Indirect participation in the rites of Odin on Gromnitsy (Candlemas, Winter Perun, Imbolk, Groundhog Day)

Gromnitsa is a great day to make a wish, to ask the Higher powers and Forefathers for healing and to help to improve the well-being, as well as to clean and defend against the dark powers and magical effects.

On this day, all the powers encourage to add yourself what is missing and to get rid of all unnecessary and harmful.

What should be done
The procedure is the same as in the previous Days of Power.

1. Right now write in a computer or on paper on top the following sentence:

I thank all my Forefathers for help in all my deals! Please help me with these desires.

Next, write the list of everything you want to get – qualities of character, health, happiness, love, wealth, meet your soul mate, etc. and below describe what you want to get rid of – the enemies, fears, diseases, poverty, severe mental conditions, etc.

It will look like this:

I thank all my Forefathers for help in all my deals! Please help me with these desires:

1. I have a good health.
2. I have got a new good job/started a business/I concluded the profitable deal, etc.
3. I met my soul mate.
4. I get rid of fears.
5. I got rid of life problems.

And so on, write down every wish as if it has already happened.

2. Then open on the computer your picture (this is your real ethereal double), look at him and slowly tell HIM all that you wrote.

When telling each setting clearly visualize what you want to buy for a few seconds – focus on the picture and on its joyful emotions about it for a few seconds.

What are you doing with this
You invest in your double the programs to perform and the Day of Power helps them to materialize. Also, you clean out the blocks that prevent realizing of your wishes and program yourself for their adoption on a subconscious level.

3. After that send me on my email the letter with the subject "Gromnitsa" exactly THIS picture that you have "charged" and like the last holiday – I will do the rites and send your "message" to the Powers of the Universe on Day of power at the Place of Power.

If for some reasons you do not want to send me a photo, send only the list of desires and your name, this will also be enough.

How do I do this
On this night we together with colleagues and students will do the strong rites aimed at the fulfillment of desires for all participants.

We take the lists of desires and photos, photos of family and loved ones, students and clients and with the help of Vedic rites we pass the "message" to the Powers of the Universe.

But according to the rules of karmic interactions we have something to share with you: first of all I need is your DESIRE to participate in this process and to print your 3 photos and for fair exchange of energy – I need a small amount, such as $29 on PayPal

This is a purely symbolic figure, because my work on rites costs slightly higher, see here The rites and rituals, consultation, cleaning more in details

If your family or friends want to join us, let them do with their photo or their list the same actions and will give you electronically.

You can send photos and lists of all wishing to participate in your letter, then when paying you need to put down the number of participants. 1 member – 1 payment.

Generally, there is all.

Do all this, take a swim in the ice-hole, clean yourself, your family, your home and car with Gromnitsa candle and then watch what will change in your life and send me your feedback.

And do not forget about the next Day of Power which will be on February 21-22 - Maha Shivaratri (the great Night of Lord Shiva).

Days of Power and Places of Power are very powerful assistants to change your destiny, so the magicians and healers always use these opportunities to work with their clients and students.
Attention! So I had time to prepare – take all letters and photos of all the participants from the mail and print them, order the participation right now, and send your photos or lists as soon as possible, do not postpone, please, for the last day. If there are some personal questions, also write on the box or in the feedback form.
The offer is actual:

Загрузка таймера

Write down in your calendar in the phone and participate in all the major Days of Power this year:
1. Slavic New Year (Winter Solstice, Christmas, Novoletie, Kolyada, Christmastide, Prosinets, Month of sun building-up, Yule) - December 21-22
2. Vodokres (Day of Veles, Blessing of the Waters, Turitsa winter) - January 6
3. Gromnitsa (Candlemas Imbolk, Winter Perun, Day of Groundhog) - February 2
4. Maha Shivaratri (the great Night of Lord Shiva) - February 21-22
5. The vernal equinox (Farewell to Winter; 40 Saints (40 Sebaste Martyrs), Mardi Gras (Komoeditsa, Cheese Week), Easter (Ostara)) - March 21-22
6. Velikden (Day of Dazhdbog, Day of Yarylo, Flower Festival, Day of Spring Fairy) - April 5
7. Rahmansky Velikden (Beltane (on the night of May 1), Red Hill, Radunitsa) - the end of April - beginning of May
8. The summer solstice (the World Fire Festival, the birth of Kupalo) - June 21-22
9. Ivan Kupala - July 6-7
10. Vyshnii Perun's Day (Day of Storms and Heaven, Elijah-Prophet, Lammas) - August 1-4-5
11. Autumn Equinox (Day of Makosh, Mabon) - September 21-22
12. Rusaliya (Halloween, Night of Veles, Samhain, All Saints' Day) - October 31 - November 1

* Each year, these dates may be slightly shifted.
(это переключатель на англ таймер)