About where I have gone and what was doing the last few months



I want to share some news with you.

Over the past few months, we have been working with my team on the complete redesign of my website.

All that started after receiving numerous requests from my Russian-speaking patients and students who live outside the CIS. So, I decided to translate the entire site and all my training in English.

Their argument was the following: they passed my cleansing sessions, training or online training, and as a result - their health, things in their personal life and business were improved. And, naturally, their wish was to help their English-language husbands/wives/friends with some tasks.

I make cleansing sessions for foreigners for a long time yet – the language is not necessary here.

But I do not just clean aura and adjust life situations - the person should make an effort himself in parallel with my work – he needs to change his psycho-energetic lifestyle, to dip his negative programs and to add the positive ones, to practice, to make energy cleansing of his home, etc., in a word - to develop in this direction actively.

Besides, it is very good astronomical time for reprogramming and cleansing our energy and the life lines. In the light of this, I invite you for free to check your aura and, if necessary, to pass the energy correction sessions. 

The total amount of text that I have accumulated within this time period during my training and on the site – is a couple million of symbols.

But we hoped to work actively and arrange everything in two or three months.

A lot of new ideas and tasks appeared in this way - what and how we can improve on the site.

In a few words – I had a technically creative routine and constant rush job for several months. And to be honest, I did not have enough time for writing any new posts.

What we managed to do within this period?

1. We almost completely re-designed the site, simplified and improved many things.

In this regard, I would ask you to walk through the different pages of the site and estimate it - what you did NOT like, and what else can be improved or added. I would be very grateful for tips.

2. We have translated the site and training in English, and displayed it on the site.

Therefore, if you have English-speaking friends, with whom you want to share my information, you can already do it)


After several months of continuous hustle, of course, I wanted to get some rest at least. And I with my family recently visited Egypt.

We had to combine my desire to ride a kite with a relaxing holiday, where is comfortable with small children - where the shallow, warm water, animation, children's slides etc.

The holiday has turned out to be very good.

We were able to combine my passion for kiting and enjoyable holiday for my wife and daughter.

Probably because I always feed the Spirits of way and the Spirits of place, and ask them for protection and assistance))

This is especially needed when you are traveling to some dangerous place, or do extreme sports, or before the flight, traveling, and even driving a car.

Try it somehow – it's very simple.

Before traveling ask the Spirit of the way in your own words for assistance and protection for you and for everybody you are traveling with, and place some food for him on the ground – cookies or candy – anything, or just a lit cigarette.

And on arrival treat the Spirits of the place, and do this every day. This is for your well and safe rest)).

There was nothing special interesting in this trip to boast, and the aim of the holiday was a bit different.

When diving, I admired the corals and few fish. The instructor kept us on the rope, only two people were on top of the sea. He guided us in a circle over the reef a few times, and didn’t allow in the free swimming.

Boring performance, I didn’t like such diving, only lost my time.

Then he went to the desert on four wheelers for the whole day, roamed the Bedouin village, which was likely to have been made specifically for tourists. Viewed their camels, home, life, food…

The owner of one home persistently suggested me to marry his 13-year-old daughter for a few camels. But I said that I already have a wife, and no camels, and we do not practice to have two wives. After such conversation he offered me their scone for a dollar, I bought it and he backed off))

There was nothing special interesting on this tour as well. The only thing I liked – the dance of the man in the big skirt, he spun without interruption for twenty minutes, and it is unclear how he didn’t get dizzy)).

And I really liked the Moon.

At that time and in that place, it was very large and hung very low. When I looked its aura, 5-6 colored rings appeared around the moon, "dressing" the moon like in the bulb.

The picture was of incredible beauty and energy of this Moon was very, very unusually strong!






We also went to Luxor.

It is the ancient capital of Egypt, where a huge number of monuments are.

"City of the Living" and "City of the Dead", Luxor and Karnak temples, the temple of Queen Hatshepsut and the funerary temple in honor of the god Amon-Ra, the famous "Valley of the Pharaohs", where around 40 cavated tomb.

It is the ancient capital of Egypt, where a huge number of monuments are.
"City of the Living" and "City of the Dead", Luxor and Karnak temples, the temple of Queen Hatshepsut and the funerary temple in honor of the god Amon-Ra, the famous "Valley of the Pharaohs", where around 40 cavated tomb.

And best of all I was doing there – was kiting.

If you do wind surfing or kite, or some other sport, you understand me well – what's their charm). You get tired, injured, tormented, million times do the same thing, but I still get enormous pleasure from it))

In a word, I have ridden enough, learned a few new moves, burned, skinned my knees on the gravel at the bottom, several times I lost the board and I was carried away with the parachute in the depth of the sea, but the sea spirits helped me – I always come back home on my own))






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