Hello, my name is Odin.

I’m a psychologist, coach, Reiki Grand Master, Certificated Spiritual Healer with 15 years of experience in helping people, expert in the field of human psycho-energy.

I’m studying and practicing Hinduism, Shamanism, the tradition of the ancient Slavs and many other systems more than 15 years. I can see the aura of a person and can tell you what's going on with your aura and how to debug it work.

I’ve developed a unique author system for rapid self-development, cleaning and strengthening the psyche and energy, rejuvenation and healing of the body that’ll help you get rid of many of life problems.

If you want to attract money and luck, to change your life for the better, to protect yourselves from the negative energy effects, to raise immunity, to get rid of chronic fatigue, stress and depression,


Rites Per Days Of Power

Beltayn (Rakhmansky Great Day, Easter, Red Hill, Radunitsa)

What can be done these days for cleaning, healing and fulfillment of desires.

There was a big deal that I could not push for half of the year…
odin-sadashiva.com Hello! I had a problem – a big deal that I could not push for six months.Everything depended on the number of people who prevented. The deal was absolutely honest and people insisted on a big kick-back.A friend advised to write about this problem to his teacher (he was passing the...
It took me three months to change my life!
odin-sadashiva.com Good afternoon, Odin! Just a few months ago I would not have believed it possible. That I myself will be able to create my own future and it will work!What kind of problems did I have?Three years ago I got a divorce from my husband and since my personal life did not go well. I always come across...
Everything is not so difficult – you have to realize a few things!
odin-sadashiva.com Recently, somewhere in the Internet I read the notes about Odin, they say, he swung too much – he took a very heavy problem and said it could be solved quickly. Previously I thought so myself. But six months passed, I learned three levels, apply the new settings in life and now do not think...