To buy course "Why the gods do not hear us, or How to make our desires come true"(in Russian/soon in English)

For beginners and professionals – psychologists, coaches, yogis, magicians, healers, bioenergy therapists and those who unsuccessfully practices various techniques of desires execution*.

This training is about how to smoothly move from 100% left hemisphere perception of the world and thinking, like most people have, where all our fears, rush, aggression and resentment are generated, to the right hemisphere, where calm, luck and fortune reign, the intuitive right solutions, good health and protectability.

The basic fundamental information about the world of energy, without which it is difficult to continue to engage in any direction of self-development, be it yoga, the technology of wish-fulfillment, the disclosure of cash flow, or the development of mystical abilities is given in this training.

*My books are certified by the US National Library of Congress.


Level I: "How everything is started"

With this course you will learn WHY AND WHAT happens in your mind and energy, and HOW it is reflected in the formation of your DESTINY.

Where the energy information programs are appeared and how to remove malware; Who the energy parasites are and how they take our energy, how to get away from money, luck and success, and how to clean them from the aura and fate – in this course you will get the answers and ready solutions.

You will learn the secrets of the invisible world of energy – what in reality is happening around us and the simple step by step algorithm of actions you will get also - how to set up your psychoenergetics to be protected from magic attacks, energy vampires, parasites and other psycho manipulators.

With new psychological adjustments and exercises you will greatly increase your life energy and you will feel quite different.

You will refer much easier to negative actions and behavior of people and will stop spending on their nerves, time and vitality.

You will change radically your reaction to external irritants: you will not be irritated, nervous, feel fear, insults and many other negative conditions.

With tests, you will find most of your negative programs and causes that lead to bad luck and setbacks and exercises will help you to change in a way that they no longer arise.



Level II: "The energy structure of a man" (Hinduism, Shamanism, Slavic tradition, Cossack SPAS)

This and the next course are the ideal trainings for beginner yogis, magicians, esoterics and those who are involved in the technique of desires execution.

The course "The energy structure of a man" will give you the knowledge – what is your energy body consisted of and what exactly awakens in us those mysterious forces that we call magic and super abilities.

It is created for those who want to get a complete picture rather than steep fragmented information and will be useful not only for lovers of this subject, but experts – psychologists, coaches, magicians, healers, bioenergy specialists and those who have not reached the normal results practicing some techniques of desires execution.

I collected and organized information for a few years and as a result I got the most complete picture of the energy of a man which you will not find anywhere else.

You will receive a detailed description of the aura in terms of number of world traditions: Hinduism, Shamanism, the Slavic tradition, and one closed esoteric flow of ancient Slavs – Cossack SPAS.

You will learn from what systems it is consisted, how it works, why is brakes, and how to adjust everything.

The main energies of the Universe which form the aura; chakras; subtle bodies; energy channels; superpowers; levels of the Universe; the residents of subtle worlds that affect our energy – all this are in the theme of this course.

You will learn to replenish their energy in five to ten minutes, find out which channels are losing and accumulating personal power and learn to control these processes.

The activation of the chakras; Cleaning of energy channels; Burning negative; Balancing energy – all these practices will teach you to properly work with your energy.



Level III: "Analysis, synthesis, conclusions"

I combine information about human energy from Hinduism, Slavic traditions, shamanism, and Cossack SPAS in this course. We will compare the chakras and subtle bodies – all similar and distinctive aspects of these traditions and bring them into a single system.

You will receive the key conclusions and detailed step by step algorithm of actions: how activate the dormant powers of your energy body and what heights it is possible to achieve in spiritual development.

You will learn what chakras are important for the fulfillment of wishes, what destroys the chakra system and will be able to determine the state of the chakras.

You will learn how to defend against energy attacks; delete the malicious settles nearby and channels; will learn the cause of the disease appearing and will be able to avoid them.

At this stage the emphasis on practical work is made – this is the beginning of liberation from the Matrix in which resides the majority of people on the Earth.

You will be developing and harmonizing all groups of chakras and will begin practical work with your desires.

My last day on Earth; Creating the channel with the Gods; Protection against energy attacks; The recapitulation of life and rewriting of negative life situations; Neutralization of ego and the Activation of Mind – all these practices will can help you manage your emotional state, health, speed of aging, well-being and your own life script.

To each level you will get bonuses:
Key moments, reminders, new installations of mind



The course "Why the gods do not hear us: Practices" (in English/Russian)

This workbook is the ideal training for beginners and for experienced yogis, healers, esoterics and those who are involved in the divers technique of desires execution, who want to fulfill their potential; to attract money and luck; to be defended against psychic attacks; to increase immunity; to get rid of chronic fatigue, stresses, depression and other negative states.

The unique but very simple exercises and meditation are collected here for all occasions: to quickly get filled with energy when you need it; to create energy protection; to develop intuition; within 3 minutes to relax and calm down; to correctly create their desires and to correctly ask the Universe to come them true, and many other useful and important things.

You will receive a detailed description of aura in terms of the number of world traditions: Hinduism, Shamanism, the Slavic tradition, and one closed esoteric flow of ancient Slavs – Cossack SPAS. Will learn the secrets how long to stay young, learn the step-by-step process to manifest your goals & desires, self-healing techniques for health, rejuvenation, increase psychic powers & spiritual realization.

Here are just some meditations that will help you become much stronger:

● Ways of energetic & psychic protection: how to protect yourself from psychic attack, enemies, manipulators and negative energy;
● How to remove negative emotions – fears, anger, exasperation etc.;
● How to awaken the third eye chakra & develop intuition;
● Guide to developing of telekinesis & psychic abilities – dissolving clouds with your mind power;
● How to keep your body young by using elements of fire, air, water and earth;
● Techniques for Bindu chakra activation for preservation youth & health;
● Chakras for beginners: practical exercise for healing & opening your chakras Anahata, Vishuddha & Ajna that will give intuition, health & quick push up for development;
● How to balance Yin & Yang energies, right and left hemispheres of the brain, how to awaken & protect chakras & energy body;
● The complete description of 21 chakras – names in Hinduism, Shamanism, Slavic tradition, organs, diseases & a list of features of character that relate to each chakra;
● Mantras for healing, happiness, peace & prosperity;
● How to stop negative thoughts and feelings, overcoming negative emotions;
● How to open, clean, heal your heart chakra Anahata;
● How to improve your focus & mental concentration – hearing & vision attention;
● How to meditate, to relieve stress, to get over anxiety attack, to overcome depression and sadness using the balance of Yin & Yang energies;
● Protection & cleansing of your aura from negative energy using Shaman's drum, Bija mantras, Tibetan singing bowls;
● How to reduce your fears in 1 day to stop anxiety, panic & worry;
● How to return karmic debts, how to quickly remove bad situations in the past & to improve your present & future;
● Fast development of consciousness, increasing awareness & attention;
● How to deal with negative emotions and stress;
● A simple way how to end negative inner self-talk.

With this course, you will get the following bonuses:

Human chakra system – 21 Chakras (Hinduism, Shamanism, Slavic tradition)
What is it and what it depends on: Chakras ⇒ Diseases ⇒ Qualities of character


Practices and meditations of course "Why the gods do not hear us: Practice"

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