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"Protecting And Strengthening The Aura, Developing The Intuition, Deep Relaxation, Work With The Desires"

Add only the Collection of video practices + $46.99
Add only the Course "PRACTICES" + $36.99

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I want to make you an extra – a very favorable offer for you.

Ordering the training-video "How to reduce your fear in 1 day", you probably want not only to understand the problem of fear, but for a short period would like to make your energy much stronger and more secure, and might want to work with the desires under my system, where I took into account the disadvantages of the known techniques of wish fulfillment.

So I suggest you to book a VIP-version of the course "PRACTICES" that includes in addition to video training two additional modules that complement well each other.

Firstly: This is my original course "Why the gods do not hear us: PRACTICES 2.0", with very simple but effective exercises that will help you to quickly swing the energy, remove the traces of negative karma and learn to work with the desires.

And secondly: You get the collection with 15 video-exercises with the help of which you will be much easier to achieve the desired results.

Because watching video, you do not need to imagine something in your mind – you simply connect yourself with the energy counterpart on the screen and simultaneously do the simple movements.

Here's what you can achieve with additions*:


Using simple techniques, you can protect your aura from the evil eye, hoodoo, damnations, psychological pressure, NLP manipulations and energy vampires.

In fact, all our troubles arise from the fact that our aura passes energy impacts and does not notice the theft of energy for many malicious channels.

I mean the layer of aura that is responsible for protection, simply DO NOT WORK with most of people.

This leads to diseases, mental disorders, bad luck and misfortunes, drug addiction and alcoholism and many to many other unhealthy conditions.

So that energy protection is one of the most important things for our well-being.

And if you want to be protected as much as possible, these practices are just what you need!

You'll make your ENERGY much stronger and strengthen your HEALTH

With the help of video-practices to activate chakras and to fulfill with the energy you increase the flow of material and spiritual energy in several times.

For what do you need this?

For example, if you do not have enough material energy this may cause the problems with money and health.

And if you do not have enough spiritual energy, different negative states may appear – anxiety, stresses and depressions, chronic fatigue and so on.

Therefore, ideally you need to learn how to get as much energy as possible.

We need it for many things: for fine – smooth and calm emotional state, for strong immunity and good health, to protect us against stresses, to awaken intuition and to fulfill our desires.

You can develop your INTUITION

In these two courses there are many different exercises for awakening the "third eye" which is responsible for intuition and super powers.

I'll not tell you a long story about the usefulness of this obtainment – you already know about it well.

People with a developed intuition go through life the fastest and most simple way to the most correct decisions.

They almost never make serious mistakes.

"The third eye" will save you a lot of time, money, and nerves!

You'll learn how to quickly CALM DOWN

You will be able to quickly stop your internal dialogue and raging emotions, relax and sink into complete inner silence.

Exactly in such moments, your psyche, energy, and physics restore and recover very quickly.

And exactly in such moments the Universe hears your desires.

You'll learn how to make a DESIRES CORRECTLY

I have developed my own technique of execution of desires, taking into consideration the disadvantages of the known techniques:

• how to create the list of desires, how to visualize them;

• how to select the appropriate Powers of the Universe for those or other tasks;

• who to contact and who is better not to do disturb;

• how to create the energy connection with them;

• and how to transmit your thought-forms so that they work.

You'll be able to clean regularly and HARMONIZE YOUR AURA with the help of sound and color

There are four video practices in my course for cleaning and harmonization using shaman drum sounds, Bija mantras and Tibetan singing bowls.

It's very simple but very powerful tool to strengthen the energetic.

All that you need is just to turn on the video, watch, and listen. And your chakras themselves will be adjusted to the sound and color of IDEAL CHAKRAS.

There is another very useful thing – REWRITING OF NEGATIVE KARMA

This practice removes the damaging influence of experienced stressful situations, which subconsciously continually steal our energy to "tone down" the pain from these stresses.

If you put together all of your stressful situations, then to "cover" them takes a tremendous amount of energy that you do not have enough for good health, dreams, and many other valuables.

This practice will help you to "rewrite" the stress situations in order to stop the losses of energy.

I told only about a small part of what you'll find in these courses.

The first course contains 25 meditations and exercises on different occasions.

The collection of video-exercises contains 15 video practices with a total duration in 3.5 hours.

For each practice, there is a text description: what exactly and how it develops, how to do it correctly, what side effects may occur and all the key moments and warnings.

These two products are good because they are in complex and from different sides dress your energy, it means, much faster they'll give a positive result.

If you have time, pass all the practices gradually and in a few months, you'll not recognize yourself.

And if time is chronically lacking and you need results right now, choose and do only those practices that will help you to quickly deal with the problem – to protect from someone, to enhance the immunity, to clean the aura, to make a wish, or get an intuitive answer to a difficult question.

Even if you only use part of the exercises, many more abilities will appear than the average person has.

If these courses are purchased separately, they'll cost

However, now you can add them to the set just for extra
with the 75% off discount that I give to new subscribers.

And more:

If during the first 7 days of training you find out that the training is not for you, I insist on you receiving all of your money back.
1. Video-training "How to reduce your fears in 1 day" 
2. Course "PRACTICES 2.0" (25 practices and meditations)
3. Collection of video practices (15 video-exercises 3.5 hours)

Now you can get a VIP-version just $256.00 $64.00!

Add only the Collection of video practices + $46.99
Add only the Course "PRACTICES" + $36.99
*Achieving the desired results of each participant may differ
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