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How our physiology functions – is what we were taught in school. And here is how our energy body functions – is that we do not see with our eyes – know only seeing people.

But each of us should at least understand in general terms what is inside of our aura and how it works to be able to protect our energy.

Chakras and subtle bodies, the assembling point, the ego and the mind, useful and malicious settle nearby...

All this is now living inside of us with its own life.

It can work like a clock or break, spoil our lives or, conversely, help in every way.

And we do not even notice this.

Because we do Not know, we do Not see or do Not believe in all this.


Besides, with a very long delay.

Listen to a short clip about what our aura consists of, how the creatures from the subtle worlds look like, and WHAT can "catch" the magic malicious programs – settle nearby, evil eyes, hoodoos, damnations?

Turn the subtitles on the video or read...

(An excerpt from the training course "Why the gods do not hear us 2.0")

I would like to briefly tell you, how the energy body or aura of a person looks like.

Our physical form, like an onion, wrap one after another several layers of energy (subtle bodies) which together form what we commonly call the energy body.

Each layer is endowed with its own individual features, but they are all related to each other and to the physical body. (More detailed description of all the subtle bodies individually read at the II level of studying in Chapter 10, "Subtle bodies – general information").

The size and density of the energy body directly depends on the amount of energy that a person is able to generate. If he is in a critical near-death state, the size of his aura will be no more than one meter in diameter.

A person with a low level of energy aura diameter is about three to four meters. With an average level of energy in the winter season the aura is up to six meters in diameter with a height of about three meters.

In summer, the size is increased to seventeen meters with a height of about five or six meters. And during each full moon the aura slightly increases.

For people who are engaged in healing, spiritual practices and lead a spiritual life – a normal situation is when the diameter of the aura is more than twenty meters.

The first subtle body (near the physical body) is the smallest and most dense. It extends beyond the physical body for 1-2 mm. And all next – the more remotely they are from the physical body, the lower density and large size they have.

All inanimate (non-living) objects have only one energy layer which stands beyond the solid body limits for 1-2 mm. This layer is an energy matrix or an etheric copy which "holds" the material shape of the body.

But when in any inanimate object is embedded any program, information or emotion, in a word – any energy information program, the second energy body appears then in that item that contains what "invested" in it.

As you know, all our personal items are imbued with our energy. The same mechanism is laid down in the creation of "live" icons, holy water and food, amulets, talismans and protective charms, statues and any other items of Power. And in the same way the "live" objects are create through which you can transfer all the negative programs – the evil eyes, hoodoos, damnations etc.

Human aura basically looks like a colorful glowing ball or egg-shaped cocoon. This ball both on the surface and inside is laced with numerous energy threads – emanations of the Creator. However, often the "deformed" people come across – their cocoon has a shape close to a rectangular or other intricate shapes.

Variegation of energy body is due to its continuous cycle of energies of varying quality and thus of vibration frequencies variety which corresponds to a certain luminosity.

Human cocoon is usually divided into two vertical hemispheres with the division in the middle (in the spine line). However, it is divided into three or four parts in some people. Such people have a rare configuration of the energy body, and unlike most people, they possess extraordinary abilities and increased energy resources.

In the center of the cocoon in the area of the chest there is a small ball that has an intense golden luminosity – much brighter than in the rest space of the cocoon. It is the soul of man which forms one of the subtle bodies – the body of the soul.

In our energy body there are also more than hundred points of intense light of different sizes which are connected by numerous energy channels. These are the primary and secondary energy centers (chakras) which are projected across all physical body with two exceptions: the upper is projected overhead 10-15 cm., the lower is 30-70 cm. under the feet...

The main chakras are placed on the spine line (from the feet to the crown) – through three vertical energy chakra channels. Total number of working chakras may differ significantly in different people – it directly depends on their level of spiritual and energy development.

In addition to the energy centers we also have a small but very bright point – it is called the assembling point. The assembling point – is an assembly of our mind, controller of external world perception or system of world cognition. With its help, we are building and at the same time we perceive the external world in that form in which we see it with our eyes.

The assembling point – is also the regulator of all mental and physical sensations, states, moods, as well as the shape and the sex of our physical body, the perception of other worlds and the infinite set of other "miracles."

It's located on the outside of cocoon in the front upper part of it, and according to other sources – at the back between the shoulder blades. It is lit with bright amber color and highlights some of the nearby emanation beams of the Creator which pass through so-called "human space" of perception.

The assembling point moves continuously in this section following the change of our mental and physical states.

In addition to the physical body, plurality of subtle bodies, assembling points and energy centers in human being in childhood is formed another, as it turns out, dominant structure is ego.

But the ego is not a point of light and it is not available for perception of seeing one. The ego is formed in the next few years after our birth and grows with us, gradually subduing our mind (body of thoughts).

The ego, if I may say so – is the will guide of energy parasites and the storage of all our destructive programs which we regularly use in our lives.

And the mind is the conductor of soul, conscience and will of the Creator, as well as a storage of all the positive programs.

The mind and ego are two radically different systems within us with the help of which we perceive the world around us, we compare all its components together and give them our assessment (on mental and emotional level).

And what system is stronger that colors our perception.

The mind and ego help us to perceive the outside world – with their help we are able to generate some kind of thoughts and feel any emotions that drive us to some actions.

With their help we are in some way identify yourself and compare with other personalities. With their help we can evaluate themselves and our actions, starting from the "ideal" to which we strive.


Also, quite often in the human energy field there are different settles nearby and bindings – both hostile and friendly to us. It may be: people – energy vampires, the souls of dead people or animals, ghosts, demons, devils, guardian angels, gods, demigods, Teachers, Saints, totems, egregores, generic and acquired programs, taken root magic programs (evil eyes, hoodoos, damnations, spells, programs for luck, wealth, health, etc).

And something of these can live in our aura, but something has just simple channel-bindings and lives out of our aura.

By the way, I want to once again remind you about important point – it will be very useful as an additional argument for the need to "remove" your destructive programs.

Any magical effect on person, both positive and negative, is possible only because the programs prepared and sent to the priests, wizards, witches, shamans, sorcerers, psychics etc. have something where to join in the aura of a person.

They just have something through to enter there.

And if we talk about negative impact, as you probably already understood – such points of entering and channels to enter our aura are all destructive programs, which by their vibrations are similar to any negative vibrations bindings and settles nearby.

Magicians attach these programs to specific human chakras or to the "weak spots" of psychoenergetics. However, the magic programs themselves easily "find" the point of attachment accordingly the similar type of vibration.

Then they are implanted in the energy body: connect to the chakra system and through it – to the nervous system, break the daily work of the chakras and through them try to control the body of thoughts, body of emotions and through them – to the physical body.

At the same time they take under control all the destructive programs – their "allies" and "servants" and try to block all the positive programs and friendly Powers of the Universe that protect and help us.

But there is one important point. Will they take root or will be neutralized – it depends on a number of factors...


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