3 Eye También Se Equivoca: ¿Por Qué Los Videntes Ven El Aura De Manera Diferente?

The third eye can also be wrong: why the seeing people see the aura differently?

Why is the human aura description by seeing people of different traditions sometimes significantly different?



Energy in its true form is visible to people who have opened this supernormal ability – these people are called seeing.

They perceive the energy not with the physiological eyes but with some tools of energy body – with energy eyes when they enter into this altered state.

This capacity is closely linked to the opening of the "third eye" – the Ajna Chakra. It is revealed when the person in the course of spiritual practices discovered in himself and activated the extra "vision tools."

But in addition to practices you should accumulate enough the personal power for this process – exactly the excess supply of power runs many of the "dormant" energy systems of the body.

When entering into altered state, they can perceive the color, shape and movement of energy, they see what how does the Universe look like and what fills it.

Naturally, everyone seeing person begins to explore firstly his inner environment – they compare the different people among themselves, study animals, plants, as well as the subtle beings who have no permanent material body in our world.

Good seeing person can tell you in details what does the human energy body consist of, what is going on inside of it during the illness, how does the moment of birth or death of any living being look like in the form of energy etc.

So gradually the knowledge appeared about the unseen world of energy and this knowledge is called energetic fact, not speculation or guesswork by the seeing people. Another thing – how correctly that or those seeing person interprets what he perceives we are going to discuss now.

In their experiments seeing people discovered that the entire Universe is permeated by energy strings – so-called emanations of Creator and that at all levels of the Universe there is a continuous cycle of energy – it does not disappear but simply is transformed from one state to another, thus changing its quality.

They also saw that all living creatures and all inanimate objects of our world look like bundles of energy. But the aura of living beings differ from non-living with its large size and more intense glowing.

And also the fact that all living things, including the Earth, animals, birds, fish, insects, plants, and even minerals have a center that holds at the time of life around it the Creator’s energy that allows the being to live maintaining its individuality.

Among human beings this center is known under the name of "soul" or "awareness," among animals, birds, fish, plants and insects this "center" is attached to the collective soul or totem of species.

In esoteric alive beings of our world that have a material body are referred to organic, and those beings who do not have a permanent body in our world are called inorganic beings or spirits, angels, gods, demons, devils, etc., and determine them as inhabitants of other worlds.

The shape and the luminosity of the beings of these worlds is caused by what primary elements basically consist their bodies – which Elements are dominated in them.

In humans, for example, the Water Element prevails; in the inhabitants of the higher worlds – the demigods, gods, angels, archangels, Teachers, etc. the element of Air dominates, Fire or Ether; and considering the inhabitants of the lower worlds – demons, devils, rakshasas – the Element of Earth dominates.

The most common inorganic substances are described by seeing people like the glowing "pillars", "balls", "spots" or "birds". But depending on their world of origin and the quality of energy from which they are made, they may have many different forms and luminosities.

All inorganic beings are conditionally divided into different worlds population. Their worlds are different in dimensions, qualities, time flow, parameters and laws applying to them. We call these worlds as parallel worlds or subtle worlds, as well as plans or levels of Being.

Due to the prevailing ideas during these centuries people have divided all the inorganic beings (and their worlds) – by "good" and "evil" .

But, as you understand, this is just only the way in which people tried to somehow describe all invisible and incomprehensible, and therefore they divided all by "terrible" and "not terrible", by "evil" and "good", firstly referring to the fact how these creatures "are relating" to people.

This familiar approach to all us to share all that we see in "black" and "white" – is just the shortcomings of the human duality of perception* that simplifies everything and primitively divides the world into extremes and opposites.

Such vision of the nature of things is inherent to people who are not able to perceive the complete picture and all its minutest nuances and perceive everything in a very stripped-down – "black and white" form.

* Duality (doubleness) – the property relating to the structures, processes, laws, concepts, etc., and having the opposite structure of building, ie. two opposite poles. Good – evil, light – darkness, God – Devil, plus-minus, etc. – are the dual pairs of concepts. The principle of duality is the basis of development of all living in the Universe, because it is based on "the law of unity and struggle of opposites." (Dictionary of the Space concepts).

In fact, there are no good and bad worlds, or "good" and "evil" inhabitants of these worlds – so is their nature, so is manifesting the domination of that or those Elements in these worlds, so the characteristics and qualities of energy are manifesting of which they are composed.

For the Creator who created the Universe in all its diversity, all beings and all worlds are important to fulfill His Grand Design - maintaining the continuous motion in the Universe and striving of all Powers to harmony and balance.

All worlds perform only their – specific functions and each occupies only its special place. None of the worlds can exist without some other worlds, because they are all interdependent and constitute the single and indivisible system, which we perceive as the Universe.

Despite the fact that each world is divided and separated from each other, under certain conditions, both the man and creatures from parallel worlds can "move" to the neighboring worlds and interact with each other.

But, despite the fact that inorganic beings do not have in this world "solid" body, some of them both partially and fully can use for their own purposes any living or non-living body of our world, whether it is subject, human, animal or plant.

In this sense they perceive our body as a "vessel," "receptacle," "carcass," or "meat suit." And the case is only in the individual's personal power and in established "protection" which are capable or not capable to withstand the inorganic beings when trying to settle nearby.

By the way, the energy body of a human with certain skills may also leave the physical body and become implanted in another living being of our world, for example, that for a long time do, Tibetan lamas, Indian yogis, magicians and shamans.

They can also move through parallel worlds of inorganic beings "to solve their questions there". In this sense, we are no different from the inorganic beings that "walk" in our world and solve their questions here.

So do not perceive them as our hundred percent enemies or friends – it's not so simple and not so "black and white," as we used to think.

For millennia the seeing people have accumulated knowledge about the peculiarities of subtle worlds and their inhabitants and developed for people the techniques of secure interaction and harmonious coexistence. And it is from them, humanity has inherited rules and laws that enable us until now more or less correctly interact with the subtle worlds.

These sets of laws gradually transformed into clear commandments, rites and rituals – so the shamanism appeared, so the religions appeared, and so the closed esoteric currents are appeared as well, that for thousands of years have deepened their understanding of the subtle worlds and creatures inhabiting them.

So more or less accurate knowledge about unseen world of energy we can receive only from those who really sees energy. From those who do not pay attention to the form and see the essence of beings and phenomena, or from those who see these processes with an internal view.

But here it is not so simple and now you will understand – why.

Seeing people and people who are called clairvoyants possess very similar, but yet slightly different abilities.

The seeing person perceives the energy in its true form – he sees its color, shape and movement. And as for the clairvoyant, he takes "pictures" of the past, present or future with his inner vision or feels the presence of energy, or has the ability to remote viewing or to direct knowledge. And this is not a complete list of their super abilities.

Among seeing people and clairvoyants there is a separation into narrower specializations – depending on who what kind of ability develops. But for both of them the most important factor to get a real picture is the depth and purity of perception level – exactly in this lies their professional level.

And, as you understand, vague, contradictory or abrupt form, "pictures", voices, texts or knowledge they perceive in altered states do not possess the practical value. Here is important only the "purity" of knowledge or vision that comes with years of practice.

Usually, such super abilities at all times had people who were purposefully engaged in various spiritual or esoteric practices – they are shamans, flamens, sorcerers, mages, magis, priests, yogis, psychics, martial arts masters.

Seeing people of each esoteric stream for thousands of years were engaged in these issues – they accumulated their knowledge and passed them, as a rule, only to their disciples. For ordinary people this information was closed for a long time and it has always been considered forbidden and treated as diabolic by the ruling religions.

By the way, according to many sources in ancient times a lot of people have the ability to vision the energy and to intuitive knowledge, because the human perception of those times was mostly set to unity with Nature and harmonious coexistence with Nature.

Sun, Earth, rivers, mountains, forests, animals, wind, fire, etc. – all these were perceived by people as LIVING beings – as certain Spirits or Gods who have their own character and their abilities with which you can learn to "communicate" and which can be asked about something.

But the imperative was the respectful attention – not to spoil their "territory" and not to take excessively, otherwise they would be angry and you’d be "punished."

So gradually the system of human relations was lined up with all that surrounds it – with the Space in which he lives. So the ancient belief system appeared, known today as the polytheism, shamanism or paganism. And precisely because of such "specific" attitude to Nature the intuitive perception of the world in humans prevailed.

But with the development of our civilization the order and static life has been increasing, logic and clear rules of conduct in society began to dominate, instead of the spontaneity and flexibility of mind, the devastating consumerist attitude to Nature, and not respectful and sustainable began to dominate.

The man further and further stepped away from unity with the Natural Powers, so the perception was gradually deviated from the intuitive to the more narrow and cliched, which led to a significant degradation of our "invisible" organs of perception.

In this way people cut off from themselves the large reservoir of natural possibilities and now we need to work hard on ourselves to restore at least some of them.

Many animals also see the energy, that’s why we so often see how they look in the void and react to it as if there is someone there.

Small children from birth and for several years see the energy as well, but with the time flow they lose this ability under the influence of upbringing which teaches - what to see and what simply does not exist.

Very rarely the similar abilities manifest spontaneously in the common man – sometimes they occur after an extreme experienced situation, after taking drugs or OBE experience – I mean after the situations that trigger strong mental or energy loads.

Among seeing people of various esoteric currents there are many differences in matters of relating to energy.

The reason for the differences in the description of the world order, subtle worlds, subtle beings, the structure of human energy body, etc. is that each of them has their own individual gained "range of perception" of energy, as well as their level of "purity" and "depth" of perception.

Another important factor is that in addition to this each of them had its own interpretation of WHAT EXACTLY he perceives in altered states.

Even two normal people in a normal state of consciousness perceive the same color, smell, sound and temperature with a few differences. As to the brain in different people it can interpret the same information both with the minor and very significant differences.

Naturally, in the perception of seeing such subtle plans as the energy, there are greater subtleties and perception options.

For example, Anatoly Skulsky, which is considered to be seeing person and studying the energy structure of man for many years, in his book "SPAS. Trance culture of Ukrainians” notes that in the course of numerous experiments with different seeing people he came to the concept – "the energy levels of perception."

In his studies he counted eight levels of energy vision and in his opinion this is due to the ability of seeing person to work in the 16-17 modes or barriers of perception that you need to overcome all in turn to get the overall picture - all segments of the human energy body.

At the same time Skulsky noticed a pattern – the regime change is reflected in the pupil of the seeing person – it alternately narrows or expands.

Research of Skulsky, as well as many other seeing people, confirms the fact that during each operation mode of an eye, the seeing person perceives only some specific layer of the energy body, it means some limited range of vibrations. And when he shifts the work of eyes to the following modes, more and more new energy layers opened to him.

At the same time to perceive all the subtle bodies and therefore all types of energy vibration which a man consists of – to keep "the full picture" of the energy body no seeing person probably just can not do. Therefore, only by repeated study of all the individual layers separately that are available to seeing person, he can describe more or less complete picture of the energy body.

But then again, he could only interpret the information according to his own opinion, according to the level of his knowledge and based on his "range of energy perception."

According to some seeing people opinion, at a certain stage of practical research the distinct internal "voice of vision" may appear in them which explains to seeing person all that he perceives, teaches and leads him in his practices as well. The degree of "truthfulness" of this voice any seeing person, in principle, can easily verify.

But along with this there is another phenomenon that is common in this area - sometimes people can hear as they think "the voice of vision," but in reality there were the voices of small astral entities that using destructive human programs "communicate" with seeing people cherishing and inflating in different ways his ego for some of their goals.

The similar "communication" rather common is among mediums, magicians, shamans, religious and sectarian fanatics and prophets, among practicing the lucid dreaming, drug addicts, alcoholics and crazy people.

The problem here is that these astral beings are pursuing only some their purposes and therefore they are joining the energy body of "conductor."

And to talk in this case about the veracity or usefulness of the information that they report, there is no sense.

This cunning and deceitful "voice of vision" easily be can verified by the very seeing person or medium under condition if he overcame his pride that emerged from the euphoria of the fact that he communicates with "someone invisible" and he itself is almost a mediator between gods and people or he is the Chosen One.

So, let’s summarize all abovementioned.

Energy, of which all our subtle bodies consist as well as all the existing energies in the Universe – is a very wide range of energy frequencies, which correspond to a specific color and vibration.

Therefore, which "segment" of all possible range could accept one or other seeing person, so is the picture described by him – those colors, shapes and boundaries he could see.

That is why we have significant differences in the descriptions of the human energy system. Taking into consideration this fact, we realize that all seeing people were right in their own – that is how they perceive the energy in their affordable "range of perception" with their level of Power and the second level of perception, perhaps, was not available for them or they, for some reason, did not explore all of the layers of the human aura.

We can make up this defect only when trying to connect the plurality of descriptions by seeing people of different traditions. Thus, we will be able to create for themselves the collective image of the energy structure of the body and to clarify in general terms how it works.

Also, using the experience of many practitioners, we can understand to what its systems and how it is possible and needed to influence on.

With some degree of probability, we can take for granted the centuries-old manipulations of practitioners with the assembling point, with chakras, with energy bodies and channels that exist in yoga and other esoteric practices, but with the condition that in all cases they lead to predictable results for achievement of super-powers, or for the development of spiritual and energy potential.


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Good afternoon! I see an astral body of people from my childhood, but I do not see the aura. I also see the Soul. I see astral beings. It is rather interesting to communicate with them))



In my youth, I noticed that I saw something bright around the human body. And now I know that this is an etheric body. You can see it better when it's getting dark))