Cómo Los Medios Destruyen Nuestra Psicoenergía

I'm sure many of you know that the bulk of all the media gives – it is a very specific energy-information poison that is slowly poisoning our subtle bodies.

Hooking our attention by something, it gets first in the mental body (imposed thoughts of others) and then the astral (emotions, which are waiting for the authors of "supply" from us), and then spreads across all the levels.

Why is the media attacking our energy, and how does it prevent the fulfillment of our desires? How do we fight it?



Mass Media is also egregore which consists of smaller egregors. And of course, these information products are divided into destructive, neutral, as well as necessary and useful for us.

At least temporarily but it would be the best ever to rigidly exclude all that is destructive from your daily schedule – avoid all information garbage that you get from the media.

Set a rule for yourself: at least for two to three weeks, do not read, do not listen, do not watch the information that can be defined as "exciting" – depressing, frightening, or aggressive, as well as any other information that is using your "weaknesses" and is able to deeply grasp your attention, thoughts, or feelings.

Step back for a time of it, especially from the news, advertising, books, movies, TV serials and talk shows which beat on your emotions, scare you, cause panic and chaos, involve you in discussion or dispute, force you to "root for us" or involve somewhere else.

You should also step back of participation in all kinds of lotteries, gambling, and online voting of the media, of experiences of "your" politicians, athletes and sports teams. You need to stop seeking out news and gossips about your favorite show business stars and other "idols."

Mass media is a very clever and compulsive "manager" of our attention and consciousness, and that the most dangerous of all – of our subconscious.

How hurtful for us it is, but these dull and soulless combinations of images, sounds and letters created by "cogs" of this egregore are able to skillfully manage our thoughts, feelings, and actions, as well as tactical and strategic choice of whatever you want: a way of life, desires and daily needs.

And all this daily mess is directed only to the fact to SOMEHOW capture our attention, to get according this chain to our energy, money or votes during elections.

In addition, the media causes irreparable harm to the chakra system. If you pay attention, you will notice that the majority of information products are made in such a way to lower and fix our attention (and behind it the consciousness) only on the negative qualities of the three lower chakras – Muladhara, Svadhisthana, and Manipura.

These "cut" info products develop in a person mainly selfishness and hypocrisy, all possible fears, ignorance, slowpoke, greed, arrogance, apathy, depression, aggression, violence, sexual promiscuity, rivalry and enmity, the tendency to overeat and insatiable consumption. They push people to fight for survival, territory, power, money and sex.

All of these, as you can see are the lowest instincts that can be in a man, and the media successfully develops them. It can be said that the media brainwashes humanity and makes from us the three chakra beings whose consciousness never rises above Manipura.

And the most disgusting thing about this that the media is filling all of our thoughts and desires with its blunt behavioral stereotypes – they show us: WHAT KIND of world is around us and HOW to live in it.

They do not give us something to want themselves hammering in us their versions of desires.

If you think about, it turns out that we do not have our own single thought about what we really want.

All that we supposedly want is imposed by mass media. And this imposed reality just prevents us from creating our own "life script" different from the "picture" on TV.


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Thank you for the excellent and necessary information.



Thank you kindly! Yes, you are getting tired of such quantity of information, especially of negative one.
Odin, thank you kindly, the information is very interesting and effective!