À Propos Du Sens De La Vie: Comment Se Tromper En Mourant

Today we have a bit gloomy theme, but do not worry – there is light at the end of the tunnel :)

I want to tell you how at the moment of death our soul will leave our body and what does it depend on.

And it will be this way: it will be drawn to the one of the "nine doors" – the mouth, eyes, ears, nostrils, anus or genitals.

And it will determine – in which world and under what conditions we will be brought to life the next time...

How NOT TO DIE wrongly and What to do during life to be brought to life in the light worlds and comfortable environment?

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... Not mention the fact that developing the higher chakras, you are spiritually and energetically evolve and awaken superpowers, at this time another important best practice comes.

As you may recall from the description during the death, the soul together with the subtle bodies leave the physical body through one of the "nine doors" – through the mouth, eyes, ears, nostrils, anus or genitals.

But the souls of those people who during life were spiritually evolved and lived righteously – priests, yogis, gurus, Enlightened Masters are able to "pass away" through "the tenth door" – the Sahasrara chakra.

All the "doors" of our body correspond to the levels of the other worlds from the very bottom – hell and to the very top – the divine worlds. Based on how at the time of death the person could "enlighten" himself and how high are the merits of his soul, in such a world it will fall in the next incarnation.

In a very simplified form, it can be described as follows: at the moment of death the consciousness, followed by the soul and all the subtle bodies are forced to go through the hole in the body, around which most part of your consciousness* was focused during the lifetime.

*Here we have in mind the fact that in ordinary life our consciousness is focused on all the chakras, subtle bodies and organs of perception more or less with regular intervals and cover (control) them all at once. But with deep concentration on any one aspect of life or on one particular chakra our consciousness can be collected in the point (in the chakra, organ), or even go beyond the physical body.

This is especially true in recent years, months, days, and even minutes of life. If a person during life when doing the spiritual practices or as a result of certain lifestyle often gathered his consciousness near one or two chakras, then at the time of his death he is drawn to this "door" as the most familiar and accessible.

Surely you know how priests "escort" the dying man. In the latter days, hours and minutes they distract his mind from all worldly affairs.

By spiritual conversations, talking about the eternity of the soul and of God, prayers, mantras and rites, they are trying to adjust and focus the consciousness of dying at the top – the divine angelic worlds and from the bottom – the infernal devil worlds they distract in every way.

They help a person to make the final arrangements to let go all the worries and to alleviate his soul, so it would be easier to climb "up."

The dying should say goodbye and let go his loved ones, repent of his sins and ask for forgiveness from those he has offended; he should forgive everybody, get rid of fear, should not be afraid of pain, death and the unknown worlds, where he will travel soon.

And if the priest manages to properly reconfigure the man before his death, it is likely that his soul leaves the body through one of the top "doors".

But as you understand, there is little that can change even the most advanced priest in latter days, hours and minutes, if a person throughout his life lived only accordingly the animal instincts and focused his consciousness only around three lower chakras.

In this case, his consciousness and after it the soul by force of habit "fall" into the lower worlds.

Therefore, this "animal" way of life is the most unprofitable death for the soul, however, as the sudden death, death by decapitation, death in delirium, under torture or in a state of intoxication, death in mental illness, in infancy, in agony and physical suffering, death during sexual intercourse, and in any other times when a large part of the consciousness is focused in the lower chakras.

To sum up.

Long-term work with the upper chakras helps our consciousness to easy focus on the higher chakras, and it is naturally that at the time of death our soul will seek the familiar to it "door."

If you want to know how to open these "doors," read here...


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