Intuición O Parásitos Energéticos: ¿Qué Te Controla: Ego, Mente O Mente?

Each of us sees the world with the help of three systems:

the one we get at birth is the HUMAN BRAIN (intuition, pure knowledge). The second is developing in the process of knowledge from the surrounding world – this is the MIND (knowledge, logic, experience). The third one is EGO which – builds into us the "flyers" (energy parasites).

And which system proved to be STRONGER, all life depends.

Listen to an excerpt from my course – what Indian yogis and Mexican shamans think about this.


Ego – from Latin means "I" and is defined by psychologists as: "part of the human personality, which is recognized as "I" and is in contact with the outside world by means of perception".

I do not deny that the ego – is a part of our personality. However, it is as all of the other "parts" that know how to manage us.

If someone or something controls our thoughts, actions and emotions, whether it is inside or outside of us – all of this can also be equated to an integral part of our personality.

Now I'm talking about all the energy parasites, which are both within us and outside, also are able to successfully manage by us. In this sense, they are still one more part of our identity and most of all – dominant.

So, in principle, between the parasites and the ego, we can put an equal sign, and treat them as a single system, which requires us to attention. Because the more cunning and insidious than they are, we are unlikely to find themselves.

But let's not complicate things, and try to simplify them. The ego is not the body or the energy center. Seeing people can not see the ego neither in our minds nor in the aura. Ego is recognized only by external appearances – by the reactions of man to the external world and by his actions, as well.

According to Indian yogis, ego is in Nirvana chakra. And according to the Mexican shamans the ego is generally the alien mind of one of the kinds of subtle beings from the category of energy parasites – they called them predators or flyers.

Thus shamans proved their rightness with enough arguments, showing at personal experience – how to remove the parasite mind and on what person is capable, when getting rid of his ego.

According to the Mexican shamans, there is the following: each person has a number of systems with which we perceive the world around us: one we get at birth – is the HUMAN BRAIN (intuition, pure knowledge), the other is developing in the process of knowledge on the around world – this is the MIND (knowledge, logic, experience), and the third one is “built” in us by flyers (energy parasites) – is EGO.

And this complex operation is needed just to, controlling our consciousness, they could take our energy. That is how the seeing Mexican shamans saw this.

If we look at it in terms of magic, the introduction of ego in a man is like a super complex malware settles nearby. This settles nearby happens slowly and gradually, from early childhood.

And when we start to realize stable themselves and others as individuals, our ego is gaining strength and loudly announces its rights.

The more we grow, the wider it becomes, and more vulnerable. With time takes the place of a single dominant structure, which entirely controls our thoughts, emotions, and actions.

Think about it at your leisure – look around, remember yourself, watch children whose ego is still very poorly developed.

In order to not take a long time to philosophize on this subject, we can define the ego as a storehouse of all negative programs, which we regularly use in our lives, on occasion, pulling out one program or another out of this invisible "box."

In addition, our insatiable ego assumed the functions of the operating system, which is bypassing our MIND and HUMAN BRAIN, picks up by itself – what programs to run at every moment of our lives. And if the mind and human brain are weak and are not able to intervene, the ego completely controls this process.

So we have two ways out: either to accept it and to live like in Matrix, or to begin the systematic destruction of the ego – WE MUST LEARN NOT TO GIVE THE ENERGY TO START OF NEGATIVE PROGRAMS.

Recall the scheme, which we discussed in the previous books: the negative programs govern our attention, and through the attention govern our consciousness, through the consciousness – the chakras, through the chakras – the subtle bodies.

That is how they get to our personal power.

With this primitive chain the ego controls our assembling point, "behavior" of the subtle bodies, the actions of the physical body, and even the ability to "negotiate" with our companions and friendly Powers of the Universe.

The ego mess with us in every possible way, in order not to lose control over us. So in the worst case, what happens with most people is the ego becomes the main "manager," and the life of a person depends on it.

That is why in all religions and spiritual currents to this subject is given priority: all starts with the destruction of ego – from removing the foreign intelligence from him.

Human brain – is the guide of the soul, the conscience and the will of the Creator, is the storage of all our positive programs.

Ego – is the guide of energy parasites will and the storage of all our destructive programs. The simple rules are in this "storage": the most mature, the largest and most powerful programs try to suppress the competing program structures – the human brain and the mind – inside of our "kingdom" everything is happening in the same way as in the human world.

In order for some positive, new, and yet weak program to become stronger than a "competitor’s one," it must be regularly trained (to run), giving it an opportunity to "build muscle" – to save energy.

Only in this way with the time, it can become the big and energetic strong, and only in this way it would be able to displace those programs that conflict with it.

As you can see – everything is very simple.

Exactly this eternal confrontation is known in religion as a struggle between good and evil, light and darkness, Order and Chaos, God and Devil. But, in fact, it is our internal struggle – the struggle of negative and positive programs – use with harm, imperfection with perfection, destruction with creation, human brain with stupidity, activity with inertia and a whole bunch of other struggles.

In principle, with the right approach to this issue, there is no particular harm from ego: we just need to always remember it, to understand how it works and, based on that, to learn to tightly control all of our negative programs.

Like all energy parasites, we can perceive our ego as a high quality coach, through which we can extract the "gifts of Power". And ideally you need to treat this only so. Because of this we become only more vigilant, smarter, faster and stronger.

By the way, up to a certain level of development, the ego helps us a lot in life. When the human brain, mind, and ego are in one bunch, constantly "switching" to each other, it allows us to explore the world from different sides, and not dully accept what is all around us, like a mechanical doll.

They help us to perceive the outside world, to compare with each other all its elements and give them some kind of assessment. With their help, we are able to generate some kind of thoughts and feel some emotions that drive us to some actions. With their help, we are in some way identify ourselves and compare with other personalities.

With their help, we can evaluate ourselves and our actions, starting from the "ideal" to which we strive.



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Your material is very informative, thank you! Be constantly wide awake and with bad thoughts, emotions, look from the other side, who wants to get my energy. It's not so easy at first) it is necessary to develop control.