Hoodoo, Mal De Ojo, Hechizos: Cómo Identificarse

How do you think your field looks like on aura camera?

When you have any of the following problems:

• the energy parasites "sit" on the chakras that take from you up to 80% of your life energy;
• the upper and lower super chakras are blocked through which you get the basic energies of the Universe;
• narrow and dirty energy channels;
• lack of some type of energy – Yin, Yang, Elements of Fire, Air, Water and Earth;
• tearings and deformations of the aura,

...In this case, you stay open in front of attacks of the black magic (spell, evil eye, hoodoo, energy vampire, NLP Master etc.).

Your aura will look something like this on aura camera: a small, multi-colored, dark field with black patches and of course – blurred and shapeless, ill chakras.

black magic, spell, evil eye, hoodoo

And here is the strong energy and healthy chakras look like.

By the way, check your chakras – pass free online test...

Why do our chakras start to hurt?

How to close the energy losses and protect yourself against the magical attacks?

Watch this short video and you'll be able to identify the signs of hoodoo, love spell, evil eye by yourself...



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