If you don't know where you are going,
you will probably end up somewhere else.
                               — Laurence J. Peter





Personal Development

The third eye can also be wrong: why the seeing people see the aura differently

Oddly enough, but seeing can also make mistakes and incorrectly describe what they see for some reasons. Who are the seeing people and how they differ from the clairvoyants and from what does the PURITY OF THEIR VISION depend on?

Human Energy

How To Strengthen The Immune System With Simple Exercises

Why the energy is so important for us, to what consequences the problems with its lack result, how to raise and strengthen the immune system with the help of energy.

Fulfillment Of Desires

How to fulfill the desire – the right desire map

Do you still remember about what you dreamt and what you wanted to achieve in this life? Listen to an audio podcast and you will know what to do with your desires at first – how to make a wish correctly and how to make a desire map.

Human Energy

Why we do not see the energy

The eyes of the majority of us are not able to see the energy. And exactly what makes up everything in our Universe. Why do our brain hides from us all this?

Negative Programs

About the meaning of life: how to die incorrectly

Today we have a bit gloomy topic... I want to tell you how at the moment of death our soul will leave our body and what does it depend on.