Comment Se Protéger De La Corruption Et Du Mauvais Œil - Eliminer La Malédiction Pour Vous-Même

Spells, evil eyes, and curses, malicious subtle nature beings, people-energy vampires...

Unfortunately, this is not an artificial "scarecrow" and not inventions of magicians.

This invisible war wanders among us and is looking for the next victim who has the weak energy.

Listen to a short clip on how they are connected to our field and how you can make a talisman with your own hands – a powerful amulet that will protect you from the evil eye and hoodoo?


(An excerpt from the training course "Why the gods do not hear us 2.0")

Now let's talk about the system, which also affects our state and circumstances of life – about all kinds of settles nearby, binding channels and magical programs.

Of course, they can not be equated with such systems as the subtle bodies, chakras or assembling point – they are inherently different systems. Although we are not aware of our subtle bodies, but still this is our "home" – that are within us from our birth – it is our INNER potential.

But since the settles nearby, channels-binding, as indeed the ego, are also in our field, and are able to affect us, so we need to know about them as much as possible and learn how to interact with them. All these systems - are our EXTERNAL potential.

Let's talk first about the negative settles nearby.

Surely you've heard about the brightest manifestation of this series or you’ve seen in movies – is a process of expulsion of demonic beings from a person that is called exorcism.

When with a normal and healthy person suddenly begin to happen some strange, spontaneous and unusual to him things, and he starts to behave aggressively or inappropriately, in medicine it is called a mental disorder or mental illness. And in esoteric and religion this process is called obsession, settle nearby or diabolizing.

Under the diabolizing is usually understood the situation, when "someone" or "something" SOMETIMES or CONSTANTLY lives in the energy body of the person.

It suppresses his will, takes under control the body of mind, body of emotions, organs of senses and the physical body and then do with the "vessel" all that it wants.

As you can understand, there are different degrees of implementation and control of the man. This can be determined by how often and how totally the diabolizing controls the man – how often and how far he goes away from the "norm" in our usual sense.

If for a long enough time a person has no control over his body of thought (can not think properly about what was happening to him); body of emotions (emotions are aroused by themselves without his will); organs of senses (he sees and hears what others do not perceive); physical body ("something" inside of him controls all his actions) – that means, there is a situation where the consciousness, the mind, the will and even the human ego completely lost control over the body.

In this case, the degree of diabolizing is of maximum size and it will be quite difficult to exorcise.

But if it happens rarely and minimally, if a person after each attack quickly restores control of himself and clearly aware of what had happened to him, then the degree of diabolizing is still low.

But, as you understand – the worst is ahead, because in this case, between the person and the essence there is a constant struggle and there is a real threat to the full diabolizing since the parasite is aimed at this "vessel."

As you remember, the parasites need the "points of connection" and they find them quickly – it is our ego – our negative qualities of character. Joined them they are trying to manage a little the consciousness, attention, chakras and subtle bodies.

If we DO NOT NOTICE THIS INFLUENCE and if on time by all means do not start rigidly to resist, then sooner or later the actual owners of our bodies will become the diabolized essences. And, as a rule, a person has in itself not one, but several similar in "nature" parasites.

I would like to recall the examples of negative settles nearby and bindings, which are most often found in people.

It may be the essences that in different religions are called in their own way – malicious spirits, devils, larvas, demons, Devil, evil angels, evil spirits, asuras, pishachas, rakshasas. It may also be the souls of dead people and animals, destructive egregores, magical and ancestral programs – the evil eyes, spells, etc.

Although magic and ancestral programs – are not quite the essences, but they can also be equated to them because they also are able to extract energy from us. Any, even the simplest magic program has a primitive consciousness, its purpose and embedded by magician energy that allows it to live and do its job.

As a rule, the goals of all the harmful settles nearby are to drive us, to extract energy from us or as in the case of magic programs, to do harm to us in every way during life.

But, by the way, there are essences that do it just for fun – I would say, to play with their "prey."

How do parasites and magical programs join our field?

In a simplified form, it looks like this: when we have a strong "protection," the parasites are trying to create with us at least some energy channels.

It is as if they, through these channels, put our chakras in check, determining what qualities of character or habits will be responded to, and so, what they can manipulate within us.

In this way the primary, yet quite weak binding channels are being formed. If we actively resist, although the channels remain, the entire diabolizing does not happen. If we missed this moment, the channels gradually will strengthen and expand.

Once the parasites are attached, they take under control the negative programs, and from time to time "turning on" them, they converted them into their "servants". At the same time they are trying to block all of the positive programs – especially our mind.

Then they block the communication with our "defenders" – first with the subtle bodies and satellites, then with the guardian angels, ancestral, religious and magical egregores, spirit helpers, the gods, the patron Saints etc. – who has anyone.

And if we do not continue to resist, the parasite or magic program is slowly but surely is diabolized in our field.

Then, depending on the purposes, they can: regularly take the energy, provoking run of negative programs; push the man to the obfuscation; do harm to health, relationships, financial well-being and good fortune; arrange an accident or a situation where he could be imprisoned; provoke an incurable disease; subordinate body of the soul and take it as a "trophy", etc.

Under the same scheme all destructive egregors join the human aura: controlling the thoughts, feelings and actions, they get the real action from it, energy, money or electoral votes – everything for which they were created.

Under the same scheme the people join as well – energy vampires.

At this point, I want you to remember the purposes of parasites, mechanisms of connection and methods of taking energy from us. As well as that between the full diabolizing and the binding channels in principle there is no difference – it's just two stages of the same process.

Therefore, in no case you can not underestimate the parasites and play any games with them.

You can not be "opened" and allow the connection of foreign channels. It is necessary to regularly keep tracking of what qualities of character dominate in you in everyday life, and what qualities appear as new ones: if something happens unusual and untypical to you – as if it's not your thoughts, not your emotions, not your actions? As if someone manages you?

This is the first where you need to be vigilant.

The second point: you need to regularly enhance your energy protection. To do this, you need to create the connections with your "protectors", as well as every day through a variety of practices to clean all major chakras, to "blow" the energy channels, to output the spent energy, and to fill the aura with the major energies and Elements.

Another one important point: the energy parasites are able to infiltrate or settle by to the field only when it has at least some slightest compliance by the luminosity and vibrations similar to their own luminosity.

In other words, this option appears when you have the similar qualities of character – the program and habits, which this essence, Power or the magic program are also endowed.

So the law of energy unity and relevance is triggered. This is how they find us.

For example, no destructive egregores, "dark" Powers, magic programs and subtle essences can not connect in principle to the white-golden aura of Enlightened person.

Firstly, because such people have the strongest energy protection, and secondly – for the "dark" parasites their aura shines too bright and too hard for perceiving – it vibrates at ultra-high frequencies that parasites can not stand.

In addition, it also too "stinks" of Purity, just as parasites "stink" of rot for "light" people.

By the way, pay attention to the following, if you or someone from your environment "smells", than probably a lot of energy parasites lives in the aura.

I did not mean the natural smell of sweat, reek of alcohol or unpleasant perfume. The smell of parasite is very specific and almost imperceptible. It is similar to the smell of dampness with a dash of decomposition, or something like that.

All energy parasites stink so who eat heavy "dark" energies and almost imperceptible stink the people who wear them in themselves. In this case it is absolutely senseless to try to wash it off with water or "mess" with perfumes – you can get rid of it only after cleaning the aura from parasites.

When you begin to seriously practice and develop your energy, you will have the ability to determine the "quality" of energy by smell, then you will understand what I am saying.

Талисманы своими руками

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