Why you mustn’t steal from the magicians?

Dear visitors of my website!

Please read carefully. At thise stage of our acquaintance – this is important!

Surely, you know that in Internet you can find the variety of information products on different topics that are dishonest... I can not call them people, because they break, copy, or steal.

Or just buy one copy of the author and then sell them in the big amounts on their websites for a penny, in order to make money on what IS NOT THEIRS.

They are different sorts of varezniks, torrents, skladchina, their pages in social networks, etc. garbage for sale of stolen content.

There is another category of thieves – they are "pseudo Robin Hoods of Internet," who also steal and spread hundreds and thousands of highly demanded information products for free at numerous resources to download.

Again – just to increase the traffic of their "garbage" in thousands of times – their personal site where the stolen content is gathered, and where there is no single page of their personal work.

The first and the second they SELL OR GIVE FOR FREE that which is not theirs, that they had stolen – many years of work of many authors of computer programs, books, courses, seminars, audio and video, etc.

As you understand, every author who has invested in his products a lot of time, energy and money, which then was stolen from, having his products sold for $ 10-20, would be happy to punish a thief in any possible way, because the normal working system of copyright protection in many CIS simply does not exist.

I think if something has been stolen from you, your reaction would be exactly the same.

Some of my courses from time to time also come into the view of thieves, so I want you to explain you my attitude to this issue, but purely from an ENERGETIC OR MAGIC point of view – WHAT EXACTLY is happening in this case and what this means for all the participants of the process.

The first "minus" from the stolen data

The transfer of stolen information product turns from POSITIVE AND USEFUL information, charged by the energy of author, to DESTRUCTIVE AND COMPLETELY USELESS for the reader. The energy of thief and the very fact of the theft on the energy information level completely disconnects the joining of the reader with the author.

You will get some serious and multi-layer information for cheap or free, BUT NOT FROM THE AUTHOR – believe me, it will not bring you any good; it can only do harm.

Particularly it concerns such topics as psychoenergetics, psychic practice, yoga, spiritual development, magic, sorcery, and shamanism.

I think you will agree with me that many Teachers – authors of books on magic and esoteric, let’s say – not quite "ordinary people". In one way or another they all possess some knowledge and abilities. And they are certainly against theft in any form.

That is why we regularly use our abilities to punish those who is stealing our work.

This also concerns those who buy the stolen product, because in a karmic way – they are accomplices in the theft. And for any magician the theft amounts to a direct energy attack. Because the protection of Powers automatically turns with whom we work and counterattacks the thieves.

Listen for what is needed the energy (money, services, etc.) in the process


The second "minus" from the stolen data

Pirated copies of my courses, as a rule, are very outdated, and for technical reasons (after break-in) – severely cut. They can be without the whole chapters, tests, worksheets, graphics, important warnings, etc. As a result, the reader gets not the same product that I have on the site and think BAD about me ((.

Such product could do harm to the reader if it is NOT COMPLETE.

It is impossible to work with it, or to be taught!

All of my courses, practices, etc. are constantly updated and perfected: following the results of the next training group something is removed, and something is added.

I am constantly adding the new information that I receive from readers, so the learning course is constantly changing. And I send the updated version to all those who bought my course earlier on my website. And as the pirates ALWAYS HAVE THE OLD – six-month-old version, then you get from them not the same product that I have on my site.

By the way, recently it has been another wave of cheap sales of my course on several Internet trash holes type of torrents. They instead of my course... sold the DEMO VERSION OF TWO YEARS AGO, but with a new cover.

The third "minus"

Right on the site, in social networks, or by e-mail, you can ask me questions, and get my PERSONAL ADVICE about your problems or difficulties in training under my materials. I do this on a regular basis, because I am INTERESTED in the fact that you cope with everything.

It is unlikely that the thieves will give you advice on such difficult issues as a sharp change of your psycho-energy state in the learning process or the subtleties of magic, when you start to work with the Powers of the Universe.

But I give advice and help ONLY THOSE who is in our database and who is verified. And this is only possible if you bought my trainings on my website.

The fourth "minus"

If you buy the course not on my site, you do not have access to many functions of the Cabinet.

You can not:
● Pass video practices on my website, which are in every learning course.

Namely here are hidden the "keys" that trigger the needed processes, gained in a theoretical block.

Without this section the stolen courses are simply useless.

● Pass the psychological tests, create and edit working tables.

Without this the section stolen courses are simply useless.

● Enable the function "Reminder about the practices on e-mail."

● Read purchased courses directly on the site, to underline with the "marker" the important places, make notes for them, fix and ask me questions.

● Activate the function "My shelf": upload, download and store your files, and generate links for your friends for downloading.

P.S. If you want to learn from my experience and really learn something, buy my courses only on my site. More over, we often have very favorable price offers – 30%, 50%, and even 90% off discounts.

But if you plan to look for them on free or half free pirate resources, then CORRECT ENERGY CONNECTION with you will not happen, that means – we are out of the way.

Believe me, every thief will be punished - we do not even need their photos and real names. As for the reader – that my knowledge, received in the wrong way absolutely will not bring any benefit, only do harm.

Do not get fooled by pirated proposals – let's work CORRECTLY and you will get powerful results)!

With respect, Odin.

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