Refund policy

1. Consumer has the right to claim the return of the whole price of the Realization objects (except for informational products in electronic form) within 30 days from the moment of the termination of conducting the Webinar, Consultation, Online-studying, from the moment of executing all the obligations of transfer the Disk or Printed book. But Consumer has to compensate all the expenses connected with the delivery of the Disk or Printed book.

2. For returning the cost of Realization object according to the paragraph 10.1 of Agreement, Consumer has to make an appropriate claim to the Executor by writing the paid letter with the description of the enclosure and notification about the delivery, pointing:

1. Surnames, names, and meddle names of Consumer (with this, Executor can claim Consumer to show the copies of the document, that identifies the Consumer’s personality).
2. Dates of Agreement’s conclusion.
3. Agreement’s numbers, shown in the Notification of Agreement’s conclusion.
4. Realization objects, which prices are to return.

3. The return of money, in the cases, provided by the Agreement, is rendered on the Consumer’s bank account, which the money were transferred to the Executor from, within 10 (ten) working days from the moment when the grounds for the return occur.

4. In the cases, when it is impossible to return the money the way, described in the paragraph 10.3 of the Agreement, Executor notify Consumer about this within the period, stated by the paragraph 10.3 of the Agreement. In this case, money return is rendered at the location of Executor according to the Consumer’s requirement or other way, according to the Parties agreement.

5. Consumer, who realized his right, according to the paragraph 10.1 of the Agreement, including the former agreements with Executor, loses his right to use the Site on any purposes, including the aims of purchasing the Realization objects.

6. Questions about the Terms of Service should be sent to us at