I can prove you that my free materials are better
than those for which you paid money to others





I can prove to you that my free materials are better than those for which you paid money to others.

Subscribe to the newsletter you are interested in, study the materials, and in just a couple of days you will appreciate their high quality.

More than 700,000 people from all over the world successfully used these lessons until now.


Primary free diagnostics by photo for any magical effects and energy levels. I will see your aura and also check it by a candle (Fire Element).

You will get the results by e-mail within a few days.



"Filling with the Power of Heaven (Yang)
and Earth (Yin)"

You can recharge your energy in 10-15 minutes, as well as strengthen your immune system, and create a protection against the evil eyes and spells.

This practice also helps to expand the energy channels and clean them from the "garbage" to obtain more energy in several times. 

"Filling with the Elements
of the Fire, Air, Water and Earth"

You will learn how to get the new healthy Elements and how to get out of the aura any stagnant and painful energies.

Also you will get the "keys" to this exercise: how you can use one or another element in different occasions, and how to adjust and to concentrate so that the effect will be maximal. 

for the development of intuition,
clairvoyance and "the third eye"

This exercise is to attract energy in the Ajna chakra and to awaken "the third eye" which is responsible for intuition, clairvoyance and superpower.

You will also receive a description of the superpowers of man, on what their awakening depends, and what "strange" things are found in this issue. 



Development of Visualization, Man’s chakras,
Protection and harmonization of the chakras,
Chakras Test

 Erasing the Clouds (Development of Visualization and the Work With Natural Elements)

 Protection From Negative Energy Affects
 To Pass Chakras Test 
 Table "Chakras ⇒ Diseases ⇒ Character Qualities"

 You can also go to the online test and get a list of your chakras which are the subject of potential risks, and the related endocrine glands to them, as well as related organs, and diseases.



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Hello, Odin! You can not even imagine how on time and at the right time I’ve got your amazing life story. It gave a sip of life to my disappointment in life, and that I can still improve it. Also, thank you very much for your course, very valuable and expertly selected information! I’m reading everything in one breath! I really want to increase the energy reserves. As I have understood, this is the first thing I need to start with. Honestly, now I'm glad that I am at home and can safely do the practices, my son is 2 years old and I regretted that there was no possibility to work up to now, and now I will be engaged in my developing with great pleasure. I've been looking for something like that for a long time, something to what I can "be addicted" in the positive sense of the word. Maybe with the time, I will be able to order your individual coaching, but for now, I will be mastering the basics. Thank you very much for your attention to me! If you do not mind, I have a couple of questions. How to find out which of the chakras work normally (calculation of psycho-matrix)? Do I just have to start working with all the chakras first? When do we need to get rid of negative programs? Do we need to do this before increasing the energy reserves or in the process? And one more question: is it possible with the help of certain products to increase energy reserves on the energy plan? Thank you!



Good afternoon, Odin, as you asked, I want to give you feedback and tell you about the sensations after a month of practicing of your 3 meditations: "Filling with the power of heaven and earth", "Filling with the Elements", "Development of the third eye". 1. I feel fine. 2. When I’m filled with energies, I get a little shaky and I understand that the energy is enough for me. 3. A few days after the start, there was a sensation of a cold, a stuffy nose and a slightly hoarse voice. Everything passed in a couple of days, all is already good. The cleansing has started, I remember, you said it could be. 4. So, as I wrote to you earlier, I feel the imbalance in the 3rd and 5th chakras, the pains appeared in the solar plexus on both sides while practicing. I understand this as unlocking and purification of the chakras. I also performed an exercise to cleanse and activate the chakras (tapping each chakra and mantra of hal-tarti-mata). Due to the fact that I do sports, I myself get all the points on my body. 5. During the first 2 days of meditation for the development of the third eye, I had headaches, but they quickly passed. Now I feel what people think and how people want to react towards me. Yesterday, for example, due to this I was able to prevent an unpleasant situation for me. I knew what would happen, in advance, and it's a little scary!)) 6. What's strange is that my cat mews very strongly when I do the exercises, I can not understand what's wrong with it. It lies or sits in front of me and eyes me very strange, sometimes it is scared, I see this by its eyes and ears - the eyes are large and the pupils are dilated, and the ears are stuck to the head, it looks scared. Why does it react like that? What does it see in me? When I finish meditating, it asks in my arms, sits for about 5 minutes and runs away. 7. Another oddity: many fellow workers at work began to want more of my attention, time and energy. I feel like they are trying to catch my attention for anything and connect to Manipura. But I do not react to these provocations, put mental defense, as you advised in your course, and they can not connect. But to be on the safe side I'm doing the meditation of purification with water and fire at home in the evening. These are my news and feelings ... Thank you for your concern and for improving the quality of life, thank you for all the good!
Hello, Odin! Many thanks to you for the initial exercises for the aura. I began to better control my emotions and accordingly my sensations my aura has become more stable and smooth. We regularly do the exercises with my husband. However, the cleansing started after 2 weeks of practicing - we with my husband and child felt ill in such a hard way that we had to call an ambulance to the child (there was a very high temperature). But we refused hospitalization and managed on our own. As you warned, if there is a lot of energy garbage in the aura, then these practices start the process of cleaning and removing garbage, and that it can be very similar to the flu or cold. Apparently, that's how it turned out, but only 2 weeks after. And the child was sick because the mother and child are connected up to 7 years by common energy. Of course, we were a little scared, but the next day it all passed completely, there was no trace, the condition of everybody became smooth and calm, and the body seemed to become much easier. Awesome effect, today we will acquire your full course and will continue to practice it! Once again, thank you very much and may God grant you and your family with health and prosperity!



Dear Odin, I suffer from panic attacks on the hypertonic type the last 5 years. I'm worn out. Fear of death is murderous, I have a lot of phobias. I myself am a very strong person, psychologists have helped me a lot, and I also work on myself. After the birth of my third child, the attacks resumed. Now there is a fear for his life. After a child birthing, twice I found myself in the intensive care, adrenaline was increased, the pressure reached 200. I was wildly tired, there were moments when I chose a pillar for myself, where I could crash at high speed to finally get it over with. But thanks to your practices I calmed down, started to sleep normally and now I feel fine. I've been practicing esoteric for 2 years. I started with the Feng Shui, there were different online courses. Lenni Rossolovski's programs were more or less helpful. I am a business woman, a mother of three children. I have no time to relax and be ill. The results from your courses are stunning! Thank you very much!
Good evening, Odin. According to your recommendations, I did all the exercises from your lesson. The head is ceased to ache, the cutting pains in eyes disappeared (I work much on a computer). I will perform this procedure every morning. I am very grateful to you for the lesson! I agree with you that the number of operations and stresses in life that I have suffered is really very abnormal and that it is necessary to understand why this happens. I really hope for your help. I bought your course and start to study it a little. You write very interesting things! I’m waiting for the results of my aura diagnosis for the presence of energy effects from you.



I want to give you a small report on your methods, I think it will be interesting to you. I have been doing your practices for 6 days already. What has changed? A very good sleep appeared, a feeling of lightness is in the body, less fatigue and even I do not feel the pain in the joints. I wake up easily and without fatigue. Today there were some flights and visions in the morning, before finally waking up, i.e. I did not sleep any more and understood everything: my brain flew somewhere and saw some unknown places. It is very strange that I, without moving in space, see some completely unfamiliar place to me! Probably, this is the 3 eye has started to wake up, am I right? A few more questions: 1. I still fail to practice 3 times a day as it takes me 20 minutes for that in the morning and then I do a little meditation. And in the evening before going to bed I do an accelerated version, i.e. without Elements. I have absolutely no time to practice the third time because I come home late. Will this work in this way? 2. I bought your course and really want to pass all 3 levels during the vacations, please, tell me, how much time does it take to learn them properly? 3. My husband has a stomach problem, and now the disease recurrence began. Recently you helped my friends with a similar problem, who recommended addressing to you, telling me, can I sign up my husband for your sessions out of turn? He just can not wait a month. Thanks in advance for the answers and help!
Hello, Odin! I have new questions on practices 1 and 2. Since everything is just beginning, new feelings have appeared also, and it is important for me to understand them, to recognize at this stage. According to the first practice. 1. I begin to cry after pumping the ascending flow from the Earth. Of course, there was a definite picture of the Earth's visualization, but why tears? 2. I saw with an ascending stream that I'm standing on the waist not like in water, but in something very familiar to water. Transparent, not wet, light, and stretches, stretches. But very calm, childlike calm. Something like this. Strange feelings. I even felt it with my hands. Do you know what was that, did you happen to know such things? 3. Take my thank words after performing a few practices. I decided not just to talk, but to invest the energy of love and gratitude in words. So it works better in dozens of times. 4. Is it true that the power of intention goes through Anahata? Suddenly these words came to my mind. I decided to ask you. 5. Why during the practice sometimes: 1. Shake ))) 2. With the internal feeling, I realize that I'm not standing where I really stand, and the body is not at that angle. And when I open my eyes - I'm standing where I was. According to the second practice. 1. The element of Fire came in very hard. I felt as if I did not even want to. It was enough 3-4 breaths for me. Why and what does this mean? And, by the way, the element of Air flew into me so that I even staggered. 2. The element of Earth. Well, it's very difficult to lift it through the right leg. I had to "pull for ears" it with strong breaths)) I do 3-4 breaths and barely pull it to the center of my chest and only then I "merge" it into my left leg. After a few minutes, I finally feel cold, and not in the whole body, but only in the place of the right knee. Feelings - as if when you first sit out your leg in an uncomfortable position, and then get up and get a slight sensation of cold and tingling in the seated place. That's what I felt. I have a request for you. I know that my aura is heavily dirtied, I have health problems and in my personal life, so I signed up for your aura correction and cleansing sessions, but your administrator wrote me that the free place is only in a month. Sign me up earlier, please, I really need it! Sorry for many questions. Accumulated. I would be grateful for the answer at any time convenient for you. Namaste)))



Thanks for the lessons, Odin! I confess I decided to do the breathing techniques from the 1st lesson closer to the night at 10 pm, despite your warning). It was too early, I thought, I should not affect the sleep. But it did not turn out to fall asleep till 2 o'clock in the morning. So these exercises should be done at least 4 hours before sleep. Starting Monday, I begin to study your course and prepare for individual lessons. Good luck to you and good students!
Good evening, Odin! I read your next letter. Gradually, I begin to trust your site. We all know how the Internet is saturated with different information now. But I'll start with the basic, performing your free lessons, strange things began to happen to me, for example, it throws me into a fever, my heart starts beating fast, my head ached for the first few days, I even felt a little nauseated. But the more often I do your exercises, the easier it gets, and the state is better. The truth is I do not understand to the end, whether before the exercises should I enter in the "thought-stop" for 10 seconds. Is this nothing to think about, the state of relaxation? A week passed and I have noticed that I am calmer and confident at times. Thank you also for the free consultation, when you checked my aura by the photo. This week I will go through your aura correction sessions, but I want to learn how to clean my chakras myself, and I understand that it's really not very simple, good healers are a rarity. There is such meditation "chakra flowers" for the opening of chakras (Olga Belikova) - a strong meditation, "goose bumps on the skin." Also, I did the practices of "stopping the internal dialogue" (Elena Dunaeva), Li Holden Qigong morning and evening ritual for 20 minutes and Iyengar Yoga for Beginners. I've been doing this for a year, but the internal energy "locks" began to open only a week ago when I started doing your practices. Strange, but for some reasons they launched and strengthened all my previous work))! That's why I decided to share it with you. Also, I'm very interested in extrasensory medicine, but I'm afraid of it now, a specialist is needed here. My goal is to learn how to manage my inner strength, in other words - to know my inner world and discover my inner possibilities. Therefore, I ordered your course and will study it diligently. With your help, I hope to master this quickly. Yes, I also thank you for the audio magazine, you have a very nice voice). Thank you for your help and all the best to you and your family!



Odin, from the bottom of my heart I thank you for your lessons! Literally, in a week I had a large supply of energy, there were good changes in life, my attitude to the world around has changed, and there is often a complete disconnection of all my thoughts. Very interesting condition!) My husband and daughter also started to do your practices after my advice, but I feel that there is very little knowledge on this topic, so yesterday we bought your course and plan to pass it as quickly as possible. We hope you will help us in this. And the husband signed up for your Reiki sessions because he has health problems and doctors can not make an accurate diagnosis. I thank you for my wonderful changes once again!
Hello, Odin! A week after your lessons, I felt much better, no shaking in the body, I'm not choking, I have an appetite, my mood is good. It seems to me that the energy during the practices flows much better. I signed up for your cleansing sessions and bought the first level of your course, I will start studying it on Monday. I'm sure that everything will be all right now! Thank you for everything!



Good afternoon, Odin! Most recently, I started doing breathing exercises for your first three lessons. Very interesting feelings: I have ceased to get tired, energy is enough for the whole day, life feels fuller and happier. And it's only for 5 days. This is all strange, I did not believe that it was possible before. I do not know what will happen next, but sending you already many thanks! Today I will begin to study the following lessons. You give a lot of information, and it is very deep and multilayered, so I want to not only read it but also to feel everything that you write about. When I worked with the Elements (2 lessons), Air and Water are passing very good, breathing is very deep and pleasant. But with Fire and Earth is a little heavier, I can not take a breath. Probably, my channels are jammed, but I think that gradually everything will be fine. I also have a request: today I have bought your course - all 3 levels, but before I start, I want to sign up for your sessions so that you can clean my aura for the knowledge to enter me easily and lightly. Thank you again!
Good evening, Odin! I send you my photo to check the state of aura. Thank you, I am very grateful and thankful to you for this! Telling the truth it is a bit scary to me because subconsciously I feel that there are some invisible connections, energies, black and white magic, spells, magic spells, prayers and so on. But I wouldn’t like to use them in my life because I believe that everything in Nature should develop harmoniously without additional outside interference. And it's a little scary to completely trust an unfamiliar person who has great strength and capabilities. Your materials are very interesting for me, they cause a positive feeling of immersion in the depths of the sacred and forbidden, hidden and guarded ancient knowledge of various civilizations and worlds. And if my subconscious has led me to your site, then, probably, this is not by coincidence. I believe that in order to achieve something, you need to work hard on yourself, to learn, to cognize - this applies to all spheres of life. And I do not expect fast results and I can accept that there will be no result, or the result will not be the same. In general, I do not dream of gold mountains and do not believe in fairy tales about "Cinderella". Now everything seems to be smooth, but somehow I began to walk slowly - I do not have enough energy to do everything planned. And I do not want to waste time and life in vain. I really liked your lessons about kindness, a beauty of the world and harmony, which slip in your statements. Your face and voice are benevolent, pleasant and get on the right side of you.



Hello, Odin! Catch the first feedback from me! First of all I want to thank you for your free lessons and for what you do for people. What you write, and how you write it, immediately found a response in my heart. Intuitively, I knew that I did not have enough energy - I wake up very tired for a long time, and the last months I open my eyes with the words: "another useless day." But such easy ways of getting energy, as you give it, were unknown to me, in spite of the fact that I have been engaged in various ways of self-development for many years and have read a lot of literature and training on this topic. I practice your free lessons only for 2 days, I'm familiar with meditations, I have well-developed imagination and it's easy to visualize, so I passed your first lesson without difficulty. But I did not feel the filling of energy at once, moreover, my eyes and head ached for several hours, which is rare for me. The second time I meditated sitting on the ground with bare legs and this time I felt more cheerful. I passed the second lesson like hot cakes - I clearly felt and the heat and the cold, the air flows, and the Element of Water is simply pouring through my hands. There is no weakness today, and I really feel a huge flow of energy. Miracles! I KNOW that with your help my life will change very quickly for the better, otherwise, it can not be. Today I bought your full course and signed up for your individual training, and also sent a photo for diagnosis. Check my aura, please. Thank you for everything!
I'm very glad that you have responded))) I enjoyed viewing the provided material, even my legs, my back gave me more or less to sleep last night. This infinite pain diminished. The thyroid began to recover! And again - I could not do elementary video lessons, suddenly the lights turned off. I noticed that there is some interference. How can you I protect myself from this? Because even if there is an opportunity for cleansing, etc., I am attacked by an irresistible drowsiness, and at moments when I still overcome everything, I feel a flow of strength and a feeling that I came out of a stuffy, cramped room.



Hello, Odin! I wanted to write you a letter after the third lesson, but since feedback is needed now, I answer. The first lesson was like visualization of the exercise with sensations in the third eye, but to dissipate the clouds I failed - we have a lot of cloudiness, and this will run and run. I liked very much the second lesson, like the first one, for its ease and simplicity, but so far I just got acquainted with this practice. Thank you very much for your free lessons! By the way, Ajna for some reasons is felt not in the forehead center, but it is displaced to the beginning of the left eyebrow since some time)). I wanted to write you a letter after the third lesson, but as feedback is needed now, I answer.
Hello, dear Odin! My name is Natali. The topic of energy parasites is very relevant to me and I was very interested in the information you give in your videos. I came across to this phenomenon from the childhood, but then, of course, I did not understand what the problem was. I appealed to various specialists for help, they helped a little to remove the certain influence, but there is something that presses on me from time to time, and does not allow me to live a full active life, hence there are both the financial and personal problems. Now I'm generally depressed, because my life has come to a standstill, and I do not know what to do next and lose interest in everything. I am very grateful to you for the exercises you sent, I practice them, and they help me a lot. Look, please, the state of my aura.



I'm a new one in these practices, but have already the positive results. When I was doing the first lesson, the feelings are great, extraordinary! The desire to do more and more comes!
It is a pity that temporary difficulties are at the moment the financial sector, but in plans to buy more material to work with.
Thanks Odin for simple and effective things!)
Hello Odin!
I want to thank you very much for all the practices and advice that you share! It has already a month as I am watching my positive results. Now I decided to take the opportunity and check out my aura by photo that has sent to your box.
Thanks for the help!



Thank you for the precious lessons!
They appeared really in time. If you let me, I will write you later. I have a lot of questions to ask, but at this time I want to apply what I have got in these lessons.
I will continue to study with pleasure)
I just passed the first lesson – did 15 reps, there was a strong vibration in the legs and in the crown, took the pain in the neck and spine, and become easy gait. I'm so glad that you found, let God give you health for such priceless gifts to people!
Harness the second lesson.
Thank you for your help!!!



Hello, Odin, I want to thank you for appearing in my life in time. I was absolutely exhausted, had no power, consequently I was left without my job and money. I found you by chance. Was it by chance or not? This is the regularity.
The first exercise made me conscious. In the evening, I went to the sea-side and slept calmly. The next day was the same. My mood was better. The people around me became interested in it. I invited them. They heard, saw and applied.
Thank you very much for your existence! I have the opportunity to get acquainted with me and become myself due to your assistance.
Good bye. Your Alexandra.
Dear Odin, thank you for your lessons!
They affected my life when I really needed it. After reading your life story, I found out my self-confidence and self-belief.
I had a time, when I realized – that something needs to be changed. I have the problems in all spheres of life. I have the only hope for my personal life – my sons.
The Universe gave me the possibility to realize that I had to change everything in my mind entirely, change my life. Surfing the Internet, I encountered the Tibet exercises – eye of resuscitation.
I started to learn and apply them in order to improve my health – I listened to mantras, got to know what meditation is, started to meditate. That’s how I started to proliferate gradually.
The next step was getting acquainted with Reiki with Katrin Force. I passed her courses, got the initiation of 1 level of Reiki. I have the only goal – to heal my soul and body. My health became better. And now your technics are up to me.
Thanks a lot for your lessons!



Hello, Odin! You even can’t imagine how you were in time to make me acquainted with your amazing life story. It inspired me with the confidence and hope, the knowledge that I can influence on everything and positively change it on my own! Thank you very much fir your precious and well-selected information! I can read it day and night! (I think that this feeling is present not only in me) It is really pleasant to have all the material accessible – what I am thankful for!!! I am eager to start the beginning (to bigger energy supplies). As I have understood, it is the thing to start with (I’m an absolute fresher). Thank you for this presents! I will learn and change positively. Best wishes and be lucky in everything!
Hello, Odin!
I have a question: after testing my chakras, I saw that I have only 1 lower chakra almost alive (I’m sorry for being lost in the terms). That means that I am almost deprived of the connection with Upper powers…
Will it be reflected on the lives of my sons? What should I do in this situation? I precisely follow your mailings, because I haven’t usually met such wise descriptions of the life situations. Each of your words is really wise.
Nothing makes me irritated, everything is clear and is perceived like fresh air. It sounds grandiloquently)) but the words are candid, that’s why they are not just compliments, but a truthful dialogue with you.
Thank you!



Good afternoon!
I liked your lessons very much. Everything is clear and very simple.
Recently I have worked on this lesson, but I am planning to buy your lessons and even pass your course. But now I have some temporary hardships. I am thankful for the simplicity of your approach.
And as Baron Munchausen said "there is no deadlock in the life: there is always an exit" and that is true)).
I have printed two practices concerning the storing of energy and carry them with me :) the problem that is the most obvious to me is sleeplessness. Sometimes, usually when the weather is cloudy, I can’t open my eyes from the very morning. And my brains get asleep too. The today’s situation is the same – I did my utmost to make myself do the practice. I did it with hardships: just after closing my eyes in order to make it easier to visualize, – just switched me off, but did it. And a miracle worked!
I think that you will take me right, I want to hug you and thank the God for sending us such Avatars:))
Hug and thank you!!!



Hello, Odin, I want to express my gratitude for your free materials, they are really precious +) :) =) with their help my energy stabilized. After working on these three chakras, I worked on 7 main chakras according to the Ho-che system. Everything got better. After testing everything confirmed: aura and chakras became to work better than before +) :) =)