If you don't know where you are going,
you will probably end up somewhere else.
                               — Laurence J. Peter





Cumplimiento de deseos

Muchas Maneras De Pedir Un Deseo, Pero Por Qué No Se Hacen Realidad

Over the past few centuries, people invented many ways to fulfill their desires, but the problem is that they do not work with modern people. There is one OBSTACLE about which knows only a few people and almost no one speaks.

Arte negro, maldición, mal de ojo

Hoodoo, Mal De Ojo, Hechizos: Cómo Identificarse

How do you think your field looks like on aura camera? Why do our chakras start to hurt? How to close the energy losses and protect yourself against magical attacks...

Desarrollo de la personalidad

3 Eye También Se Equivoca: ¿Por Qué Los Videntes Ven El Aura De Manera Diferente?

Oddly enough, but seeing can also make mistakes and incorrectly describe what they see for some reasons. Who are the seeing people and how they differ from the clairvoyants and from what does the PURITY OF THEIR VISION depend on?

Energía humana

Cómo Fortalecer La Inmunidad A Un Adulto Con Ejercicios Simples

Why the energy is so important for us, to what consequences the problems with its lack result, how to raise and strengthen the immune system with the help of energy.

Cumplimiento de deseos

Cómo Cumplir Un Deseo: La Tarjeta De Deseos Correcta

Do you still remember about what you dreamt and what you wanted to achieve in this life?