Kundalini Energy: ¿Cuál es el peligro?

Surely you've heard of the Kundalini.

This is that thing that when activating it awakens the clairvoyance, telepathy, aura vision and other miracles in man.

At first glance you like to “awaken” it very quickly.

Especially that some schools of yoga promise to do this in some months.

But how should you prepare for this and in what does this result?



Further, throughout your life you just not can – but you must prepare the energy body for the next incarnation.

This is to ensure that you will embody in one of the "light" worlds or at least in the most favorable conditions on Earth.

And for someone this will not be enough and their ultimate aim will be the release of a further incarnations in whatever worlds.

It is the supreme and absolute aim for all living beings – this is the maximum and full realization of spiritual liberation (moksha).

Surely you've heard that the rise of kundalini energy is one of the last and the most important stages in the spiritual development.

For many yogis it is the most long-awaited mystical mystery to which they approach almost all their life.

There is a separate direction in yoga – Kundalini yoga which helps the dormant energy to awaken – to go from "yellow" passive state into "red" – active one.

If a practitioner has prepared himself properly and thoroughly, it is quite natural that sooner or later Kundalini begins to awaken. This is our hidden reserve which is waiting in the wings – OUR READYNESS TO TAKE IT.

When Kundalini is awakened, it begins to slowly rise from the base of the spine and moves through brahma Nadi located inside of Sushumna.

It purifies each chakra and awakens Siddhi and if it can reach the Sahasrara, then the man transmutes and reaches the highest level of development – in this case he is no longer a man, but an angel or demigod with incredible mystical powers.

I said "if" because usually from the first time kundalini can not reach Sahasrara – firstly, it moves up to a certain level, then it low down to its original position, and so several times, each time rising higher and higher.

This does not mean that kundalini once guaranteed reach Sahasrara – it can happen in this life and in the next lives.

The main thing is that the level that the person reaches is recorded in the energy matrix as a specific achievement and in a new body in the next incarnation this "achievement" is saved as an invaluable bonus, you gained in past incarnations.

When a person is ready, the ups and downs of kundalini are completely painless, and often even in the opposite way – the rise of kundalini gives them a state of catharsis – a deep psycho-emotional experiences accompanied by an unearthly sense of joy and bliss.

But this happens only when a person was preparing himself properly and thoroughly.

This means that for many years he has worked out the positive qualities and scrubbed from himself all negative qualities; cleaned the karmic knots of this and previous incarnations; dissolved his ego by all possible ways, cleaned and cleared up his field.

As a result of these actions his channels and the field became clear and bright, and his energies are in constant equilibrium – such people are called Enlightened or Saints.

But in addition to the bright prospects in the rise of kundalini there is another side of the coin. Without long-term cleaning of chakras and the energy channels from all kinds of energy garbage, Kundalini could not move on the Brahma Nadi.

If the practitioner did not do this, if he does not understand the deep meaning of Kundalini awakening, if he "wakes it up" with the help of breathing or exercises only to activate the super-powers, of course, he can budge it...

But it would be better if he did not do it.

Due to the lack of cleanliness of chakras and Sushumna Kundalini movement causes the unbearable physical pain to a person, heart attacks, palsies or severe mental disorders.

Another variant is when Kundalini because of the "dirt" in Sushumna just can not move through it and is directed to one of the additional channels – Ida or Pingala which also causes irreparable harm to the mental and physical health of a person.

I think you realize that the very process of kundalini awakening is not complicated – it can take several hours or days.

The point here is in quite different thing – how fast the practitioner is able to efficiently prepare (purify) the way where it will move that it does not lead to devastating consequences.

How to thoroughly prepare and clean your energy, read here...


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