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Perhaps you've seen the film "Confrontation"?

There main character (it was Jet Li) was traveling through parallel worlds and killed their doubles to absorb a single vital force, which they all divide among themselves.

Killing their doubles and taking away their power, he wanted to become a God...

The idea of the film is interesting, but I do not like the way to achieve the goal.

Killing, taking away, stealing may those who have only 3 lower chakras working and therefore the imagination for other, more advanced methods of achieving the same results, they simply do not have enough...

In ordinary life we hardly notice our other lives, who lives our other "I" – our subtle bodies. We consist of minimum seven bodies (and according to some traditions even more), which together make us the very powerful energy beings.

And this supercar is able to a lot of supernatural things that would be very useful to us in everyday life.

To change the unfavorable situation for themselves, self-healing and to maintain youth, to move consciousness in time and space, to have clairgnosis, clairvoyance and many other valuable things.

Only one developed intuition deserves a special notice. With its help we avoid danger, do not find ourselves in negative situations, we are hard to cheat because we HEAR that "something is wrong".

Only one intuition eases our lives in ten times, helps to protect yourself and our family, to earn money, and to get a lot of other useful things.

The average person uses only a few % of what their subtle bodies can. But, in fact, all of the mystical and supernatural human abilities as well as assistance and protection of gods and ancestral guardian angels is the result of the "awakened" subtle bodies.

Every body is related to their level of Being – their World. They live along with us in their own worlds, they are engaged in some kind of their own deals mostly without noticing each other and very rarely help us "here."

Sometimes... they can help… in emergency situations. But not all and not always.

The important thing: is WHAT subtle bodies are doing in their own worlds, it affects our quality of life here. And vice versa – how we live here – develop or stay steadily or redevelop, it affects our subtle bodies and their quality of life in their worlds.

Here is a whirlwind of work.

What practical understanding can be derived from all this?

The average person who does not engage in "such" things, and whose subtle bodies are hardly involved in as well, the opportunities and abilities are conditionally equal to "1".

It means that, all he represents and all that he can do = 1. Because he lives "like everyone else."

"1" is a measure of their amount of vitality, energy development and as a result – the quality of life.

And the capabilities of a person which in some way – it happened by chance or specifically studied – learned to use at least a small fraction of the capabilities of his subtle bodies – it is 100 or 200 units.

More possibilities are revealed for him in the world's people compared to ordinary people.

Now imagine what possibilities have those who can use the power of all the subtle bodies to the max?

Perhaps it is 1000-2000 units.

But in order to "absorb" the power of your bodies, it is not necessary as in the movie to kill your "twins" and once again the opposite.

According to many spiritual traditions in order to open the superpowers you only need to "make friends" with your subtle bodies – to know about them and understand how they work and what they can do, to clean them from the negative energies and everything that interferes with their normal work, to learn to realize them, to make friends with one another and combine them into a UNIFIED WHOLE.

So, to reach the level of 100% of your capacities.

Such level in esoteric is called the full realization.

At this level all the subtle bodies are fused into one – Rainbow body or Body of light and the man reaches a state... maybe not the state of god, but certainly – a very developed energy being capable to incredible miracles.

This is just for your information.

I understand that many of us have absolutely no need in the realization in 100%.

It is enough for us that we simply live normally – to be calm, cheerful and happy, not to get ill, to slow down the aging and to do so that our wishes come true...

That's why we need all this: to become much stronger and live ten times easier and more pleasant live!

The hard time of surviving comes now.

The unhealthy "swings" are reeling in a world – military conflicts, economic crisis, deadly diseases, spiritual degradation and natural disasters.

And it is not known how it would end for all of us.

I think that the revival of your own internal resources – the power of our energy will soon be the most popular thing. This will be the only way to survive, to protect yourself and your family.

It is necessary to make the right decisions for the years ahead, feeling the most unhealthy disasters. In order to in time make the most correct actions. To be in much more advantageous position when it is too tight and not to "go with the flow" or die like others.

Finally, listen to a small fragment of my studying course about the lives of our subtle bodies.

Rapid development to you and let the life's failures always pass you by!

Thank you for attention! See you next time.


An excerpt from the study course "Why the Gods do not hear us 2.0".

There are also situations when you suddenly – without any reasons start to feel brightly some of the chakras.

This may mean that right now this chakra and the related to it subtle body actively are "engaged" in something.

As you remember every subtle body is connected not only with the chakras, but also with their subtle worlds. And every subtle body in its world perceives everything, somehow reacts, gains the experience and forms its own memory.

And the last but not least – takes a lot of decisions and really acts in their worlds: negotiates with someone about something, makes friends or learning to fight, in a word – fully exists that we can sometimes feel in our chakras.

In our everyday lives, we almost do not notice our other "lives" that live out our other "I". We are not aware of our subtle bodies because we simply are not trained to do so. In the waking state most of our attention and hence the consciousness "is putting" together the needs of physical body and what is happening around us.

Our organs of perception have not enough energy to perceive at least what is happening under our noses. And on the other the deeper processes that occur in the body of thought, in the astral body and in the spiritual, we simply do not have the energy and the skills because a few persons set themselves such "unnecessary" tasks.

But sometimes we are still hit – we can feel their "activities" as vague and subtle thoughts, feelings or impulses with some certain actions: we urgently need to run somewhere and do something, even though we absolutely do not understand where and why.

And sometimes it manifests as sharply surging bright and strong feelings "without any reason," while in our world everything is calm and there are no reasons for bright emotions.

At this time, we perceive vague echoes of what our subtle bodies experience in reality somewhere in their worlds. The actual activity of our subtle bodies is the second which may affect the intensity of our chakras emissions and there you can only imagine – what and where is happening to them.

By the way, people who are deeply engaged in various spiritual practices often feel something similar. And many of them specially shift their awareness into the subtle bodies to do some work in the subtle worlds. Most often it is the astral wars with their "colleagues" or subtle enemies.

Also, it can be the struggle with the disease-causing spirits or demons for the patient's health, studying at the spiritual Masters, getting the assistance or information from our angels, spirits and gods.

All this causes bright ecstatic states or deep emotional experiences that all practitioners when returning "back", can hardly describe in words.

The human mind, as a rule, can not adequately translate into our language what is happening "there" is because many of them starts this "journey" not in full "part of". Many of them stay still in the subtle worlds, mostly in one body – in astral (emotional body). And if it can make something "there," so, to understand something is very difficult for it.

For example, observe your behavior during sleeping - a lot of emotions and confused actions without any logic.

This is because in a normal dream we stay only in astral body. Only the people who are engaged in conscious dreaming can "attach" to it the body of mind.

That is why for a clear perception of reality the practitioner need to "add" to his arsenal as many subtle bodies as he can – at least the body of thoughts, mental and spiritual body. But to do that, as you remember, you need to remove all the "garbage", destroy the barriers between them, "befriend" them to each other and find the wholeness.

That is the ultimate skill of any practitioner...


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