Cómo configurar la protección energética por ti mismo

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Dear friends, welcome to my project!

I want to tell you what necessary and useful things you can find for yourself on my website in the Cabinet section, and how you can use all its functionality to the maximum.

In your Cabinet, you can pass both the mini-training individually – free of charge and full system training using paid training courses.

The Cabinet consists of six sections


This is the free section.

Antimatrix is created for those who are not yet ready for system education, but do not mind to get primary skills on important issues such as ENERGY SECURITY AND SAVING OF PERSONAL POWER.

Antimatrix – is a simple tool on which you will spend a few minutes a day, but after a couple of days you will understand how it works completely.

With it you will get the primary skills – how to find and close the channels through which you lose a lot of energy every day.

To activate Antimatrix there is no need to buy anything – just to register on the site. Enter your Cabinet in Antimatrix section and follow the simple prompts.

The result of this work: in one to two weeks you will have still small, but such needed at first an additional supply of PERSONAL POWER.

And if you continue to develop these skills, you will quickly learn to accumulate so much energy that it will be enough for very important things – to restore the immune system, fulfillment of desires and development of super powers.

And these are not the promotional stories. These all can be achieved – the only question is in the amount of energy.


This is a free section also.

When viewing information in the Library section (this section is being filled) you can save for yourself only what you are interested in. All selected materials are automatically placed in the section of My shelf.

Here you can study them or download as well as upload and store your own files – books, practices, videos etc., and create links for your friends to download these or those files.

Library – is a new service and there are, for now, only a few materials. But we will gradually fill it with materials that are close to our subject. I hope that with the time there will be gathered a large amount of useful and various information, which the authors provide for the free use on the Internet.


Further there are sections for those who have purchased on our website some training courses and paid the access to online practices.

Here is accumulated all you need to do in the learning process: working tables, practices, questions and notes from the trainings.

In addition to the purchased information products in the subsection Private Practices, you can upload your own practices or exercises in Word or pdf files.

After clicking on the name of your practice, you will come to the description that downloaded and can immediately read it and do it. And then put a mark on the calendar that the work is done.

If you have purchased one of any following courses, "Why the gods do not hear us 2.0" I, II, III level of education, or course "Why the gods do not hear us: Practices" then in the section My practices those courses that you bought will be available to you.

When you click on a course, you will be able to fill in the work sheets, to read the course, to watch and to do video practices from this course.
Here you can enable the function "Reminder on e-mail" in order not to forget what exercises to do in the near future for your work to be systemized.

All practices in all training courses are made in text variant, but for most of them we made a video version – you can watch, listen and repeat everything that happens on the screen.

During the day, you can work out for five or ten minutes in any place where the Internet is available.

Enter your Cabinet and go through any practices that are in your current chart. Or just pick up only those exercises you need at this moment, for example, to immediately increase the amount of energy, to protect the aura from attacks, to remove the negative, to activate the intuition, to make a wish, etc.


In this section, you can read directly on the site all purchased courses, make the bookmarks of pages, underline with the "marker" important or incomprehensible places, create notes for them and to fix all the questions that will arise during your learning process.


Here you collect all your questions and notes, which can be discussed at the Forum or ask me by e-mail. If you want to talk with me personally, you can order consultation.

In this section, you work with the tables of those trainings which have acquired. Also, you can just download the templates of tables in excel and work with them on your computer.

I invite you to participate in the testing not only the services of the Cabinet, but the entire site as a whole. If you find any mistakes in the texts of courses or any other shortcomings – not understood or inconvenient site functionality and so on, please let me know on my e-mail – I will be very grateful to you.

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