You can pay by any of the below mentioned payment methods. When we receive the payment on our account, you will receive an e-mail with the link for downloading the file.


Below, under the name of chosen product you see two variants:


If you are registered on our site, COMPULSORY choose the first variant (I HAVE ALREADY PASSED REGISTRATION AND WANT TO SIGN). This is to ensure that the system has opened the access to you on the site to many useful functions of information products bought. If you are not registered, register before purchasing.

Next enter your login and password which you specified at registration. After that you will have a new window – PAYMENT METHOD with a list of systems for payment. Select the appropriate method of payment and click PAY.

If you do not want to use the additional functions of the Cabinet and do not plan to register, select the second variant (I WANT TO BUY WITHOUT REGISTRATION) and enter the correct e-mail box to which you will receive the link to download the purchased goods.


The operator of electronic money. It allows customers to pay bills and shop online, send and receive remittances, if you have a PayPal account. It is sufficient to know only the recipient's email address.

It works almost with all currencies in the world.

(Temporarily disabled) Universal tool for calculations in the network, which is used by millions of people around the world.
Currency: WMR (RUR), WMZ (dollar), WME (euros), WMU (Ukrainian hryvnia), WMY (Uzbek sums), WMB (Belarusian rubles), WMG (the equivalent of gold).

(Temporarily disabled) You can make a payment by cards   or directly to wallet of YandexMoney.


After confirmation of payment within 5 minutes you will receive a link for downloading the product on the mail box which you entered during the ordering process. Please check your e-mail: if there is no letter in the Inbox, check the Spam folder – perhaps it got there.

Very rarely some payment systems for technical reasons confirm payment for a long time on our site. In this case our system does not see your money and therefore can not send you a letter with the links and your order at the same time is still in the Shopping cart (update several times a page and see – is there remained in the Shopping cart the quantity and the amount of order?).

Your Cart will be empty just after our site receives confirmation of payment and sends you an email with a link.

What if the order is still in the Cart or you still don’t receive the letter?

1. DO NOT WORRY, your order will be delivered to 100%!
2. NO NEED to go back to the Shopping Cart and make the second payment using the previous system of payments or some other (so you can pay for the goods several times).
3. NO NEED to remove from the Shopping Cart the previously selected item and do the purchase procedure again.
4. Check in the next time your mail – Inbox and Spam, perhaps the letter has come.
5. If the letter has not come, please contact us and we will solve this question.

It is possible another option when you can not get a letter: if during making the order you entered the wrong mailbox by mistake. In this case, please contact us – specify what exactly and through what system you made the payment and send us the receipt. Within 15 minutes we will check the receipt of money on account and send you an email with the links of the ordered goods.

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