The Vernal Equinox: Farewell To Winter, 40 Saints, Easter (Ostara), Pancake Day

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I congratulate you with the coming of the real astronomical spring, on the occasion of The Vernal Equinox, with the awakening of Mother Earth and Nature Powers!

I wish you to awaken in yourselves these energies to the maximum and to reborn – both physically and spiritually and also to replace all the old and unnecessary to new opportunities and achievements!

The ancient peoples who were adhered to Vedic philosophy, the main holidays of the year were 4 days:

- The vernal equinox (March 21-22)
- The summer solstice (June 21-22)
- The fall equinox (September 21-22)
- The winter solstice (December 21-22)

In addition to the main holidays there are also festivals devoted to the powers of Nature, gods and goddesses. Here are the most significant of them among the Slavs:

- Gromnitsy (Groundhog Day, Candlemas Imbolc, Winter Perun) (February 1-2)
- Velikden (Dazhdbog Day, Day Yarylo, Flower Festival, Day Fairy Spring) (5 April)
- Rahmansky Velikden (Beltane, Red Hill) (April 30 - May 1)
- Ivana Kupala (6-7 July)
- Perun's Day (Day of Storms and heaven, Elijah the Prophet, Lammas) (1-2 August)
- Rusaliya (Halloween, Samhain, All Saints' Day) (October 31 - November 1)
- Vodokres (Veles Day, Blessing of the Waters, Turitsa winter) (6 January).

These holidays were considered important not because people imagine them somehow. Their strength lies precisely in astronomy, namely in the energy of Space these days which appears due to the position of the Earth relative to the Sun, resulting in the rare strength and quality energies are born on the Earth.

Our ancestors learned to use these energies for their own benefit. So in ancient peoples the systems of human interaction with the Days of Power – holidays, rites and rituals were born to which they are treated with understanding and respect.

I would like to say a few words about all the holidays celebrated by modern people – religious and "household", and historic.

When the Earth, the Sun, the Moon or the nearest planets line up against each other in a certain way – exactly in such Natural periods the real Power is born that we can use for our own purposes, such as using the power of sunlight or wind, high tides, low tides.

In this sense, the energy of Days of Power does no differ – it is a very real power of somehow highly visible direction to destruction or creation, changes or stagnation, with which through rites and rituals we can connect our power to obtain the desired for us changes in several times faster.

It's like drinking a loading dose of anabolic steroids before the competition but without the negative consequences).

This is the main point of REAL holidays and Days of Power. There is no power in the numerous religious and traditional holidays which are not connected to the cycles and processes in Nature. Some people have invented some stories about some other people and events in which it was something important (what we can not check in any way) and that was the occasion for many celebrations.

From the point of view of energy – these are absolutely empty holidays. These artificially created egregores that every year, like a vacuum cleaner are sucking the energy, time and money of billions of people, most of whom celebrate what they do not understand "on automatic".

From these events there is not more use than from a simple day off, but the harm from it is real – all the people who are actively involved in them, give to the holiday egregore a part of their energy, time and money, getting absolutely nothing in return.

Of course, if you do not mind you can just enjoy the day off and even in some ways participate in them – there is nothing super harmful here.

The main idea here is in the following – rely on real help of "these" holidays and on some internal positive changes is absolutely unnecessary, because there is nowhere for the Power to appear – these holiday are gatherers, not givers.

Just keep this in mind).

About the external shape of the celebration of the spring equinox – as well as how and in which country it was called and how it was celebrated I will be speaking – you can find a lot of versions and opinions on the Internet. I want to say about the internal content of this day.

On this day, the Sun says about the coming of the astrological New Year. Ways of the Earth and the Sun are intersected creating the some kind of "stairway to heaven".

According to the Slavic beliefs during this time Bright gods return to our world – into Reality, they enter into power after the winter and the souls of Ancestors arrive to visit us – their descendants.

On the vernal equinox, all Nature freezes and is in balance – in a certain balance of light and darkness, good and evil.

From the point of view of natural magic, it is an important point – it is not just the moment of awakening of the Powers of Earth, but it is also the inclusion of the new spiritual energies – entering into a new level.

It is a powerful energy pulse to awakening and development of all life on Earth.

The body is filled with new energies and human energy is changing. It is important the "vessel" to be as much cleaner as it can be, so during this time people were trying to get rid of all bad – of the evil thoughts and acts.

They glorified the forefathers and asked them for help, trying to correct their bad deeds – to realize, to ask forgiveness and to correct what can be corrected. They did the rites to clean the body and soul, on activation of vital energy, healing and fulfillment of desires.

And as usually, they organized the festivities, celebrated, having fun and were happy to gaining the strength Sun and the awakening of Mother Earth.

I invite you and your family in absentia participation in rites of cleaning, healing and fulfilling the dreams, which we will carry out this day!

Participate in absentia...


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