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My name is Odin. 

I am a psychologist, psychic practitioner and life coach, Certificated bioenergy therapist and Spiritual Healer with 15 years of experience in helping people, expert in the fields of human psychoenergetics, self-culture and techniques for desires to come true, Reiki Grand Master, consecrated in Reiki system of 4 stages (Mikao Usui lineage – the founder of the Reiki).

I see the energy and can tell you what's going on with your aura and how to debug it work. Every day I help hundreds of people to find and remove magic garbage, the reasons of failures in life, illnesses and many other destructive conditions.

I have developed a unique author system for rapid self-development, cleaning and strengthening the psyche and energy, rejuvenation and healing of the body. It was used by more than 700,000 people from all over the world during this time. 

I am sure, with the help of this system you also can quickly achieve positive results: protect and strengthen your psychoenergetics, uncover mystical abilities and learn how to interact with the powers of the Universe to fulfill your desires.

I engaged in healing, psychology and spirituality for more than 15 years. I am an author of trainings in psychology and psychoenergetics "Why the gods do not hear us or How to make desires come true". 

I practice the most effective techniques of self-development of Hinduism, Shamanism, tradition of ancient Slavs, cossack SPAS and many other systems.


My project will be very interesting for those who want to understand one of the most important questions of man:

Why the gods do not hear us, and HOW do we need to "speak" to them to be heard and helped?

But if we translate it into a purely practical level we are interested in very simple things: why the Universe or supernatural powers, which we name the god, spirits, angels, archangels, etc. DO NOT HELP us in our desires?

What exactly blocks, how quickly to remove these obstacles and how to establish contact with them?

Since childhood I have always been interested in everything mystical and unusual. I was especially interested in relationship of man and the supernatural powers that can both help us and mercilessly hurt.

On what does it depend, and what's the secret?

Maybe the point is to what faith we are "tied" deep in our childhood by our parents?

Or in the language we speak with our gods – in the prayers of Christians, tefillas of Jews, Hindus mantras or shamans rituals?

And maybe the point is the egregore of which religion is the oldest, the strongest or the most correct?

Or in the "color" of magic that people adore to use as a cunning and invisible weapon against their opponents?
Studying for many years all these questions I came to the following conclusion:

In reality, everything is much easier!

The secret is only in ourselves. Exactly is in the capabilities and abilities of our "speech apparatus" – our energy – the chakras and subtle bodies, with the help of which we can only communicate with the Powers of the Universe.

We can only communicate with each other with the help of the physical body. And the energy body interacts with the invisible world of energy and with the beings that live in it.

And the effectiveness of our communication depends ONLY ON how we were able in our past lives or in present life to clean our energy from the garbage and to develop our energy ability.
These are the questions I searched and continue searching the answers to in the religions of the world, esoteric and ancient world traditions.

This is true because the sages of ancient traditions came closest to unraveling the workings of the Universe and how it is possible to use it for the fulfillment of our desires.

And now let me tell you my story so you can know who I am and what I can do for you.
This is the story of the average person who really needed to change his life in the worst period of his life.
I will not bore you with my biography, I will tell only about the significant – turning moments which strongly influenced my life.

Childhood, school, college, first job – there is nothing interesting because everything resembles the most people’s lives – more or less smoothly.

Immediately after higher school, I opened my own first business. After three or four months, it failed. Then the second, third, fourth attempt.

And such situation repeated several years on end...

For some reasons the world of money ignored me put all my desires "on the scrapheap".

It was a period of searching for himself. I was young, energetic and aggressive...

And what is more, I was single-minded. I mean – I looked very narrowly at the world and did not want to develop. I had several hackneyed behavioral patterns – go ahead, to reach the goals in any way, do not care about people and the consequences, to attack "strikers", blame someone else, but not me, etc.

In a word "Do not teach me how to live, I know everything by myself and I do not need to change". Something like: "It’s better for the world to cave in under us".

Such qualities as analysis of the causes and consequences, flexibility, expansion of consciousness, awakening of the subconscious, spiritual development – it was not for me.

For several years, I beachcombed and nurtured the idea of a new "long-playing" and steady business.

Then was the start of this business.

For about a year, I worked very hard. I was building the business from nothing almost without knowledge in this field, without the normal start-up capital and any assistance.

Therefore, everything was very tight in the beginning with a savage resistance of my employees, competitors and potential customers.

Fakes, competitors, tax, criminals and other "charms" of business in the CIS mid-90s too... also "helped" me actively.

I was lost with my job for 16 hours per day during a year without proper food, rest, and holidays.

I laid out in full: I sorted out current affairs in the afternoons and in the evenings, I studied the intricacies of my business and was engaged in brainstorming.

I was trying to quickly find some new innovative solutions for the rapid and qualitative breakthrough in order to quickly achieve the desired results.

In the end, it was very fruitful. My firm has occupied a niche in the market and we even started to develop rapidly.

I purchased a good technique for working, launched several new directions, we have got regular customers and new one came because we worked faster and better than our competitors.

Finally, my hard work gave its results and I relaxed. My firm has occupied a niche in the market and we even started to develop rapidly.

And from that moment I wanted nothing to change, I was satisfied with it. I thought then everything would be fine – stable and for a long time.

And it was so for about a year. And then…

I often think – what kind of life would I be living now, and whom would I be if I did not have this "later"?

In general, then the Universe has made me a gift of Power due to what I had to do to very quickly reformat myself on the deepest levels.

As a result I had to become quite a different person – psychologically and energetically, and perhaps even at the genetic level.

That's how it started, and that moment was a turning point in my life.

Firstly, bad guys "ganged" me tightly in my business. Then, a month before the wedding, I parted with the bride: she betrayed me, finding a clever way to give my business to other people.

Considered all around, she took everything I had at that time))

But that was just the beginning – the troubles were spreading to other areas of my life and took more time and efforts on their decision.

At the time, I thought it was – WELL and I was just unlucky. And that was my FIRST mistake.

When we think SO and internally agree with this, we broadcast to the Universe our "agreement" on the matter – it’s in simple words.

We are quietly forming our own future in this way, ADMITTING this abnormal "normality" in our life which once will definitely "shoot".

The second extreme is when we are AFRAID of something, especially if it is deep subconscious fears.

In this case the Universe sees our strong "disagreement".

The paradox is that the effect will be the same, the fears will be realized more quickly than the most correct visualization of the strongest desires.

And we have a lot of such "it’s normal", "I’m afraid" and many other varieties of negative programs hidden in psychoenergetics.

All of them constantly "shoot" their signals-requests into the Universe and the Universe "respond" us but under its logic which in just a few words can not be described. But in real life we see these "answers" as accidents, illnesses, misfortune and bad luck.

But why EXACTLY me was not lucky?

I always hoped that whatever it was but serious failures would always pass me by!

Like many people, I had a misconception that I must be defended by the guardian angels!

But it turned out that they did not see or hear me that they didn’t owe me anything and I need to "negotiate" with them somehow. And my life is controlled by negative programs and deep fears in a couple with a magic garbage – spells and damnations.

Everything of abovementioned has its strict behavior and by default nobody DOES NOT HAVE "all is well" for a long period!

And It does not matter whether we go to church, to healers and magicians – this is unlikely to fully protect us. Sooner or later some kind of trouble or illness can get out there where we do not expect it at all.

I studied this subject for a long period, seriously practiced, and worked on myself. And finally I realized that using the "intermediaries" rarely helped, if we DO NOT DO ANYTHING in this direction ourselves...

But now let me tell you my story till the end.

So, thinking that the chain of negative events is NORMAL thing and FEARING the worst scenarios I was fighting and twisting by all means – in a word, I solved the problems instead of working "in advance" in order for them NOT APPEAR.

Energy became less and less – my immunity fell down, I slept for a long time and was often sick with nonsense. I became very irritable, sullen and aggressive. And stresses, depression and chronic fatigue were my normal state.

After a few months of such regime I was wildly tired and did not feel the joy of living. I was afraid of it!

I was afraid to wake up because each new day brought new challenges, and I had to twitch again, afraid and solve them. Everything was quiet and calm only in my night dreams...

As a result, during the year I lost almost all my money, a lot of weight, and almost all of my friends. My business was pressed out, I stayed with the huge "fines", they even almost took my freedom and attempted my life...

My friends didn’t even recognize me because I have turned gray and aged ten years that year.

So in this way my usual measured life "safely" collapsed...

It was like some kind of rigid hoodoo or damnation. I did not understand the reasons of it and there was nobody to advice.

I spent a lot of time and money on various psychologists, gurus, magicians and healers. They talked a lot with me, did a great quantity of intricate rituals but nothing helped.

The internal state and health were getting worse, and "external" problems were picking up the speed – my life scenario stubbornly did not want to change.

Now I consider this as a gift of Power, and I thank the Universe for it.

But anyway…

What a pity that I did not have a clever tutor at that time. I didn’t see and did not know any real examples nor in real life neither in books – of how quickly is it possible to change your destiny under the "such" circumstances.

The only thing occurred to my mind that was hoodoo – my own or patrimony and that it had to be quickly removed. So I spent a lot of time and money for all the magicians and "witches" and for some time to rely only on them, even though at that time I was engaged in esoteric and techniques for fulfillment of desires.

If at that time I met myself as I am in the present, my results would have been ten times better and faster.

Because having lived through all this I felt this science – what were the reasons of my troubles, and how I could be helped.

Surely you or your loved ones faced with something similar. The main thing is to remember that there is nothing fatal in this: SCARY NOT NO FALL – SCARY NOT TO RISE!

How I was looking for the button "Help of the Universe".

At first I had continuous complaints to God: FOR WHAT?!!!

Day after day, I sent my complaints to God and my hurts. But it did not help and only was getting worse.

Then came the second phase I began praying for help. I asked God to forgive me (truly I did not know for what) and did something for myself, to relieve myself.

But… nothing happened.

Then came the third phase – insensibility arrived.

When we truly DON’T CARE – the tranquility comes to us. And only being in this state we are more or less able to perceive the World, to think correctly, to feel and to act.

I calmed down and at the background of the state "I truly DON’T CARE" I myself began to search for the reasons WHY THESE HAPPENED TO ME? And FOR WHAT IS ALL THESE TO ME?

To begin with I gathered the "total view" of all religious authorities and spiritual Teachers I have ever studied, and developed the first thing we all know since long time but poorly understand:

"All of our thoughts, emotions and actions both in present and previous lives, LINE UP in subtle worlds our Destiny. And the people surrounding you, God or the Devil are beside the point".

And the second:

"At any moment, regardless the present – should it be in "dead" state, we CAN rewrite their own Destiny".

This "discoveries" gave me nothing.

When and what kind of thoughts, emotions or actions hurt me?
What you should not think, feel and do to have everything well in the future?
How you can "draw" by yourself in the subtle world’s happy, rich and easy life?
And most important – how to change quickly the situation and the behavior of your enemies and the people your fate depending on right now?

Give me something – WHAT EXACTLY needs to be done?

Where TO BEGIN? Or at least tell me where to get?

I decided to stop twitching and correct something in the material world and focused on the subtle World of causes. I really wanted to understand how being "here" I could solve my questions "out there".

At that time, my future life script looked in a following way:

1. The first and most important thing – I have no reason for anxiety and there are no troubles! Everything and everywhere is smoothly and sharp.
2. I was protected by the Universe from all troubles and failures.
3. I saw myself calm, energetic, young, healthy and happy, I had enough money and a lot of free time.
4. I had a wonderful family and a busy life, I had my favorite business and I was on my road to self-realization.

All abovementioned can be simplified to a few words:

Health, Freedom, Calm, Money, and Self-realization.

Probably are the most desirable things for each person. And anyone can get them who is ready to pay for them their price.

I paid this price before and go on paying now – it’s the energy, time, money, the constant exit from the comfort zone, work and discipline.

I think you're not one of those who believe in the mythical button "Help of the Universe", which will instantly make you happy.

I hope you're not too upset when I say that the INSTANT button doesn’t exist at all. And when someone says you that with his techniques all your desires will come true just tomorrow – hope you understand, that IT CANNOT HAPPEN – it’s only the empty advertising slogans.

But there is good news.

There is one "button" inside us which works in a similar way. But to switch it you need to do something...
So I needed to find COURSES and SOLUTIONS for my problems.

With the help of psychology, religion and magic – all the same.

The only condition: I did not fit long-term practice of yoga, leaving worldly life and other hardships. I had to force over the situation for a month or two or three!

I left for a few weeks where no one interfered with me. Meditated, tightly practiced, read a lot and was thinking over my difficulties.

During one meditation, I had a breakthrough: I had a mode of my eyes view changed involuntarily for some time. Instead of the usual items I suddenly saw the light. I mean I saw the energy without shape. Even with my closed eyes.

Objects, trees, people who were next to me ... I did not see their shape. I only saw the light they were emitting.

Of course I was scared, I slapped my cheeks, again and again closed and opened my eyes. And I was able to bring everything back as it was).

Since then I constantly improve and develop this ability not only to see the direct vision of energy – the perceived spectrum of radiation, but also other related abilities – clairvoyance, clairscent, clairtaste, clairgnosis.

Sometimes the clairaudience is switching involuntary. If specially do this, you can certainly hear a lot of interesting things. But to be honest, it is quite stressful thing and besides is also dangerous.

So I don’t like to listen to the thoughts of people or voices of subtle essences and I'm consciously stopping the channel of perception...

After some time of my forced vacation the insight came to me and understanding of all my problems. And with it the variants for their solution came as well.

I put together everything I knew, removed the odd things and left only the simple working things. Then applied them and just within a few weeks the situation BEGAN TO CHANGE.

As if someone invisible created SUCH unbelievable coincidences for me that every day my life changed for the better.

The more I tried to understand my psychoenergetic, the stronger and faster emotional state changed, health, and most important – life events.

I formed my new FUTURE and it happened!

Everything started with the fact that SUDDENLY appeared big problems with my enemies, and they were occupying themselves but not me. And then SUDDENLY completely unfamiliar to me people appeared who have helped me very much.

New troubles did not appear and the old ones were gradually dissolved. The money and interesting business themes began to appear out of nowhere.

Awesome feeling as if the whole Universe helped me! :)

So I found the basic factors and key moments that have become the basis of my system – how to change your life quickly and simultaneously in many directions.

That was the second turning point: I checked on myself that my system worked.

What I have applied?

I'll tell you from the beginning – it is not NLP or any other particular technique for fulfilling the desires.

Not magic and not some kind of spiritual, yogic or religious direction.

Everything was much easier!

I began to regularly apply some simple, but WORKING things. I did not have time for pulling – I checked them working and gouged regularly only them.

I learned quickly to replenish energy which was enough for the whole day more than enough and it rebuilt my immune system, health and youth almost in a month.

I found and removed several the strongest negative programs – in a such way I closed the biggest channels of losing my life-force.

I scrubbed harmful magical aura programs, and worked on the protection of energy and intuition.

I "woke up" my Patrimonial guardian angels. This is a very useful and powerful thing!

And I made the desires under the new scheme – NOT LIKE the famous Masters said.

Some things I took from psychology and bio-energy, something from the Vedic magic, Hinduism and Shamanism and something from the ancient Slavic traditions.

But I did not stop.

I dug into this topic further and practiced hard at the same time – passed and still passing a lot of practices, rather extreme, including the prolonged fasting, to spend a day in a box buried under the ground, to turn off for a long time vision, hearing, speech, or movement, and many other things that I would not recommend doing for ordinary people.

The problem is that all these directions alone provide a weak result, especially if we're trying to use everything in a classical way – to study old, voluminous, unusual for our mentality texts.

The consciousness of modern man perceives this difficult, that’s why I spent a couple of years, a lot of money and energy and gathered all the best, systematized and combined together.

Then I simplified by adding my own experience and translated everything into INTELLIGIBLE WORDS AND STEP BY STEP ACTIONS for any ordinary person – even a person far from magic or yoga could use it.

What I eventually came to – you will never know from professional psychics and magicians because each of them is recessed in ITS OWN direction and does not see the other "enemy" systems at short range.

More over, you won’t find this information for free anywhere else.

Such information is shared only with family, when there is something to say and when there is a great willingness to help.

Now the Internet is full of information on self-development, yoga, and especially on magic and techniques for the desires. There are lots of free articles and videos, tons of long training courses and expensive trainings from fake "millionaires".

90 percent of them are nonworking, reprinted from cheap trainings, trash with a bunch of incomprehensible words and NLP traps.

Only 10% are more or less qualitative product. But even here you will see the WHOLE science for which you need to spend many years, personal presence and thousands of dollars to reach at least some MINIMAL results.

But there is no really complex solution of a particular problem:

How can you, without expensive and long period training, quickly develop your energy and awaken the magical powers to change your life in all directions?

How can you find quickly, and defeat, malwares and negative qualities of character: stop being afraid, nervous, irritated, hateful, resentful, deceived making old mistakes?

How can you quickly clear the aura, protect yourself from magic programs and swing your energy power?

Why do all well known techniques for the desires NOT WORK and how can you make them work?

How do we find and remove a lot of things that hinder our desires to fulfill?
What, and on what does this depend, and how can you ADJUST everything?

I used my investigations on myself and then analyzed the results, and for several years I was perfecting my system.

As a result, I got a brand new integrated system that actually works and helps to quickly obtain the desired results.

When my friends complained about their problems I explained to them, "in lay terms" what their main problem was and how to remove it. They did and obtained the results, and then speaking in surprise: "It is strange that such simple things work!".

So little by little I began to share my knowledge – first with family and friends then with friends of my friends. Then the clients and learners appeared and here we go – subscribers, readers of the site and the blog, friends in social networks...

From that moment on my old favorite hobby turned into a profession. I was invited to workshops and seminars, I was asked to give training courses or good advice.

Feedback from people convinced me that I give them what they need – difficult information in simple words: practical advice that can be applied immediately without learning for years.

Advise that brings such value that they want to pay money.

It was the third turning point that changed my life.

Now I have a purpose – to talk to as many people that they don’t need to give up under any setbacks - most of the problems physiological and psychological, life CAN BE SOLVED by applying some simple things for the life not to bring problems and for the desires to come true more often.

And if you are close to this aim let us achieve it together. Let us be a part of our common successful stories!

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