Oración Al Ángel De La Guarda, Dios, Santos - Cómo Funciona

Ancestral guardian angels and archangels, "light" Gods and Saints, spirits-helpers and our totems...

Each of us at least once in their lives asked them for help. Sometimes they help us and sometimes they indifferently watch.

Listen to a short clip about what determines their desire – to help us or just to watch.


Now I want to give examples of good and useful settles nearby, in this case, it is better to say – manifestations.

These may include: ancestral, guardian angels; archangels; spirit-helpers; totems; friendly egregores – religious, esoteric or spiritual; friendly Powers of the Universe – "light" Gods, Demigods, the Teachers, Saints; positive magical and ancestral programs – programs for protection, luck, wealth, prosperity, health, spiritual development, etc.

In the simplest version our "defenders" and "helpers" help us in this way: they give us numerous "signs" and "hints" as well as to some extent they control our thoughts, emotions and actions.

And they also have their goals with respect to us, but at the same time they do not taken our energy without giving anything in return, but help within its capabilities and powers, if we, of course, ask them.

And in the most ideal variant – they are manifested through the people around, who at every step help us, as well as through the mass of "accidents" and "coincidences," as the result we have the impression that the whole Universe helps us. It's an incredible feeling to ”have a good thing going.”

Completeness and speed of their help depends on:

- one whom we ask for help in a certain case of life – how strong is our "assistant," and what is in his full powers;

- with whom we have built up the closest relationship, in other words – whom of them we are able to quickly manifest to the fullest extent;

- how deep we can go into the thought-stop, in order not to disturb them with our uncontrolled outbursts of emotions;

- how far we are "open" for them – how far our field corresponds to the vibrations of their field;

- how our ego and negative programs do not interfere with them to "enter" us and help us.

In short, there are many factors.

But do not think that our "defenders" are full altruists and that they do not need anything from us. Everything takes place in the subtle worlds in the same way as in our world – there are friends, enemies and indifferent ones.

With friends, we have mutual beneficial energy exchanges, but with enemies, there are those who could outwit someone, displace and knock out energy, and that one will have "won".

When we call our "defenders," there is the energy exchange between us, but a bit of a different order than with energy parasites. When the "defenders" help us, we give them in return our energy in the form of Gratitude and Love.

In addition, we are trying to change ourselves and cultivate the spiritual qualities that correspond to their spiritual qualities, and because of this, our relationship becomes stronger.

We strive to achieve the spiritual and energetic unity with them, and the more similar qualities we develop, the more quickly and more fully we can manifest the certain Powers of the Universe, these or those various Gods, Angels, Spirits, Teachers, Saints etc.

In this case the Law of unity and conformity comes into force.


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Great material!



I totally agree! As soon as I began to control my thoughts, to stop them and reach inner silence, great changes in my affairs and situations began to appear, as if someone helps. These are angels, archangels, and saints, to whom I have prayed for so long.
Angels really help us! Pray properly, ask for awareness and integrity, enlightenment and spiritual health. Odin, thank you for the information!