodies and physical body, the state of subtle bodies and physical body influences the work of chakras and vice versa – the state of chakras influences the subtle bodies and the physical body.

4. Each chakra is connected not only with its subtle body, but also with its plan of Being. That’s why, transporting the consciousness into one or another body, we can move through the subtle worlds and give the access for energy from that worlds for the needs of our energy body.

5. Chakras run the superpowers. That’s why we can get Siddhi by developing the capacities of chakras.

6. We perceive and evaluate all the energies of the external world with the help of chakras.

7. We form the energy channels of connection with any animals of inanimate objects in present, past, and future with the help of chakras.

Chakras get the energy of the Space, transforming it into the needed type of energy and supply the subtle bodies with it. We tune and interact with all the energies of external world with the help of chakras.

This is the same way we recognize friendly and hostile vibrations that are emitted by all organic and inorganic creatures. This is the same way we perceive and evaluate the energy of any thing, geopathogenic zones and the places of Power.

But the things they do know and don’t know, their maximum possible level of energy – a mid-range stage of chakras’ development – acts not by chance, and not in an arbitrary mode. Initial and major program of each chakra’s work is received with our birth.

Our soul together with our karmic body transport some codded "achievements" (both positive and negative) with it with each its new incarnation. And we have our "legacy" with us after each incarnation – it can’t be lost even after our death, it is glued to us tightly.

It is like a constant race where our soul distributes to itself what was gained before. It is this "matrix" that forms the initial configuration of chakras in our new energy body for the next incarnation.

The knowledge of the energy matrix has to be the crucial moment.

Paying attention to the mechanism, we can confidently say that the level of our intellectual spiritual, energy and physical development in our next incarnation depends on us. And it is up to us to be responsible for it.

Understanding it, we are not dependent on the Creator’s favor anymore, who ostensibly decides which "bonus" to give and how to "abuse" us in our next life. He is out. We are independent of our parents the same way – they do not bequeath to us the level of development of their chakras with their genes, and it has no influence on our chakras.

However, it is not that easy.

It doesn’t mean that our chakras automatically start to work on their highest capacities from our birth. On the opinion of most seeing people on the Earth, there are 3-7 working chakras (according to the classic system). The ability to generate all the types of energy and the edge of their power, that was possible at the past incarnations, are saved, but only like a potential possibility.

The biggest part of his life man is unconscious of his real abilities and we have to "disclose" them again.

It is like to learn how to walk again after the prolonged disease. We have to learn how to work with chakras hard, and sometimes it takes the whole life. And if we don’t work, all the "achievements" of our past lives will be lost in this life.
As you can see, the one, who has his chakras gradually developed in his past life, will restore their level easier and faster in this life, if he has the intention to do this, of course.

But this is not the whole thing.

At the moment of impregnation, some "corrections" (generic programs) are added to our "matrix" – all the "problems" and "achievements" of the family from mother’s and father’s sides. At the moment of impregnation then again at birth, there is also the influence of the planets added. This combination will affect the new programs, that are formed soon.

As the result, all these things make our chakras work in one or another mode.
What influences on the traits of our character (so-called energy-informational programs) from the side of the energy:

- The programs have formed our today (healthy or ill) configuration of the chakra’s system;

- The programs have "taught" our gathering point to move on the specific "image", not letting it rift to new healthier positions. It means that they push us to some limits;

- Running the chakras, the programs have formed our present way of life: the way we think and react to the external world, our physical and mental state.

- Running the work of the chakras, the programs make up the "plot" of our lives.

This is the causal connection: underlying REASONS attract quite predictable CONSEQUENCES.

How the energy centers are formed

There is a Power or a Center in each living creature. It "knows" how to store and keep opposing energies of Yin and Yang inside itself. It makes them constantly interact.

It is called diversely: the soul, collective soul, totem, upper "I". This is the thing that gives the Creator some possibilities to run these energies and balance them under the conditions that the soul is reflected in this creature somehow and is not disclosed for the mind, if we are talking about a man.

The female Yin energy uses left channel and male Yang – right one. The channels go from one side of the body to another like a snake and go along the spine. They start from the area of the brain (pituitary and pineal gland), where they connect with the central channel.

When Ida and Pingala intersect each other and the central channel, energy vortexes (granthis and chakras) appear at the place of the intersection.

Chakras, energy channels
This "snake-shaped" intersection of Ida and Pingala usually appears in eastern traditions. However, there is an opposite point of view: left and right channel move not like a snake; they are parallel to each other. Sushumna is located on both sides.

They intersect the Sushumna only at the area of two chakras but not at the area of all chakras as in the first variant.

Energy channels
I can’t say, how this difference was caused. Besides, there is a great deal of differences, concerning some moments of work with energy body. This difference doesn’t matter because the main thing in both variants is the safety of identical description and characteristic of all the types of energies, that are "transported" by each channel.

Their "intersectional" connection with hemispheres of the brain is saved as well as their influence of all these energies on the physical, mental, and spiritual states of a man.