Cómo Cumplir Un Deseo: La Tarjeta De Deseos Correcta

Do you still remember your desire Map – what wishes you made up, about what dreamt, what would like to be, how much money planned to earn and what did you want to achieve in this life?

I sincerely hope that a large part of what you dreamt in your youth has already come true or is about to come true!

But if it is not and if something goes wrong with the execution of the desires, then it's time to look for the causes and eliminate them.

Listen to the audio podcast and you will know what to do with your desires at first – how to make a wish correctly and how to make a desire map.

This will make it much clear to you and really helps in the process of working with the desires



I know very well that most of us chronically do not have time for anything, much less our development. In my experience, the practices are the most exigent activity for lots of people.

We're ready to read something, watch or listen to, but very few people will to do something on their own – without reminders, and more over regularly.

If a person regularly reads "smart" books – collects only the theory, by the end of his life he accumulates on his shelves or in the computer plenty of books and in the head – an incredible amount of intelligent and useful information.

But if he does not use this information, does not make the conclusions, does not change anything in him and applies new knowledge on practice, it will become "dead" information.

It will be the useless garbage which occupies a huge space not only in cabinets and on the hard disk, but in the head as well.

So, to read, to watch, to attend lectures, to visit places of Power or Holy places we can at least all our life, but worthless is this "movement" if it does not lead to internal changes and to the real "external" results that can be "touched by hands."

For real, positive changes, the first thing to do – is to have the willingness to change themselves. We need TO FIND or TO CREATE for themselves A STRONG MOTIVATION for future changes.

This motivation looks like the desire Map – a clear list of all those things – abilities, "achievements," skills, states, opportunities etc. – all the things that we want to see in ourselves, what we want to be and what we want to achieve by developing our energy.

The same mechanism is used in the work with all of our daily desires.

It all starts exactly with this – to start with you need to strongly want to achieve results and strengthen this desire always remember about it. And in order to remember all this, you need to write everything down – to make your own map of desires and to look at it every day.

Remember what amount of useful and good things you have ever wanted. You had time and intention and you even knew how to do it, but... set it aside "for later." And that "later" never came – with the time you just forgot about them and did nothing in this direction.

And what would have happened if you had anything implemented from this list?

Nobody knows – how your life would change to and what you would have achieved...

If you just stop for a moment and think about your typical day, month, year, decade, you will understand one simple thing: we are always busy with something, or rest, or entertain ourselves. But as a rule, we do not have enough memory, time, desire, effort or money to be engaged in improving himself.

From time to time – by raids, perhaps we are doing this - we are reading the books, attending educational seminars and listening to "smart" people.

Someone often, someone less, but still we aim at least to do something in this direction, because intuitively we understand the importance of this process. But it is very difficult for us to turn this "occupation" in a systematic and integral part of our lives, such as doing exercises or having breakfast in the morning.

But when it comes our own health or the health of family, home or car repair, we somehow find the time and money on it because we perceive these problems as tasks of first importance.

As for some "invisible" change within ourselves – "repair of ourselves" and incomprehensible "strategic perspectives" which will give us this development – here we can not bring ourselves to find the necessary resources. Here is a cheerless paradox.

Right now create in a workbook a separate table under the code name "THE RESULTS I WANT TO ACHIEVE" and write down all your wishes in general terms or with detailed specifics – does not matter.

When in my books or books by other authors, or at all – wherever you will come across WHAT you want to develop in yourself or obtain, skid the qualities, skills, abilities and all your desires in this list.

So, the primary motivation is created. The main thing here is to fix everything, not to keep in mind.

It may look that way.

Worksheet "The results that I want to achieve"

How to fulfill the desire – the right desire map
To get started you need to exactly define for yourself that you understand clearly – WHAT and WHY you want.

These are the same "instruments" of the energy body that you want to develop in yourself through practices and that you want to learn to use in your daily lives. And the list of your material desires is what you strive to and for what you are working on yourself.

When you make it clear for yourself: what do you want? In this second, a clear thought-form is formed in you, charged by personal power.

As if you see the future reality: you see yourself in "that" time and feel "that kind of". And the more often you "highlight" yourself as "that kind of," the faster the new reality will be "fit in" around.

It is very important at this stage – how far not confusing or contradictory, how far clear, exactly and simply you are able to form your intentions and desires.

A clear understanding of your MIND the end result – the very fact of this action – gives the command to your SUBCONSCIOUSNESS and SUPER CONSCIOUSNESS to strive to fulfill the specific tasks that you showed them "revealed" in your thought-form.

Exactly in this way, you give them the primary order for future changes, and they already employ in your energy body all the internal potential and also seek for the help at external Powers – Powers of the Universe.

The only question is how your inner potential is developed: what energy tools are developed in you, what amount of energy you basically know how to generate and carry through yourself without damage to health, how blocked up or opened your energy channels are, etc.

What prevents us to interact effectively with the Powers of the Universe, so they help us:

• We can not "speak" in a language they understand;
• Some energy systems are not developed – the necessary "tools" for that to allow you to "talk" with the Powers of the Universe;
• Our body of thoughts, emotions and physical body are in unbalanced state;
• We keep in ourselves such energy-structures which do not allow us to take in our lives the realization of our desires;

With our personal power, our qualities of character, "clumsy" worldview, stupid mental attitudes, numerous psychological blocks and programs, as well as with the bad karma – we unconsciously but repeatedly again and again repulse the realization of our desires.

• There is another reason – this is undeveloped chakra system, and as a consequence – a man has a very low energy supply.

This problem occurs more often in practice and it does not matter – how well and often you visualize your desire, and how strongly you want it – all of it is useless. People with weak energy has no simply "fuel" in order to properly create and push out their desire into the Universe and then to be ready energetically to take its implementation.

Therefore, until we learn to do all that is necessary, and untill we do not remove anything that could theoretically interfere with us – whether we realize it or not, our desires will be executed or not executed only by some of its logic. And we can not catch this logic.

Why do we need the clear formulation and fixation of all those things that we want?

In order that in this way we learn to "talk" with our subtle bodies, with our consciousness, the sub-consciousness and the super consciousness, as well as with the Powers of the Universe.

The point is that our sub consciousness, super consciousness, as well as spirits, angels, gods – all beings and Powers of the Universe slightly understand our usual human speech.

Remember when we communicate, no matter with whom – with ourselves, with the people or the gods, then with the physical body we say one thing at the same time with the mental body we are (partially or completely) thinking about something completely different, and with the emotional body we feel quite something third.

It's like "swan, pike and cancer" of the Russian fable – everyone pulls in its way and as a result the cart stays steady.

The Powers of the Universe do not understand this "communication", – all this is superimposed on each other and look to them as monkeys screaming.

In the first place, they see in our energy body all thought-forms, which we created wishing or not wishing something. They also see the quality of these thought forms energies and the power of desire embedded in them.

Most people are used to "communicating" IN SUCH A WAY just because they do not know how to control the body of thoughts and the body of emotions and they are not able to synchronize them with each other – to enter all three bodies (and ideally all subtle bodies) in harmony with each other.

As a result – in the words of these people there is absolutely neither sense, nor power both for the people around them and for the Powers of the Universe. In such cases they say: "His word has no power."


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