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Groundhog Day (Imbolc, Thunder, Meeting) - Tag Der Macht: Wie Es Genutzt Werden Kann

Soon will come the next day of Power – Gromnitsa that will take place 2 of February (on the 40th day after the winter solstice).

Other names of Gromnitsa are Candlemas, Imbolk, Winter Perun, Groundhog Day. It is celebrated almost in all countries of the world.

What is its strength in?

On this day, the Winter meets Spring for the first time, when the powers of the young Spring-Zhiva give the first battle to the powers of Morena-Winter.

According to popular beliefs this day can thunder the thunder in winter – Thunderer Perun begins the battle with the powers of winter and cold.

A lot of rites committed on Gromnitsa are associated with fire (Gromnitsa candles) and water. In ancient times people believed the water to be very "strong" you should take it on Vodokres (6th of January), when the Great Blessing of the Waters was making, as well as on Candlemas, when the Small Blessing of the Waters was making.

According to popular beliefs, the water on that day has a powerful healing force, so swimming in the ice-hole on Candlemas, as well as on Vodokres, makes a person strong and healthy and even a simple washing carries away many diseases not only physical, but also mental.

So if you're a fan of extreme sports you can easily take a dip in the ice-hole.

The rites and gifts were made on Gromnitsa that were dedicated to Perun-Gromnik, as well as Veles, which is responsible for fertility. Therefore, all the folk rites were mainly directed to the request from the Higher Powers welfare for the next year and protection from the dark powers, from magic influence, diseases, etc.

Also, some Slavic peoples considered those days as "small grandfathers" – a commemoration of forefathers, so they put an additional table-ware on the table and invited the forefathers to honor them.

The first days of February were considered to be borderline and very dangerous.

People were trying not to work these days and not to start new businesses, because the border is always dangerous and the evil spirits can penetrate through it. But at the border it is possible and needed to collect the power for future deals and your benefits, which can be used when the border is closed.

The owner of the house lit a Gromnitsa candle in ancient times on this day and made crosswise over the head of all households to protect them for the whole next year and give them health.

All evil spirits are afraid of Gromnitsa candle – evil spirits, female hobgoblins, bolotnitsa, demons, devils, etc. Therefore, people set the "crosses" with this candle on windows and doors to protect home, as well as passed with lighted candles over all corners of the house (clockwise) in order to clean it from evil spirits.

Candles were kept all year round and lit in difficult and dangerous periods or during illnesses.

How to make Gromnitsa candle by yourself.

Take 3 thin candles, slightly heat them over the fire, so that they become flexible and weave them into a "braid", and make the top of them like a small Trident, which symbolizes the unity of the Three Worlds – Yav, Nav and Prav. Then light them and do all that is described above or some part of, that you consider to be necessary. You can do several such candles as a reserve for the whole year. Its strength is exactly in that it is made on this day.

Gromnitsa – a great day to make a wish, to ask the Higher Powers and your forefathers to help in healing, improving well-being and protection from the dark powers and all evil – black magic, accidents, diseases, failures, poverty, etc.

To check the aura for free, rites, rituals, consultation...

Much becomes possible on the Days of Power and it is necessary to use their power.

I invite you to participate in absentia in rites, which we will carry out on that day!


To participate in absentia...

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