Privacy policy

This is the description of how the information that you supply me with is used, and how to reach me, of you have any problems or questions.

1. Your e-mail will not be given to the third persons under any circumstances.

2. What information do I need?

If you want to subscribe to the access to some opportunities of my site or to any of the informational products that is published on the site, I will require your e-mail address.

What for?

I plan to create some informational products regularly (paid as well as free). Your interest for the information of my web-site gives me the possibility to pretend, that you can be interested in others of my products that could be useful for you. In order to inform you about this products and provide you with the access to them, I have to send you a letter. Besides, sometimes I can conduct a poll in order to get acquainted with your attitude towards my products and to receive your expectations. Before giving me the personal data that don’t belong to you, get the permission to do it. Make sure, that you are giving the right and precise data.

3. How do I use your personal data?

Your e-mail address is used on such purposes:

- for giving you some informational products and services, and for making polls aiming to get the information you require;
- for processing your requests to the support service;
- for distributing the news and advertisements concerning the information about the products, services and special offers, products and services of selected partners according to the limits, that adhere to the applicable law, or that adhere to your wishes (see below «Unsubscribe from the mailing»)
- for mailing the official messages (e.g. if you forget your password – applicable to the products, containing the password);
- for preventing and detecting the frauds and illegal usage of my products or services.

Who else gets the access to personal data?

For rendering the mailing, I use the service of e-mail mailing ESputnik ( and Getresponse ( This services process your personal data (email and your name) in order to make it possible for me to send you an electronic letter with the access for the products chosen by you, and inform you about new product or to make a poll aiming to reveal the information you need. Under the exceptional circumstances, I can disclose your personal data, if it is required by the law or to protect myself or others from the illegal action or other dangers.

5. Identification files (cookies).

My site contains the identification files, so-called cookies. Cookies are the small text files that are sent on the visitor’s computer to control his actions. The Cookies are used on my site in order to count the visitors, to learn their behavior and registering their actions. You can switch the usage of cookies off at the settings of your browser. You should account that by doing this some of the functions of the site can become inaccessible or work incorrectly.

6. Security.

I take the vice actions to minimize the possibilities of losing, stealing or unfair using, unsanctioned access to your personal data, its demolishing, changing or disclosing. At the same time, I cannot guarantee the absolute absence of the risk of unsanctioned abusing of your information. I ask you to keep your passwords attentively and do not tell it anyone (in cases, concerning the products, containing the passwords). Immediately contact me, if it occurs that the protection is violated (e.g. unsanctioned usage of your password).

7. Children

I entirely share the worries of parents about the using their children’s personal data. I ask all the visitors under the 18 age to get the permission of parents or caregivers before giving any personal data. I do not store the information about the children consciously. If I get to know that I got the personal information of a child who under the age of 14, I will take actions to delete such information in the short times.

8. Rejection of the subscription

If you don’t want to get my messages anymore because of some reasons, pass the link, located at the lower part of each of my letter «Unsubscribe from the mailing».

9. Contacts

If you have any questions or/and problems, connected with the protection policy and security of your personal data, write, please, on my e-mail

Faithfully yours, Odin