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Herbst Tagundnachtgleiche

I congratulate you on the next Holiday of Nature and the Day of Power!

Autumn equinox: Makoshev day, Veresen, Autumns
To participate distantly in rites...

On September 23nd at 14.30 by Kiev time comes the Day of Autumnal Equinox - an astronomical autumn.

This is one of the 12 most powerful days of the year!

All the peoples of the world celebrate this day almost in the same way. This is the time when the day is equal to the night, and the Forces of Light and Darkness are in balance, so the rites for healing, improving life and fulfilling desires are the strongest.

For example, in Japan, this is an official holiday, which they celebrate since 1878. The Japanese make ancient rituals of the Buddhist feast of Higan on this day when it is customary to remember and honor the dead ancestors.

In Mexico, many people try to visit the pyramid of Kukulkan in the ancient city of Chichen Itza. It is built in relation to the Sun in such a way that twice a year – on the Day of the Spring and Autumn Equinox on one side of the pyramid appears an unusual light illusion – the rays of the Sun illuminate the shadows of the platforms, projecting to the edges of the main staircase alternating triangles of light and shadow.

And when the sun goes lower, the shadow becomes more and more like the body of a wriggling snake. Its tail is on the upper platform, the body stretches along the entire staircase and ends with a head near the ground.

This picture can be seen a little more than 3 hours, and according to the beliefs in this period, you need to climb to the top of the pyramid and make a wish.

In the Celtic tradition, the Day of the Autumn Equinox is called the holiday of Mabon or Hawestayd. Before the invasion of the Vikings on the British Isles, it was celebrated only by men, but after the invasion, the women began to celebrate it as well.

First of all, it was a holiday of fertility and glorifying of the Mabon god, as well as the honoring the deceased members of the female half of the family.

On the territory of ancient Rus, the Day of Autumn Equinox was called Makoshev day or Veresen (Autumn, Tausen, Radogoshch). It was always considered one of the main holidays of the year.

As during of most Holidays of Nature, the Slavs thanked their gods for the harvest and prosperity on this day, decorated the houses with ashberry to protect them from evil forces, sang songs, chanted dances, remembered their ancestors, believing that on that day the connection between the living and dead world was especially strong.

Like all Days of Power, a very powerful creative energy fills all mice and men on this day. People felt this and tried to live in harmony with themselves and nature, taking maximum advantage for themselves on these days.

That is why this holiday is closely connected with magic and its rituals. 3 days in a row you can do rituals and meditations, ask and thank God and your ancestral ancestors for help, revise your life and throw away everything unnecessary and obsolete, to give space to something new.

Do not forget to take a shower or a bath immediately after waking up on the 23rd of September, because the water in this period has a special power. It will help to wash away all the old negative, cleanse the soul and body so that nothing prevents you from receiving new positive energies of this magical day.
And if you want me to include you in my rituals, which I will conduct these days, read more here...
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