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Why do we need the practices?

If you are on this page I am sure that you are interested in very specific things – like HOW IN A SHORT PERIOD MAKE YOUR ENERGY MUCH STRONGER, for example:

• to develop intuition and superpowers;
• clean the chakras and aura;
• to learn how to visualize your desires correctly;
• how to awaken the third eye;
• see the aura;
• increase your immunity in many times;
• or how to quickly restore your energy.

All of these are very necessary and useful abilities that can be successfully applied in many areas of your life.

I think you already know why, in principle, practices and exercises are needed. But I want to tell you about my practices in this presentation - to what they are directed and what you can "squeeze" from them.

For the moment, the module consists of 15 of video practices with a total time of 3.5 hours! They are made as flash animations with the incremental text prompts directly in video, plus an extended text description: what and how each practice develops, how to do it right, what side effects may occur and key moments and warnings as well.

What is the advantage of the video?

According to the experience of many students the video practices are very helpful for those who takes things more easily visually. And now you do not need to "represent everything in mind", reading the text description – you'll just watch and repeat what you see on the screen.

Most video practices are working with the chakras and aura so you can easily imagine that your own aura is on the screen, "join" it to the energy counterpart on the screen and simultaneously perform simple actions, that ENFORCES THE EFFICIENCY OF TRAININGS IN SEVERAL TIMES.

And if you have any questions, you can mail me and get advice on the technique of practices execution or some related questions.

What specifically targeted practices at?

1. You create an energy protection around you.

This is what you have to start – to learn TO PROTECT YOUR ENERGY from everyone and from everything that can hurt you in terms of energy: the psychological pressure, manipulation, energetic vampirism, evil eyes, spells and damnations.

In fact, all our troubles begin because the aura "passes the blows" and "does not notice" the outflow of energy by harmful channels. I mean the layer of the aura which is responsible for energy security, simply DOES NOT WORK!

And this creates a bunch of derived troubles: chronic irritability, bad luck and failures, a weak immune system, diseases, chronic fatigue, stresses and depression, and many other unhealthy conditions.

2. With the practices you are strengthening themselves energetically in several times.

This is the second task – TO DEVELOP YOUR ENERGY to its maximum in any way. This means to awaken its latent abilities, to learn not to lose energy and as much as possible to get from the Universe "raw energy".

3. You clean your energy channels, chakras and aura from energy garbage.

As a result, you will have much more energy and it will be more powerful and functional in many times.

"To negotiate" with the Powers of the Universe on the performance of desires – this can be done only with strong energy. Only a powerful, developed energy can awaken your supernormal abilities, intuition and "third eye" – all you need for achievement the significant results both in the human world and the world of magic.

Perhaps you think that you need some incredibly complex and "long" yoga system or magic rituals?

The answer is no.

Of course, the development of the super-powers, "the third eye", etc. – are difficult things. But, in fact, all the abilities are developed only by means of some simple exercises. Another thing – how well they are "hit the target". The main thing is to choose the MOST WORKABLE techniques and bring your skills to automaticity!

What you can get using practices?

1. To increase your energy reserves in times in a few weeks.

The energy will give you the "fuel" for such things: you will UNDERSTAND what kind of global challenges of life you need to do firstly and what is the subordinate and is not so important; you will WANT to do it; and most important – TO DO the real things and not only think for years about "I would like to change something in my life but I have no time to do this".

2. Increasing amount of energy will strengthen your immune system and you get rid of the diseases, chronic fatigue, stresses and depressions.

3. To create a protection against the evil eye, hoodoo, damnations, NLP, hypnosis or any other psychological zombieing.

You will clearly see the hidden motives of manipulators, and will not suffer from their pressure and "tricks".

4. To awaken intuition and patrimonial memory.

Intuition will lead you through the simplest path to the simplest and most correct decision. You will make a less mistakes in life – the "third eye" will save you a lot of time and nerves.

5. To manage your attention – attention of vision, hearing, and an internal concentration that is very important for magical techniques.

6. To stop the internal dialogue, relax and sink into complete inner silence.

7. To visualize, this ability is required for the technique of desire fulfillment and to work with energy.

8. To create channels with Powers of the Universe – Elements, Spirits, Angels, and the Gods that will protect you and help in the realization of desires.

9. To find negativity in the aura and burn it.

10. To clean energy channels and develop chakras.

Practicing you will create in your new aura the "magic tools" – the ones that you did not have before. Clean out the information and energy garbage – everything that is blocking your ability and taking a lot of energy.

You take away the old worn out "parts" and change them for the new ones – more functional, faster and stronger. As a result, you will have much more abilities than the average person has.

And now remember what kind a lot of useful and good things you have ever wanted to develop in yourself but postponed "for later". That "later" never came...

And what would happen if you did?

Nobody knows what heights you would have reached now in money world, in private life, in the energy and spiritual development.

You need TO DO real work, not just WANT!

Read carefully about each practice – what they oriented at and what they can give you.

How to reduce your fears in 1 day (not included in the collection of video practices)
This meditation is a great way to remove your and go to the next level of your life. This is a simple way to get out of depression, anxiety, fear, anger, and other common problems. And this is not a theory, but practical strategy to overcome fears, worries, and phobias.

Overcoming fear or how to conquer your fears in 1 day and automatically to solve many of life's problems. This meditation in order to get rid of fears, phobias, subconscious blocks and restrictions that prevent you from becoming calm, healthy, rich and lucky.

How to stop the continuous process cycle of anxiety, fear, and worry: surely you know that the fear of death is the most dangerous and destructive human emotion. Exactly from it are born all the other fears – fear of mental and physical pain, fear of the future, loss and loneliness, fear to change something in your life – to change jobs; to start your own business; to move to another city or country and a lot of other phobias, blocks and prohibitions that prevent us from living in full force. But that isn’t all. Every manifestation of fear gradually destroys our energy and then the diseases appear. To overcome of many fears you need to win only one fear – the fear of death.

That's what you can get from this meditation:
1. Reducing the fear of your own death in several times and after this fear is following by other fears.
2. You will stop wasting an incredible amount of energy which is on a subconscious level goes to neutralizing the fear of death.
3. You will become less dependent on terrestrial bindings and gain inner peace and freedom.
4. You will be much brighter perceiving the world and you will notice its uniqueness and beauty.
5. Rethink your life and improve your plans for the future.

Only in SUCH state people ARE ABLE to dramatically change their lives. And if you do everything correctly, I promise that after the meditation you will wake up quite a different person! Destroy your fears, create the life you want. Overcome your fears, experience success, and achieve your dreams!


Relaxation: stopping the inner dialogue (thought-stop)

Thought-stop is a condition where all your thoughts, sounds, images, words and inner dialogues with invisible companions for some time disappear, and you reach a state of complete inner silence – not a sound, not a single image.

This practice helps to accumulate the ability to quickly stop the body of thoughts and emotions, what is very important to work with uncontrollable runs of negative programs through which you are losing up to 80% energy every day.

Condition of inner silence is the basic state for any meditation, visualization and practices.

Harmonization of the 11 chakras with the help of color and sound

This is one of the simplest but most effective practices.

The main idea of it is that with the help of sound and color you clean 11 chakras and you align them accordingly the pattern of ideal harmonious chakras where each has its own color, rhythm and sound of shaman drum tone.

But apart from the color, rhythm and sound, the concentration on each chakra also plays a big role as well, resulting in the additional energy going to the chakras they need for development.

At the same time, you can listen to and pronounce Bija Mantra (Sanskrit. – Seed mantra). This is the sound which controls the spiritual awakening of the chakras, it relieves the tension and blocks in the chakra, increases its energy level and awakens the dormant powers.

We made four versions of the practice for your choice – with Bija Mantras; rhythms of shaman's drum; sounds of Tibetan singing bowls; and also combined shaman's drum with Tibetan bowls.

With these tools of impact your chakras will "pull" its vibrational frequency and color and therefore the state according to the color and condition of the ideal chakras.


Filling with the Power of Heaven (yang) and Earth (ying)

This is the first energy practice of the course, "Why the gods do not hear us".

It must be done together with the practice of "Filling with the element of Earth, Air, Water and Fire".

It will help you in 10-15 minutes to replenish the energy reserves with the Power of Heaven (yang energy), and with the Power of the Earth (ying energy).

This practice is a simplified version of what in the form of rituals or rites did the ancient shamans, yogis, magicians, martial artists for quickly strengthening of themselves and balancing energies.

Regular execution of it increases in several times the reserves of energy in one or two weeks, cleans the chakras, energy channels, and improves the immune system in times.


Filling with the Elements of the Fire, Air, Water and Earth

This is the second energy practice. It should be done with video practice "Filling with the Power of Heaven and Earth".

It will help you to quickly be filled with healthy Elements of Earth, Air, Water and Fire, to worked out the used Elements, as well as to restore the energy balance, clean the chakras and the energy channels, to improve immunity.

Development of hearing attention

This practice trains well the hearing attention and concentration. With its help, you will learn to manage the attention of hearing or switch off other channels of perception.

Activation of the "third eye"

This simple exercise develops the ability to gather the attention in the Ajna Chakra.

With its help, you activate the pituitary and pineal gland – you will awaken the "third eye".

The pituitary and pineal are two major mystical organs in our body.

When they are activated you are moving on to a completely different level of consciousness and existence:

• it is the "knowledge without information";
• it is wisdom, harmony and balance;
• it a perfect intuition and clairvoyance;
• it is extension of consciousness to infinity;
• it is a continuous state of awareness;
• it the gateway between the human and the divine consciousness.

The development of visualization, concentration of vision and hearing

This package consists of three interconnected practices.

They develop the ability to visualize and well-train concentration of vision and hearing.

Remember the primitive mechanism which, without exaggeration, leads to all our troubles – through our program the energy parasites continuously, even during sleep, run:

• through attention – our THOUGHTS and CONSCIOUSNEESS;
• through thought and consciousness – EMOTIONS and ACTIONS.

As a result, ENERGY is released, and the stronger our feelings, the more energy we allocate. That is why it is so important to learn to control our attention though all channels of perception!

Activation of the chakras by means of inhalation and exhalation

This practice helps to energize, activate and harmonize the three upper chakras – Anahata, Vishuddha, and Ajna.


Burning the negative in solar plexus

Solar plexus (Manipur chakra) has a unique opportunity to liberate us from the harmful qualities and negative habits.

When we send to the fire of Manipur our fears, doubts, irritability, anger, greed and envy, it immediately burns them to ashes.

With this practice, you turn out the ability to direct the energy of such emotions not in the head or the heart, where it creates the locks and causes tension and pain, but in our internal stove – in Manipur chakra.

Creating the channel with Gods and developing of internal attention

These are two interconnected practices.

In the first practice – with the help of Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra you turn out the channel with the Lord Shiva, and with the second – you develop the INTERNAL ATTENTION.

Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra is considered to be one of the oldest and most powerful mantras of the Vedic era.

It is called the great and magic: it protects from diseases, heals the soul and body, gives energy, power, resistance and strength. It is able to prevent accidents, protect from incurable diseases and misfortunes, grants tranquility, wealth and prosperity.

Repeated reading of mantra activates the "third eye", Bindu and Vishuddha chakras that awakens intuition, stops the aging process, restores the immune system and metabolism, and cleans and rejuvenates the physical body.


Development and harmonization of heart chakra

This practice helps to develop the automatic habit to "turn on" the heart chakra (Anahata).


Development of vision attention

This practice helps to develop to automatism the ability to manage your view attention – to quickly collect it at one point, slipping on anything, and held there as long as you want.

This is a basic exercise for producing state of "mind-stop".


Why the gods do not hear usCollection "Why the gods do not hear us: VIDEO PRACTICES"

It includes 15 videos of above mentioned practices with the total time in 3.5 hours.

There is the extended text description to video practices – what is and what should be done, the key points and warnings.

Each video practice develops something "own", but these 15 exercises is a whole system of a powerful impact on your energy. If you put them TOGETHER they will give you the result much faster and valid.

In this case, you only need to listen, to watch the monitor screen and repeat what you see.

And do not forget that the price of the collection is much less than each practice individually.

Collection of video practices is a simple and clear practical material which easily and quickly brings you phenomenally positive results, especially using them in combination!

Start training right now and you will see the positive changes in a couple of weeks, no matter what your beginning state!

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