Remote participation in the rites of Odin on the Vernal Equinox for cleaning, healing and fulfillment of desires

It's a great day to get rid of any negativity within ourselves and in our lives, to reach a new level of development, to clean bad karma, to make a wish and to ask the Higher powers and Forefathers to help in healing, strengthening and improving well-being.

What do you need to do
The procedure is almost the same as during the days of the Power. Right now, write on a computer or on paper on the top of the following sentence:

"I thank my Forefathers for help in all my deals! Help me to be cleaned from bad karma and from all negativity and obstacles that are in my life, and help my desires to come true".

Then, below, you need to make two lists:

1st – the list of people with whom you have had some negative life situations;
2nd – the list of your desires and what you want to get rid of.

First list.

Remember and write down the names of people to whom you have caused a lot of pain over the past few years, hurt or injustice (not easy home quarrels but what engraved in the memory for a long time). Description of situation is not necessary – just a number and a name.

Naturally, it is difficult to remember all the situations at once, so remember gradually, but the full list needs to be up till 22:00 March 20-21st. Therefore, starting from this moment, remember every day new cases and enter the names of "victims" of your actions or inactions.

Or take a break for 30 minutes and remember everybody and do it at once – as you prefer.

At this stage you do not need to remember the situation in details (as it was), and more over it is not necessary to argue internally and to understand (who was right and wrong, enter it or not).

The meaning of this action is to REMEMBER and write down as many negative situations, where you intentionally or unintentionally offended a person by something and on the Day of the Power to CLEAN of this negativity as much as possible.

All this negative karma unnoticeably, but always hurts your present and future – on energy and health, luck, prosperity, success and so on, so these "nodes" should be untying from time to time and Days of Power for this are the best time.

The second list.

First, write whatever you want to buy: qualities of character, health, happiness, love, wealth, meet your soul mate etc., and then from what you want to get rid of – the enemies, fears, troubles, sickness, poverty etc.

For example:

1. I have good health.
2. I got a new good job/start a business/I concluded the good deal, etc.
3. I met my soul mate.
4. I got rid of fears.
5. I got rid of life problems.

etc. write down every wish as if it has already happened.

In the first list of "negative" read the first name and briefly recall the situation that you have with him.

Realize that in that moment for some reason, you both did not cope with the situation, you have done badly or not as you wished; that you regret in this, that you apologize sincerely to the man for the harm, and that you want to "replay" the situation to prevent this negative in your life.

Then remember the man's face, take a deep inhale and when exhaling send him from the heart the energy of Love and the request for forgiveness and reconciliation, and your message will really come to him – he will remember about you and feel those emotions that you sent him. And do so with each person on the list.

If possible, you can also ask forgiveness from all those people a little later in real life and if possible, to correct the situation – try to make peace with them.
What's going on here
With this actions you untie karmic knots and clean your karma and thus clean your present and future, you return the old debts, restore harmony in human relations through sincere apology, and improve yourself on the deepest levels.

The strength of the Vernal Equinox and your Forefathers help those who REALLY want to improve yourself, start a new life and to correct past mistakes.

After that, take a list of desires and read the first wish.

Say it to yourself and for a few seconds, minutes clearly imagine what you want to buy – focus on the image and on your joyful emotion from this, which you will have when you get it.

Do this with every desire.

What are you doing with this

You put in the Universe and Time the programs to perform, and the necessary rites and Day of Power are pushing them to implement. And on a sub consciousness level you clean out the blocks and restrictions that prevent your desires to be fulfilled and program yourself in their adoption.

If you have a lot of personal power, no internal restrictions on those desires, and desires are not contrary to the programs of your soul and the laws of the Universe, they will come true soon enough, if you, of course, will be regularly fed them with your personal power. For more details about the execution of desires.

After that send me on my email the letter with the subject "Spring Equinox" exactly THIS picture that you have "charged" and for 3 nights on the Day of Power on the Place of Power I will send your "message" to your Forefathers and I will do very powerful rituals for all participants to improve health and improve life circumstances.

If you for some reasons do not want to send a photo, please send only the wish list and name.

So, there was a lot of text, but in reality everything is simple:

1. Make the 1st list of people with whom you have had a serious negative over the past few years.
2. Make the 2nd list of desires – what to buy and what to get rid of.
3. Read the 1st list and replay (reset to zero) the negative situations.
4. Read the 2nd list and with a clear picture and a strong emotion, visualize your wishes.
5. Send me these lists by mail until 20-21st of March inclusive, and on the Day of Power on the Place of Power I do the strong rites and send your "message" to the Powers of the Universe on Day of power at the Place of Power.

If for some reasons you do not want to send me a photo, send only the list of desires and your name, this will also be enough.

How do I do this
Each day of Power we together with colleagues and students do the rites aimed at cleaning and fulfillment of desires for all participants.

We take the lists of desires or photos (if they are needed for the rites) yours or relatives, students and clients and with the help of Vedic rites pass the "messages" to the Powers of the Universe.
But according to the rules of karmic interactions I can not do for you some work for free – it will be useless and we need to exchange with something, so send me, for example, $29 on PayPal

This is a purely symbolic figure, because my rites are much more expensive. The rites and rituals, consultation, cleaning, more in details

If your family or friends want to join us, let them do the same lists and give them to you in electronic form.

You can send the lists of all wishing to in your letter, then when paying you need to put down the number of participants. 1 member – 1 payment.

Do all this and then watch what will change in your life and send me your feedback.

And do not forget about the next Day of Power – it will be Velikden (Day of Dazhdbog, Day of Yarylo, Flower Festival, Day of Spring Fairy), which will be on 5th of April.
Attention! So that I had time to prepare – take all mail letters of all participants and print them, please, order the participation right now, and send the lists as soon as possible, do not postpone, please, on the last day.

If you have some personal questions, please, write me
The offer is actual:
Загрузка таймера
Write down in your calendar in the phone and participate in all the major Days of Power this year:

1. Slavic New Year (Winter Solstice, Christmas, Novoletie, Kolyada, Christmastide, Prosinets, Month of sun building-up, Yule) - December 21-22
2. Vodokres (Day of Veles, Blessing of the Waters, Turitsa winter) - January 6
3. Gromnitsa (Candlemas Imbolk, Winter Perun, Day of Groundhog) - February 1-2
4. Maha Shivaratri (the great Night of Lord Shiva) - February 13-14
5. The vernal equinox (Farewell to Winter; 40 Saints (40 Sebaste Martyrs), Mardi Gras (Komoeditsa, Cheese Week), Easter (Ostara)) - March 21-22
6. Velikden (Day of Dazhdbog, Day of Yarylo, Flower Festival, Day of Spring Fairy) - April 5-7
7. Rahmansky Velikden (Beltane (on the night of May 1), Red Hill, Radunitsa) - the end of April - beginning of May
8. The summer solstice (the World Fire Festival, the birth of Kupalo) - June 21-22
9. Ivan Kupala - July 6-7
10. Vyshnii Perun's Day (Day of Storms and Heaven, Elijah-Prophet, Lammas) - August 1-4-5
11. Autumn Equinox (Day of Makosh, Mabon) - September 21-22
12. Rusaliya (Halloween, Night of Veles, Samhain, All Saints' Day) - October 31 - November 1

* Each year, these dates may be slightly shifted.

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