Aura Humana: Cómo La Cámara Aura Es Útil Y Con Qué Precisión Se Muestra

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So, for sure you have heard about the aura camera or even tested yourself on this thing. If you want to know a little more about it – so that not to be deceived and intimidated by aura camera consultants about non-existent problems, continue reading or listen carefully to the end.

What does it show and how useful can it be for us?

This device is looking like this:

This is a normal computer in which there is the program for aura camera, the touch panel, which reads the pulses of palm and a webcam for a photo.

First, the program on your computer is started, then you put the left palm on the sensor, pulses are reading during the minute, then you see on the screen the following picture:

Here usually shows the general state of your energetic system: type of color and aura dimensions, shapes of chakras and some more graphs.

Honestly, I have never paid attention to the graphs "Level of relaxation", "Level of energy", "Measurement of emotions" and "State of body and mind". I still don’t understand their veracity and usefulness). But the graph "Balance of Ying/Yang energies" and distribution of energy "Mind/Body/Spirit" show the quite exact picture.

There is one more useful option:

when clicking on one of the tabs at the bottom you can see the level of energy in each chakra individually, as well as the conventional size and color type of aura in a given time period.

Graph "Aura and chakras balance" – is also unclear thing to me and I do not pay attention to it.

For example, it is shown on the picture that the person’s 4th chakra – Anahata (heart) currently consumes a lot of energy (90 pcs.), namely, it works almost to the limit. At the same time the energy level of all the other chakras is discordant. Such picture is not quite normal, if this happens regularly – the energy level of all the chakras must be more or less the same.

But the 1st chakra – Muladhara (coccygeal) almost "lies" (20 pcs.). This is also an unhealthy condition of the chakra.

Perhaps the person was very excited at that time, lived for a long time "on emotions" or can not solve a problem from the category of feelings, so his heart chakra is strongly overexcited.

And "lied" 1st chakra says that, for some reason, it is closed and receives very little material energy Yang – Earth energy and if this situation occurs frequently, it means that there is a problem with the 1st chakra and an there is an urgent need to understand the causes and correct the situation.

Another one necessary and very useful chakra – 6th – Ajna chakra or "third eye". It is responsible for intuitive knowledge, protection and security, a vision of truth in things and many other useful abilities. This man chakra has about 40 units – it is not enough. Those who have at least a minimal degree of intuition this chakra works at 70-80 units.

Also at the left bottom you will see the approximate size of your aura – the person in the photograph has about 50 units. In fact – this is a normal amount for most people who live "like everyone", but it is not enough for a good quality of life.

For an even emotional state, good health and other "charms of life" aura size must be at least a 90-100 units, if we take the scale of the aura camera.

For an additional fee you will get a detailed description of each color type of aura – as for me it is useless information, as well as the aura photo with all graphs.

You do not need the photo in principle, but it will be useful for comparison, if you plan to work on your energy and to be checked every 1-2 months to see whether all your movements bring the benefit.

So, what benefit we can get from all these and how accurate the data of aura camera is?

I see the human aura with my eyes had often compared what I see with what shows the aura camera. I have to say that it's a bit different "pictures", nevertheless the aura camera shows the main points basically normal.

At least, its performance is enough to generally understand – what is happening with aura and whether there are any critical anomalies.

The only thing is missing – the aura camera does not show the presence and the point of attachment of magical effects, if they are existing.

But it shows almost exactly the indirect signs of hoodoo, if there are problems, the aura camera shows a small colorful (closer to the dark tones) aura, which on the sides, underfoot or overhead have clearly marked sections, deformation or black stripes.

Another sign of the anomalies are shapeless, muddy or very small chakras, as well as chakras that have a little energy – 10-15 units.

Even these enumerated figures are enough to understand that there are problems with aura. How serious they are and running and for what the hoodoo is directed – this can tell a healer and you, if focus and remember – what you have and where in the life is "wrong" and for how long.

Besides, such abnormal signs may be not only due only magical effects. This may also happen if you live for a long time with excessive fears and warnings, aggression, stresses or depressions, or with continuous internal dialogue – I mean, if you lead an unhealthy energy lifestyle which sooner or later leads to disturbances in the energy sector.

Many times I checked myself and my patients with the help of aura camera – tried to find its weaknesses)). But again – the main points it shows correctly.

For example, with a single practice, I dramatically increased a lower or upper flow of energy in me and a minute later it was displayed on the screen in figures – increased the energy level on the right chakras and changed the color and size of aura.

Also I checked being on the peak – in swinging state (in terms of energy) and in absolutely flat emotional state.

Aura camera showed a lavender-white color with the size in 100 units, all the chakras were right round shape and the right color and almost with the same level of energy, like "under the line" – 60-70 units, only the third eye was under 90.

I also checked into a very "dead" state – after a month of severe fatigue, poor lifestyle and without the usual energy practices, cleaning and meditation.

My aura size was 50 units, the color was indigo or blue, the chakras were slightly blurred with energy levels – from 30 to 60.

I made such more experiments: I checked how the people look like who are prone to fear and anxiety. Being in a steady and strong state, I checked and memorized all the parameters of my aura. Then artificially caused a fear in myself, imagined something, went deeply into the role, really believed in that and stayed in fear for 10-15 minutes.

Then checked on the camera: my aura became the blue-green-black in color and wrinkled from 100 units to 40.

Almost all the chakras have lost their normal shape and color and especially flattened the heart chakra and solar plexus and the level of energy in these chakras jumped from 10 to 90 units. These chakras were frantically trying to solve the problem of fear, and therefore they were swinging).

Thus being in a state of fear I burned out tons of vitality in minutes, and thus destroyed my energy. A lot of people live in such conditions for years, so make your own conclusions). Then I did something over myself and in a half an hour later I checked up – normal parameters returned.

By the way, dark or light color type of aura depends not only on the energy level on the chakras and aura size. It happens that the size of the aura is large and there are a lot of energy on most chakras and seemingly everything should be fine. But if one or two chakras are continually "lie", it says that they accumulate the problems – they do not pass the energy.

It is also bad when your chakras are the wrong size, shape or color, such as in this picture:

Suggesting that for some reasons these chakras are weak or sick, for example, from improper energy lifestyle or from magic program which breaks their work.

The perfect chakras and aura looks this way – all chakras are about the same size, have a smooth round shape and the right color, and the aura is large and in bright colors.

The normal state is when almost all the chakras have approximately the same level of energy "under the line" from 40 units and above – it shows the balanced performance of the entire chakra system.

The bigger the aura is and the lighter, the stronger and healthier your energy is as well.

And that means – you will have the developed intuition, a great emotional state, good health and energy impenetrable defense and your desires will be fulfilled more and more often.

This is exactly what I wish you! Thank you for your attention, good luck to you in all your deals!


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To my mind, your videos are the soberest that are now in the NETWORK. This is very useful information for "seeking enlightenment" on the Internet, taking into consideration the fact that the aura of 98% of people is dirty. Two years of experience with aura camera working and several thousand clients who have passed my diagnosis allow me to make this conclusion. Thank you, Odin, for honest and useful information. Best regards, Victor.