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Sommersonnenwende: Ein Uralter Feiertag Zur Erfüllung Von Wünschen

Summer Solstice: the ancient Celebration for wish fulfillment

Summer Solstice – is one of the few Natural holidays of the year and that is why it is considered to be the Day of Power.

It's the middle of summer, the longest day of the year when the sun reaches its highest possible position. There are a lot of rites and rituals during all other ancient holidays in different nations of the world, but, despite its difference in shape, the main idea is preserved – it is the worship of the Sun and Natural Elements.

For thousands of years this day, as the Winter solstice, was of great importance for our ancestors, who have always tried to live in harmony with Mother Earth and natural cycles.

From the 20th of June till 23rd of June – are the shortest nights of the year. They are filled with energy and magic, the boundaries between our subtle worlds become much smaller.

They embody the highest point, the maximum peak, rise, take-off, both in nature and in human life, and symbolizes health, fertility, abundance, glory, generosity, fullness of life, joy, and happiness. Through the rituals and rites of worship to the Elements, people tried to gain their strength and energy.

From the mystical point of view, this is one of the most magical periods of time because it combines at once all four Elements – Fire, Water, Earth, Air. Therefore, it is good to clean your past (to forgive and ask for forgiveness) in these days and to make wishes - Elements and Nature itself help us in this.

These days are very important for those who work on self-development: the sun (spiritual) energy intensifies during the summer solstice, and the potential for magic, rituals, and meditations dramatically increases.

The simplest thing you can do, if, of course, you are able to wake yourself up early)) is just before dawn on the eastern side of the house to light a candle and greet this sunrise.

And the best thing is to spend in nature the whole day, in joy and tranquility to experience the maximum power of the Elements and saturate with them your aura. And during the sun setting on the west side of the house again, put a candle – say goodbye to the sun.

Indirect participation in the rites of cleaning and fulfillment of dreams...

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