"How To Protect Yourself Against The Evil Eye And Hoodoo, To Develop The Abilities, Clean And Reveal The Chakras!"
Get the talisman against the evil eye and hoodoo: video for the cleaning the aura and chakras

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My name is Odin. I’m a psychologist, coach, Reiki Grand Master, and Certificated Spiritual Healer.

I want to tell you, how in a simple way you can protect your aura from the evil eyes and curse, how you can develop the abilities, clear and reveal your chakras

Since ancient times the healers used sound and color for treating people and harmonizing energy.

And when the aura is cleaning the emotional and physical health is quickly restored and business establishes in all spheres of life.

Every ideal harmonious chakra has a particular color, rhythm and sound tonality.

And if for some reason (a magical effect, long-term negative emotions, stresses and depressions, energy leak, etc.) the work of some chakras is affected, then the rhythm and speed are DISORDERED and there is an unhealthy color.

If not to stop this process, the work of all energy sector will be disordered. And then the diseases, life failures or accidents come.

Cleanliness and protection of chakras is that minimum that we need to maintain a normal mode of life!

To solve this problem there is a very simple but effective practice.

It is perfectly fit for those who never have enough time for some regular "long" sessions.

Just a few sessions and you will feel its healing effect!

With the help of sound and color, you will be able to regularly CLEAN your chakras from the magic garbage and TIGHTEN their condition under the condition of ideal, harmonious and healthy chakras.

And for this you only need
to watch and listen!
This is the very case when the total relaxation and passivity help.

With this practice, you do not need to visualize anything in mind.

You see the human aura on the screen, "associate" it with your aura and simply watch and listen how the sound and color for each chakra change.

And under this influence your chakras spontaneously fit to the state of the ideal, healthy chakras with the RIGHT sound and color.
You must use the four versions of the practices with:

Bija mantras;
Shaman drum rhythms;
Sounds of Tibetan singing bowls;
And the shaman drum with Tibetan bowls.

Each practice good harmonizes the chakras on its way, so ideally they should be rotated – every day a different version.
These practices will help to protect and tighten the chakras, fill them with energy, relieve tension and blocks and awaken the dormant powers of your energy.

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Make your order right now and you will have a great tool to protect and harmonize the aura!
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