Cómo Proteger Su ATENCIÓN Contra La Captura De "Parásitos"

We all know that the ATTENTION is the first and ordinary quality, which every normal parent TO SOME EXTENT develops in their child.

"Concentrate!" "Listen to me!" "Do not get distracted!" "Look attentively!" etc.

The trouble is that most people thad had this quality somehow evolved and stopped. It only knows how to solve simple things and does not "notice" the more complex. And this is where the precisely real, but unseen danger lies...

Where is the value of our attention, and why it should be protected?


When for one reason or another, it is difficult to understand the information for the reader, he begins to be distracted, irritated or he just simply wants to sleep. All this, of course, does not bring satisfaction to all of us.

By the way, for sure, I am also to some extent related to the authors whose thoughts are not always easy to follow. I promise to train hard in the future.

But believe me no matter what difficulties you experience when reading, there is one magic thing in this case: even when you're just reading and even realizing the information a little, it starts to somehow mysteriously be absorbed in you and begins to slowly adjust all your "software."

For example, when we learn about all of the intricacies of our energy body: about the energy centers, their characteristics and features, about superpowers, which they control, the very fact that we know about it launches many irreversible processes by activating certain areas of the energy body.

Besides, many readers have noted that during reading of my books they feel intensified pressure on benevolent, in the center of the forehead, or the purification processes of throat begin to occur.

These "side effects" tell that some of the energy centers of the person start the process of cleaning and the upper centers are formed also.

This is because you sent some of your attention to these places that you read and after your attention your energy is immediately sent there too.

Therefore, focusing of your attention on something and awareness of what is happening there bind your energy to this place that awakens the dormant reserves.

In fact, our attention is our key of consciousness access to everything in the world. And it's not a metaphor but the fact of energy.

Only with the help of attention (who developed the management of attention) we can attach our mind to everything wherever the curiosity led us or the need – in the dream and reality, in the present, past or future, in this world and in the subtle worlds – you need only to know where exactly to send it.

With attention, we can wander through the maze of your own or someone else's energy, changing something there up to our choice.

With attention, we can connect our consciousness and energy in order to "connect" with any Power of the Universe, using its help for your own purposes.

Our attention is inextricably linked to our consciousness, and consciousness is connected to all the subtle bodies, so exactly through this channel, we can connect your energy body to anything.

This is a very simple and effective mechanism: the more you concentrate your attention on those or other energy centers or subtle bodies, the quicker they are activated, are filled with energy and are formed.

Also, shifting your attention to them, you get the access to them for further work: for cleaning and harmonization, for developing practices etc.

Attention is our most important and the first conductor and assistant absolutely in all our affairs.

When they need it, for our attention people around us, egregors, Powers of the Universe and beings of the subtle worlds are "beating" and "fighting." Everyone sometimes needs our attention or rather – our energy that comes after it.

Think about it in your spare time: watch out for your family and the people around you, for the media, for advertising, sellers of goods and services, the politicians and for even passers – how sometimes they clamoring for your attention.

Because capturing once our attention, they have a chance to create a communication channel through which you can manage our subtle bodies and continuously receive a small piece of our energy – in the form of personal power, money or time, in the form of our work, care or help and even in the form of our will expression at the ballot box.

That is why our attention should be systematically protected, preserved, and guided reasonable – it all begins there. Because without attention we are unmanageable for ourselves, but for other people we are easily controlled puppets.

Spray your attention to everything and to everybody, without thinking and without controlling it – this is one extreme. To be a doll in the hands of others – it is sad, unwise and energetically unsafe.

But I do not urge you to completely close your attention from the outside world – it would be the other extreme – everything is good in the measure of.

You can act differently.

First of all you need to clearly understand the consequences of these "connections" of attention. And the very attention can be trained not to "cling" for all in a row but to glide around the surface that is trying to attract it.

You just need to touch slightly and select items for deeper involvement very carefully.


And here you will find lots of great exercises, and for the development of attention including.

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Great article! Even a simple look into the eyes of a passer-by already opens the channel, and it will be much easier to address to this passer-by, for example, with your problem or advertising)). And quite the opposite situation, when you are in headphones and do not look into the eyes of passersby... I think I clearly explained my opinion)