El Camino Del Autoconocimiento - Psicología Y Autodesarrollo. Cómo Llegamos A Esotérico

What do you think, for what we are living?

Thinking this way or another we still come to the conclusion that most of us are driven by one desire – FULFILLMENT OF DESIRES.

At least half the time :)

That is why we are so interested in psychology and self-development, the value of self-identity and the ways how to change own destiny, esoteric, magic and all sorts of secret mystical knowledge.

We want to fish there something for ourselves.

To be able to apply it and it becomes easier to live for us.

That's so simple.

The most zealous spend a lot of effort, time, and money. Others – just WANT to, but do nothing for that.

Any activity of people who want to change something in their lives - all their thoughts, aspirations, desires and actions; long-term study of esoteric literature; visiting various psycho trainings, magicians, shamans or spiritual Teachers; passage of spiritual practices, rites or magic rituals – all this, in the end, is aimed only at two specific results:

• at neutralizing or destroying of some qualities, phenomena, processes or events that happen within a person or in some areas of his life;

• at implementation or development of new properties, phenomena, processes or events that people want to have happened inside or in some areas of his life.

And if to say in one sentence, all their aspirations are aimed at CHANGING of the situation in a favorable direction.


In order for spent energy to begin to bring real and fast results, you should at least roughly understand the basic rules and principles of the game, to know all the factors influencing these processes, all participants (helpers and opponents in the subtle worlds) and understand – that we need to do and what not to do.

At this point, I want to make something clear, and to highlight the key point. Moving in this direction, most people are looking hard for "panacea" – accumulate mountains of information and with varying effectiveness apply them in their lives.

Their main motivation looks like this:

"Where can I find someone or something new and super-efficient, any secret scientific, magical, or mystical knowledge or objects – something like that, which is known only to the "chosen?".

And their search focused only on how to get into the circle of that "chosen," - they are looking desperately for years, the knowledge of WHAT ELSE CAN BE DONE?

New useful information, new experience, skills and abilities – is good, of course: they expand our perception of the world, develop us and make us more versatile and "all-knowing" to others, but there is one thing...

When we apply in our lives new knowledge, which ARE NOT AIMED at destruction of the destructive programs, our old system of thinking and responding to the world IS NOT GOING AWAY.

They will be manifested in our lives the same as before and will lead to exactly the same negative consequences. And no new and top secret knowledge or Teachers will not help us to change the situation.

In this regard, I invite you to shift the focus a little bit – in the first place you need to look for knowledge – WHAT NOT TO DOMORE and to actively apply them in your lives.

Exactly on this and I would like to focus your attention.

First of all, you need to quickly and deeply clean yourself of all the "old garbage" which does not allow the most efficient to appear for all new and useful, whatever we learned and what we have not learned.

First, our "old garbage" just throws all the new settings and useful programs, and secondly – there is simply not enough space and the free energy for something "new" in our energy body because "all places and feeders are busy" with old and rooted for many years settings.

That is why so many well-read, intelligent and diligent people are appeared who not only read "smart" books, but also are studying in different Teachers, pass a lot of religious rites or magic rituals, travel to the places of Power, but do not achieve at least some significant results in changing themselves and their lives.

This is because they put the wrong accents from the very beginning – what and why you need to do that and what it depends on and that is the major, the minor in this matter.

We will analyze in details in this book of which systems our energetic body consist of, we will consider the characteristics of the basic energies of the Universe, which form it, we will link this with the levels of the Universe, also we will get acquainted with the creatures of subtle worlds and Powers of the Universe.

You should at least in general terms represent, from what energies we are made up, how we receive them, how they are transformed into other types of energy through which energy centers, in other words – through what features of character we can save and store energy. And also – what is in our energy body can hinder or help our desires to be realized.

All this is the fundamental knowledge that will help you to work effectively not only with your own energy, but also to right interact with the Powers of the Universe that for various reasons can hinder or help us through life.

Understanding these processes will help you to learn to manage your emotional state, health, the aging rate, the welfare of your own "life script."

For available and ocular explanations I will refer to some sources with links to the author and the title of the book, so that you could, if desired, independently analyze their work.

I am sure that after reading my book and literature to which I refer you strongly and deeply enough will change – you can take for yourself a lot of useful knowledge and come to unexpected conclusions.

Some parts of the text may seem a bit heavy due to the complexity of the topic. I also know that many readers do not like to accept, as it seems, a lot of unnecessary information - I am also such reader, believe me.

Each of us in any book is looking for our missing "bricks" – exactly that will link all that we know in a single picture.

When re-reading the mountains of books we "fish out" exactly those answers that we do not know how to explain and all other undue our mind automatically discards as unnecessary.

The reader is also sometimes difficult to follow all the semantic patterns and multi-level logical calculations of some authors and as the result in the course of reading, he just loses the thread of meaning – from what we started and where we came.

When for one or another reason it is difficult to understand the information for the reader, he begins to be distracted, irritated or he just wants to sleep. All this, of course, does not bring satisfaction to all of us.

By the way, for sure, I am also to some extent related to the authors whose thoughts are not always easy to follow. Please, do not keep evil for my shortcomings in the writer's craft – I promise to train hard in future.

But, believe me, no matter what difficulties you experience when reading, there is one magic thing in this case:

even when you're just reading and even realizing the information a little, it starts to somehow mysteriously be absorbed in you and begins to slowly adjust all your "software."


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