Friends, Happy New Year!

I wish you and your family to find peace and harmony in the New Year, as well as strong immune system and powerful energy protection against all misfortunes and failures!

Let your gods and angels protect you and lead to the success in the shortest and easiest way.

Get my Christmas gift!

1. The first 20 people will get 3 sessions of Reiki, aura cleansing from negative programs, hoodoo and evil eye, the correction of chakras’ work and life situations for 50% discount, if you sign up and due by 31.12.2016 included.

TO SIGN UP (the offer expired at 17.00 on 31.12.16)

2. Up to and including 31.12.2016 you can get the VIP version of my training course with the discount in 90% – totally for $448 $47.

TO GET THE DISCOUNT (the offer expired at 17.00 on 31.12.16)

Offer conditions:
the offer is effective until 17.00 31.12.2016.

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